How to get rid of wrinkles

December 29, 2013

There are some people who start getting wrinkles from a young age. The reasons for this can also be astrological. 

Astrological causes of wrinkles:

If your Moon or Venus is weak then it will cause wrinkles. 

If the first and the 12th house of your kundali is weak.

If Mars is too strong, then too you have a tendency to get wrinkles at a young age.

Other reasons:


Bad food


Not enough sleep



If you notice that your wrinkles are increasing or if the skin is becoming more dry, then start drinking more water - especially in the morning.

Wear silver.

Drink water from a silver glass.

Wear a solid silver ball in your silver chain on a Monday - preferably given by your mother.

Eat limited amounts of fried food.

Don't eat more than 50g of sweet food - especially people whose Moon, Jupiter or Mars are disturbed as it proves harmful in the long run.

Don't eat later than 8pm. 

If you eat a good breakfast, a balanced lunch, and a limited dinner, then it ensures a good body and glowing skin.

Try to eat more things that have vitamin C - like juicy fruits and vegetables.

The vegetables should ideally be left a little raw - never overcooked as is a norm in Indian cooking.

Special paste to improve your skin's glow: blend about a cup of rice with the help of some water, then add some turmeric and tomato juice in this and a bit of unboiled milk. Make a thick paste and leave it on your face for about an hour before wiping this off with a cotton dipped in lukewarm water.

Wash your face with some mattha and go to sleep with the mattha on you and then wash it off in the morning. This will also help get rid of wrinkles.


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