January 24, 2014

We make or try to make new relationships, but many times those relationships don't continue for long.

There is a possibility that there may be some issues in your kundali/birth chart, which may be responsible for failures in relationships.

On the palm:

If the mount of Jupiter is well developed, then the relationships of the person will work well.

If there is a black spot on Jupiter finger or if the mount is not well developed, then the person may not be able to make new relationships or may have to suffer a lot of flak from all of their relations - including extended family members, colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

If there is a cross on the Jupiter finger and there are a few lines next to it, then too, this weakens the relationships which will require some remedies.

To save such a person from getting hurt and being frustrated,

If there are a lot of lines going from the lower Mars area to the life-line, it brings about a state when the person does not have anyone he can fully depend on.

If there is a gap between the fate line and life line, then the person needs to find his own way. He can not depend on someone to help him find solutions in life. 

Planets Responsible for Your Relationships:

Jupiter, Moon, and Mars are responsible for close relationships. Jupiter is responsible for relationships that will always stand by you no matter of what even if you don't talk to them regularly. Also, Jupiter and Moon ensure that the flow of emotions between your relationships is healthy. Mars on the other hand may bring you love in the relationships, but there will always be an emotional vacuum.

The Sun and Moon are responsible for a great crowd of people around you.


Keep a silver box in which you can keep some freshly ground coconut and mishri. Offer this mixture to your friends every time you meet them. This will make sure your friends always favor you.

Never lie or give false testimony if you do not have many friends and relatives. 

Never keep broken pots and utensils in your home

If you wear an iron ring in your middle finger or if you wear a silver ring in your Mercury finger, then it will help increase the number of people who like you.

To improve your status in society, wear a "feroza" of 8-9 ratti in a silver pendant on a Saturday.


If your stove is not kept in the South-East direction, then it will cause hesitation in any of your relatives coming to visit you or if you ask your relatives to sit in an area which is dark. 

If the floor of your home is getting dark, then it shows that your relationships may be about to be broken.

If there is a lot of dust gathering in the corners of your home, it shows that your relationships are weakening. 


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