Moles on the hand - a detailed analysis

January 30, 2014

Our bodies have many moles - some we are born with while others come up at different times in our lives. These moles are like signals that show various problems that may come up in the future.

The moles on our hands are very significant. Light colored moles show some good effects. Red and black colored moles may show some weakness or obstacle. These should not be ignored, especially, if they appear on the health line or any other line or phalange of the finger that directly affects one's well-being.

Moles should be regarded as warning signals, which appear much before a problem is about to happen, hence, if you notice a mole that is about to bring problems your way, then you need to be careful and do some remedies to avoid the upcoming problems.

Please note that moles on the left hand are generally considered not as effective and are ignored by many palmists. However, more empirical evidence needs to be coroborated in this area. In our opinion, we should take into consideration all moles that develop on the hand as one goes through life regardless of which hand they're on.

There's also a thought process that says that one should only check the left hand when looking at a woman's palm. Again, more evidence is needed to make an absolute opinion. Keeping in mind that women today are not as passive in their lives as perhaps the times from when the palmistry we follow has been developed, it would be wise to apply the same considerations for all regardless of the sex.

Moles are generally formed only during different phases of the planets - in most cases the moles are not present at birth.

On the hand, let's start with a mole on the first phalange of the Sun finger:

This shows that the person may lose his respect in society due to his wrongful deeds. It also shows weakness in the collar bone. Such a person has a lot of heat in head (disposition to anger). Such moles show that the person will take decisions in haste which will cause some problems. The mole here will usually be very light. If the mole is red, then make sure you take care of your bones and take medical advice if you suffer from any pain.

A mole at this spot shows weakness in relationships. One may be born with such a mole or it may develop later in life, the meaning is the same in each case. It shows weakness in relationships in regards to one's father, father's mother or extended family, or people who are in high positions. This mole can also bring social harm to one's reputation so you need to be very careful about this mole.

Right below this, one can be born with a mole on the 3rd phalange or it can develop later on in life. It will be a very light mole that may first show up as a spot. This shows problems with one's self-confidence or mind. It also signifies that one may somehow get tempted due to one's greediness which will be a cause of some loss even if there is some benefit initially.

Any mole on the 4th phalange of the Sun finger shows signs of weakness in the eyes. This mole will most likely be on the mount of Sun just below the finger or upto an inch below the Sun finger. It also shows that you need to be careful about any problems to your father, blood-related disorders, ensure that you do not do anything which may harm your reputation, or make sure you do not do anything that may cause government or governmental agencies to go after you. If you notice any problems to the eyes, the following remedies should help: fill your mouth with water and throw water in your eyes for about 20 times. Doing tratak with the rising Sun also helps. Additionally, eat carrots as much as possible.

A mole on the heart line shows potential problems with lungs. You will need to improve your breathing technique and also pay attention to your eyes. At the same, make sure you do not do anything that may harm your reputation. You may have to suffer from anxiety too, so learn yoga & meditation to keep yourself calm. It would also be good if you remained focused in your work.

This mole starts around the start of your heart line. If this mole happens to be on the heart line, it shows some problems with the upper part of your knees- in this case, you need to make sure you do not eat anything that causes gas in you. Along with this, start massaging your knee too. This mole causes lack of excitement towards life and problems with one's back. It also causes problems from one's mother's family and also causes tensions between siblings.

If the mole is on the mount of Moon, then it causes weakness to the mind. It will also make you fearful. You may have a hard time focusing on things and may also have some blood-related disorders. You may also put on a lot of weight, which might bring a host of other problems. It also shows weakened relationship between husband and wife. You may also end up taking wrong decisions that bring about a lot of suffering your way, so make sure you take decisions only after consulting with others.

A mole on this spot shows that a declining interest in one's household, whereby one tries to run away from his responsibilities. Such people do develop a very high imagination and intuition. Such people also get interested in nature, but at the same time they also become angry easily. Anyone with this type of mole should get their blood purified or do things to maintain purity in the blood.

A mole in the lower part of the mount of Moon makes one suspicious of others. People whose life partner has this mole, need to understand their partners and deal with it accordingly. People with these moles can get angry very quickly due to their suspicious nature, which can result in a fight. People with this type of mole may experience obstacles in their travels especially if they're trying to go abroad. Such people may also quarrel with their mothers or vice-versa. They also become less honest towards their work. On a positive note, they do get success and sometimes all of a sudden, but the success does not last long. Such people need to be careful about urine related disorders and be very careful in public toilets as they may end up with some disease from a dirty toilet.

A mole below the mount of Jupiter - in the area of the lower plain of Mars or in between the thumb and mount of Jupiter shows that one may have problems maintaining good relations with elder siblings. This mole makes one angry and lowers their capacity to take right decisions due to which they become somewhat reckless. They start eating very bad quality and very filling food. Additionally, they go through some problem regarding their assets.

A mole just at the base of Mars makes one less focused and causes one to be away from one's family. Such people should do pranayam. Such people have many enemies and they should never be friends with unknown people. They may also have a lot of anger in them. Also, if the person is wealthy, then they should be careful when they're out and about. Such people do not have much patience in them. Interestingly, the more patient they are, the more it will help the mole go away. Helping blue collared workers or feeding jaggery/gur to a bull will also lower the intensity of the mole. Otherwise, the mole indicates that you will lose all patience and may suffer from weakness in bones and blood impurity.

A mole slightly below the mount of Mercury on the upper area of Mars shows problems related to children. It will either cause one to have children later in life or problems to the child after it is born. Also, this mole indicates that when the child has grown up, there may be some quarrels between the parents and the child. A mole here shows that one's ego may increase which will cause problems . Such people should make sure that they never make a negative remark/make fun of/ criticize/ or challenge others as such behavior always comes back to bite the individual. This mole also shows a tendency to be defrauded by friends or relatives. It also shows that the individual will be quite afraid of challenges in life himself despite his possibly egoistic behavior towards others.

A mole below the above mole causes obstacles in love life or one's married life. If a mole is developing in this area, it shows that somehow love is decreasing in your life. This mole can result in fights with your partner or you may get transferred to another place due to work or some any other reason which causes you to be away from your partner. This mole also shows that one may beget a child after which tensions increase in the husband and wife due to one paying too much attention on the child and neglecting the life partner. This mole also shows someone who is not very brave. On the other hand, such a person will increase his assets that he earned by himself. There are also signs that one may fall into bad company which can result in punishment from governmental bodies and the property may be lost. One may even need to mortgage one's property to repay some debt, but ultimately the debt does get repaid. Such people take on the responsibilities of their siblings but are not able to get a good reputation despite them helping their siblings. If the mole here is just a spot - a grayish spot in this area, then also it means the same.

This mole is at the root of the Mercury finger on the mount of Mercury near the marriage line(s). This shows that one should be careful in his marriage and love relationships where one may experience some obstacles. There may be trouble begetting children, stomach issues, one's ego might increase, and one may have to suffer losses due to speaking for no reason. So, one should be careful about one's health and about what one says if this mole has started to appear. This mole is a cause of major Vaani-dosh and it can cause your teacher and even your wife to distance themselves from you.

A mole on the top-most phalange of the Mercury finger shows someone who has a great desire to earn money - greediness. Such a person becomes concerned about money, which they shouldn't as a mole on this phalange ensures that one does not suffer from lack of money. Otherwise, it will cause one to be so greedy that it will start affecting one's health.

A mole on the second phalange of the Mercury finger shows that one does not get expected love from younger siblings. It reduces one's ability to speak well which leaves a bad impression about the person in front of others.

This type of mole shows that one's brain is becoming sharper and one can take investment related decisions well. However, this shows that one may be able to take initial decisions correctly, but after that it will result in a lot of loss. This mole also shows that one must ensure that his stomach is strong as it weakens the stomach. There may also be increase risks of getting urine related disorders and gas in the stomach.

A mole on the mount of Mercury shows a serious vani-dosh, which makes one to be away from all dear ones. This mole especially affects the love from siblings. One's food habits also change for the negative causing one to have many problems with his body. This mole also makes one very fearful, which causes one to conspire or do some sort of bad politics. It also shows a sudden decrease in wealth and some losses at work/in business due to one's bad speech or vani dosh. Anyone with such a mole should start doing remedies for Mercury along with chanting "om bum budhaaye namaha".

A mole on the top most phalange of the Jupiter finger if red or very dark shows an increase in one's ego. The person becomes lazy and stops doing his work even his job.

If the mole here is very light, then it improves one's ability to counsel or advice others. The speech of such a person becomes more interesting to listen to. Such an individual's knowledge also increases. However, such a person's loneliness also increases and they may one day decide to go away from their family on purpose or out of compulsion.

A mole on the second phalange of the Jupiter finger usually develops when Moon or Venus is negative. This causes one to lose the grip on one's emotions - person lacks seriousness or the ability to get along with others. One may also feel like they do not have enough knowledge or emotions. The person becomes somewhat lonely and does not like to be around anyone. In such cases, one needs to go to one's guru, go to the temple - become spiritual, take care of cows or offer some jaggery/gur to cows everyday. 

A mole or spot on the third phalange of the Jupiter finger shows bad habits related to food. One has a tendency to say whatever due to increased ego. Such a person worries a lot but does not do much due to laziness. This mole also shows signs of liver weakness if one's food eating habits don't improve. This mole also shows a decreased love from one's guru or decreased devotion to one's guru. One may even notice that the good qualities they once had have disappeared and they may now be in the company of bad friends which causes them some kinds of losses.

This mole shows a decrease in marital relationship or delays in getting married. Such an individual may have increase Pitta in their body - increased acidity and weakness in the intestines. There may also be a tendency to be alone. The weight of such a person may suddenly increase or decrease. The individual may feel weakness in the body, increased anger, lowered concentration, and worsening relationships with everyone in the family. One is unable to keep a balance of one's abilities, successes, and capabilities, which results in the individual feeling frustrated. In this case, one should wear a gold ring in this finger to make Jupiter strong.

Mole on the outer area of the Jupiter finger denotes - Vairaagya yoga. Such an individual is very knowledgeable and wise and wants to live alone like a monk. One has a tendency to be silent and starts losing interest in the opposite sex. Such people should change their focus towards social and religious activities as such individuals can change others' way of thinking for the positive. 

A mole at the start of the brain line shows weakness in brain power, inability to take decisions, and bodily discomforts during childhood. Such an individual will be very emotional and may have less water in the body. Such people can good results from writing. An individual with such a mole should take medical advice if they feel any weakness and be always careful of their lymphatic system. Such people can have a tendency to procrastinate.

A mole on the upper most phalange of the thumb lowers one's ability to take decisions. It lowers one's brain power and intuitive abilities. This mole can cause pain in the head and neck area, and hormonal imbalance. Such individuals will have a lowered will power, will be stubborn in nature, and will not like to be very sociable. They are afraid of challenges and usually feel weak in mind and body.

A mole on the second phalange of the thumb shows problems with the stomach - digestive system. Such people experience obstacles in their travels. They are very imaginative and even plan a lot of things, but nothing materializes. Such a mole in the hands of students is especially not a good sign as they'll need to a lot of efforts to convert their ideas into reality otherwise they'll keep day-dreaming. There may also be pain the back and hormonal problems in such individuals. They also become disinterested in maintaining relationships - including their married life. 

Such a mole shows weakness in the body and urine related problems - especially in men. There may also be a tendency towards diabetes in such individuals. Such a person will not have many friends or relations. This mole will also affect one's relationship with his life partner or potential spouse as it shows delayed marriage and weakness in relationship with spouse. There may be losses in long distance travels or some delays in opportunities to travel.

This mole is yet again more for men to be cautious from - especially if they have not yet had children. It causes deficiencies in the body and also affects money inflow. Such people should not eat much sugar and should make sure that Kapha does not increase in their bodies. Such individuals keep getting some bad news from their in-laws due to some problem or the other.

People who have this mole need to be careful whenever they go on some travel as it causes unnecessary foreign travels and obstacles in the journey. This mole causes weakness in the body. People with such moles usually live far away from their place of birth and never return to their birthplace.

A mole on the top most phalange of the Shani/Saturn finger shows great technical and decision making abilities. The decisions taken by you usually benefit others too.

If this mole is on the second phalange of the middle finger, then it causes one to be fearful and reduces iron in the body. It also makes ones relationships weak.

Mole on the last phalange of the middle finger causes problems in lungs. People who work with iron or chemicals suffer from lack of money. Such individuals are not interested in studies. This mole is also very bad for people who are surgeons or do any kind of surgery as it can lower your concentration while doing surgery.

A mole on the mount of Saturn shows a future filled with a lot of struggles and the only way to reduce your struggles in this case would be to get the blessings of Lora Shiva or Maa Kali. Such people also need to do a lot of social work while not expecting anything in return. People with this mole may also have Pitta and head related problems.  The mole also indicates that the work you are involved in may suddenly not be prosperous for you, so you will need to careful and stop all unnecessary investments. There may also be problems in breathing and eating because of this mole so you need to stop eating and drinking cold things.

A mole slightly below the mount of Saturn shows potential liver, hemoglobin, diabetes related issues and a lessened interest in helping or sharing with others. This mole indicates that one should have light food. There may be some problem due to one's child.

Other placements of moles:

A black mole on the upper Mars area (above the mount of Moon and below the Mercury finger) is a good sign. It shows a possibility of property and vehicular gains.

If the mole on the upper Mars area is red, then it shows that one may not get love from siblings - due to whatever reasons. Also, the individual should be careful when driving as it shows that one can get into a major accident due to rash driving. It's important to note here that the mole is not the cause of the possible accident, it's just a warning sign that one's attitude may cause one to get in to an accident.

So what are the best placements for a mole?

A mole in the area of Rahu - in the middle of the palm - shows great wealth, but this wealth comes only after a lot of hardwork. It's a vipreet-rajyog sign.

The best placement of the mole is when it's black and is on the mount of ketu (lower part of the palm) or rahu area, then it will help increase your wealth and prestige. These moles will ensure that you will be able to influence others with your thought process and get ahead in life regardless of your situation in life.


chan - 5 years ago 
im searching for the meaning on the back of my little right finger. not the front side but the back side. please help
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Hi mam mole on the back side of the palm nearer to the thumb for womens what it effects in right hand
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
I'm having mole on my right little finger's back... Could you please let me know what does that mean ?
Bagiya - 5 years ago 
Is these reports are for right or left hand sir?
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
as i heard from an Indian the right hand(or active hand ?) is for consciousness and left for unconsciousness and heretic
jayvee esther - 4 years ago 
the description given here suits me so well..a mole slightly below on the mount of saturn. "There may be some problem due to one's child." my child died and it badly hurts.
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
very good my friend have had a sex that was before he really need ...then two red spot appears below Saturn (one of them is almost between Saturn and sun ) i guess it weakened his body so if he had a child the child will be weak
Aaron - 4 years ago 
I also think you decide whatever happens to you and your life. But there's nothing wrong in believing superstitions because sometimes things happen out of our control. Well, I guess just take everything and balance it, let things happen naturally. Like they always say, don't think of negative things because their insignificant.
Divyajyoti - 4 years ago 
I've birthmark under the nail of right thumb
m - 4 years ago 
hi very very good i have a red dot on second phalanx of middle finger in both hands and my relationship is weak and i guess i have anemia eaither ... but the dot in active hand is shorter because i tried a little to solve these two problems during my life thanks a lot what does dots mean when they are on the back of the hand? thanks
Kamlesh - 4 years ago 
Hello madam, I have a mole in the middle of my life line of right hand, plz tell me its effects and prcautions and care that should I take for that? Thank you
Durga - 4 years ago 
Hello madam I have a new mole appeared on back of my left hand on the knucles near the ring finger. How is that gonna effect me Thank you
Haneefa - 3 years ago 
I have appeared small black dot mole on left thumb backside below nail what does that mean plz let me know
Constance - 3 years ago 
I have a freckle in the middle of my pinky and ring finger, but its within the webbed part of the hand. I've had it since childhood. What does it mean?
PABITRA KUMAR - 3 years ago 
Please tell me the implications of a red mole on the mount of Jupiter. Please.
Dolkar - 2 years ago 
Wow I have blessing from lord shiva and maa kali
Kalpana - 2 years ago 
Hi, myself is Mrs. Kalpana Ajit Chari, from Goa. Please explain me the meaning of having mole in left plam on the center mount of Jupiter.
margaret - 2 years ago 
I have a mole on the front side of my hand at the wrist. I have several but the dominant one is the index finger and middle finger. I have millions of lines on my palm. It is difficult to see which is which, there are so many, Thank you, Margaret
Arti - 1 year ago 
I have a mole on my right thumb of right hand what's it mean
Junaid - 1 year ago 
What does mole mean on left thumb second phalange. And mole on back side of Upper Mars. And mole on Jupiter mount.

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