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We often get queries to look at kundalis/birthcharts for a fee or even for free. Since we do not offer this service, here are some astrologers we recommend to you based on very good personal experience.

The first one is the GURU of our very own Shri Pawan Sinha ji!

The details are as follows: 

Pandit ji Suresh Chand Sharma - Naastik Jyotish Kendra

S-Block (call the number below to find the flat no.)
Amarpalli Princely Estate
Sector 76, Noida, India

Tel: 098739-34011

Here's another address:

Pandit ji Suresh Chand Sharma - Naastik Jyotish Kendra

(call for house no.) Prem Nagar
Linepaar, Muradabad

Tel: 094123-38943, 075993-49743, 0591-2480943


Another astrologer who has been helping many of our site's visitors every now and then is Mr. Panduranga Kar. You will find his suggestions on many of the queries in our discussion forum. Below is a brief bio about him and also his contact details: 

Panduranga Kar known also as Ramesh P. Y. believes in simple living & high thinking. He doesn't believe in caste or religion.

He is an avid reader of books and consider himself a perpetual student. Another quality of his is his punctuality, he believes that TIME is the most valuable thing in the world as it can be bought or sold.

Astrology is his passion. He says "Astrology is a very powerful subject, which is not comparable to any other subject.".

Ramesh P.Y.(Panduranga Kar) lives in Davangere, Karnataka, India. He is a young astrologer and just started his practice a few years ago. He has so far achieved 90% accuracy in his predictions. He generally charges Rs.500 per consultation, but the fees may vary depening on the problem.

Apart from the general horoscope, he can predict weaknesses and strengths of a person's planet by seeing the face and can tell about an individual based on his behavior.

He doesn't advise any costly remedies, and believes things can be resolved by just plants, trees, fruits, foods, flowers, vegetables, non-precious metals, cloths and herbal remedies.

E-mail: chetak2292@gmail.com

Telephone: 09986071501, 08310496061

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