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March 08, 2014

Benefits of Arhar Dal

Learn the various ways you can make use of arhar dal.
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March 07, 2014

Complete Your Work!

Do you start some work with great enthusiasm and then completely lose interest in seeing it through. You announce some thing you will plan to do to everyone around you only to be ridiculed at a later stage for not achieving what you had boasted to everyone. Learn why this happens and how to overcome this problem.
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February 26, 2014


27th of February is Mahashivratri. Learn what to do on this day and how to get rid of some of your problems on this day.
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February 18, 2014

Common Dreams & Their Interpretation

Learn the meaning of some common dreams that people have as per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha.
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February 17, 2014

How to increase your wealth with Shri Yantra?

Many people make a lot of money, but despite the money flow not many are able to save their money and end up squandering it. Learn about your own luck in regards to money and how to make use of shri yantra to make you more fortunate.
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February 09, 2014

Wrong Body Language + Bad Habits = Bad Luck

One's habits are a good indicator of one's future as these habits are a result of one's thought process which is governed by the various planets. As per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha, one needs to understand these signals and stop these habits as soon as possible to avoid the bad effects - especially children.
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February 05, 2014

Mahadasha - different phases of planets

Learn the effects of each planet's phase or mahadasha on an individual.
Posted by  Astro Vani       2 comments

January 30, 2014

Moles on the hand - a detailed analysis

Learn about the significance of moles on your hand as well as remedies that you can do to avoid the bad signs.
Posted by  Astro Vani       20 comments

January 30, 2014

How to Make Shani Positive

Learn of some behavioral changes to make Shani positive for you.
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January 29, 2014

Please Your Ancestors on Mauni Amavasya

Learn the correct way to make this day more beneficial for you.
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January 24, 2014


We make or try to make new relationships, but many times those relationships don't continue for long. Learn about some signs on your palm that show a problem, remedies, and precautions you can take.
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January 23, 2014

Special healing powers in mothers

Mothers have healing powers they can use to bring about positive changes in their children. Learn of these here.
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January 21, 2014

Benefits of Lemon

From providing Vitamin C to getting rid of negative energies - a lemon can benefit us in many ways. Learn more about lemon's benefits here.
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January 16, 2014

Makar Sakranti - Sun Moving Into Capricorn

On the 14th of January, the Sun has moved into a Capricorn. Learn the affects of this change on your Moon sign.
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January 14, 2014

Adopt These Eating Habits Today

Learn some healthy tips to make sure that the food you eat positively affects your body and soul.
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January 13, 2014

Hidden Messages In Your Dreams

Learn how to interpret some common dreams - especially important for people who need to take exams.
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January 13, 2014

Tips for people with short fingers

Learn some positive and negative points of people with short fingers along with tips on how to make the most of your unique traits.
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January 01, 2014

Your Finances and Health in 2014

Your predictions for the year 2014 as per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha.
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December 29, 2013

How to get rid of wrinkles

There are some people who start getting wrinkles from a young age. The reasons for this can also be astrological. Learn more of the causes and remedies to reduce your wrinkles.
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December 28, 2013

How to Get Rid of Laziness & Too Much Sleepiness

Learn the astrological reasons for sleep related problems and ways to overcome them.
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