Planetary Remedies

In case you are continuously going through hardships with no solution in sight, then pick a day of the week to do rudra-abhishek. Do it every week on that given day for at least 11 weeks. Your problems will start going away and you should see good health and success within a year.

If you're experiencing some instability in your career, then fill 5 copper vessels with sweets made of gram flour (besan), and donate them on a Sunday. Do this for 11 Sundays.

Do chant of "Om Vigneshawaraya Namaha" if you're experiencing obstacles in any kind of mangal/dutiful work you're trying to do.

Whenever you have a dire need of money, do this chant during "nishit kaal", which means from 20:00 to 23:30 - "Om hring ang sah". Remember to use this only in cases of dire needs.

If you want to stop misunderstandings between you and others. Also, if your thinking is very different from others and there's a big difference between your life and mind lines: Donate rice and besan every Thursday and give them to Purohit/Saadhu/Fakir. You can give as much as you like.

If others don't appreciate you despite doing good deeds:
Donate oil on Saturdays, stop wearing black clothes. Do Om pram preem prom sah shanischaray namah while facing east after sunset or before sunrise.

To Resolve Money Flow Issues:
Take cow's dung and add 7-anaaj. Make shivling out of it. And every member of family should put 1 drop of ganga water on it. After some time, you'll see things changing money-wise.

If your father's health is weak: (to make Sun strong) donate 5 almonds to a poor person every Sunday.

If your childhood has been full of struggles, it's due to some problems that will cause you same problems after 36 years of age. Treat your in-laws with respect. Treat the siblings of your spouse like kids. Donate a copper coin once a month on a Wednesday in the river.

If the parents' relationship isn't good, then the children will suffer from cold, weakness, backstomach problems, they have to do a lot of struggle and success comes after the age of 27. Such kids should bring the water from the tap at the graveyard and put it in their place of worship at home or in a safe. The relationship might imrove, but even if the relation doesn't get better, it won't effect your fate.

Sometimes others don't like you despite being right. For this, do the following mantra:
Om Jawal Jawal Shulani, Dushtgrahaan, Huun Phat Svaha. - do it 10 minutes morning and evening. Do it for sure on Ashtami in front of Devi Maa.

To achieve success in new work: try to do the work in a shubh mahurat, Moon should be positive, put a supari and a piece of paper with what you want to do and place it in front of Ganesha, put purva and start the work, careful not to start in rahu kalam.

If an ordinary illness doesn't go away for a long time: throw away a day's medicine and buy those medicines again and start them again on puranmaasi, shukla paksh's panchmi, shashti, saptmi, ashtmi, or triyadashi.

How to make moon strong: People who get grandmother (Dadi's) love, their Moon is always strong. If you don't have a Dadi, then respect and care of dadi or a woman who's old like dadi to make your moon strong.

If you don't get the desired respect:
On Sunday, take some rice and mishri and let it go in some river. Then take some mishri and rice and put in a white cloth and donate the same to some poor person. This will increase people's belief in you.

If people in the house are generally lazy: then burn a candle on the Eastern wall of the house in the evenings and distribute coconut and mishri mix to people in the house. This will increase happiness. Put the candle on some glass platform and put the mishri and coconut in a little box next to it. Then burn the candle and remember your 'isht' God. After this, distribute the sweets to everyone in the house.

Improving Mars (Mangal):
Wear a copper bracelet in right hand.
Drink from a copper utensil.

Improving Saturn (Shani):
Start eating aniseed (ajwain).
Donate black clothes on Saturdays.

Improving Venus: rubbing your right ear helps get better results from Venus.

If you're running around a lot and not getting much done: At night, stand in front of the moon with hands folded into namaskar, chant Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Chandramaseh Namah everyday for at least a year. It will decrease the unnecessary running around and add stability to your life.

If you have too many thoughts moving around in your head and you aren't able to make decisions or not knowing what to do - in regards to your job, home, life, or marriage. Then start doing the seed mantra "Yaan" - written as "ya" with "chand bindu" in Hindi.

Do barjrang baan paath in the morning and evening if you have too many enemies or are extremely ill. Face the East and sit in pushk asana, do tilak jasmine and sindoor of Hanumanji's feet. This will make your body healthier and quieten down the enemies.

To be successful in married life, take your "mangal-sutra" in a plate and do 150,000 times chant of Ganesha "om gan ganpataaye namaha" - start this on Ganesha Chaturthi, but do this in a regular and disciplined manner everyday. Or Put mangal sutra in front of you and do 11x paath of sapthati - you can do this at once or over a longer period of time. Or do chant of "om ang angaarkay namaha", start this on shukla paksh, this should be done 150,000 times with the help of a red sandalwood bead. This is especially for girls who have Mangal-dosh or who got married without getting the kundali/birth-chart matched.

Homes where there is too much tension/stress, doing Raatrisukt paath at night will have a very positive effect.

Whenever you are unable to increase your wealth, then start sitting in the company of your teacher/guru, then you will start seeing changes in your self. If you are unable to be in the company of your guru, look at the person's picture, and keep staring at the guru, start breathing slowly - slowly you will start feeling the guru's presence.

If your savings are getting depleted, then anyone and everyone who is contributing to the wealth in the family should wear a copper coin in a green thread on a Wednesday.

Whenever the wealth of the family is getting diminished due to some illnesses in the family, then start doing "raatri-sukt  paath" - this will stop the diminishing of wealth.

Savitray (savitre) Namaha - this mantra is very useful in getting rid of diseases and for having a long and luxurious life.

If your problems keep increasing and you don't see any solution in sight, then start doing Mahamrityunjaya-jap.

If your relation with your mother is not good, throw a few drops of raw milk (not boiled) in flowing water for 11 Mondays.

Om gang ganpataaye namaha - doing 108 chants of this mantra morning and evening helps get rid of obstacles, helps in studies for students by getting rid of problems that may occur in studies.

People whose Venus and Jupiter are together in their birth-chart can do something extraordinary in life. 

If you feel very afraid, then wear a copper Sun in your neck. Makes sure you activate the Sun before wearing by chanting 1008 jap of gayatri mantra or the following mantra: "om khakolkaay namaha", although Gayatri mantra is considered better.

If your child has problems speaking, have him/her wear 3 copper coins in a green thread around the neck and do the mantra of "om bum buddhaye namaha" at least for a few times if more is not possible - regardless of how their pronunciation turns out to be.

If your home keeps getting burgled, then start doing gayatri yag and lighting a candle every evening. Of course, you can also start securing your home better.

Rahu - donate an electrical appliance or have an electrical connection done in a poor person's home to get rid of major Rahu issues.

If you are having problems getting a job, start offering a spoon of mustard oil to the Sun for 41 days.

If your Sun is very weak, then arrange for a water fountain for thirsty people at your place of birth. Also donate water on a Sunday.

If you are constantly disturbed by some small illnesses, then chant the mantra "om ganpataye namaha" for 1008 times on a Thursday while holding a few yellow mustard seeds. Then wear these seeds in a yellow cloth around your neck on the same day.

Navgraha mantra - can be recited at least once in the morning to make all planets positive.:
Brahma Murari Tripurantkari, Bhanu Shashi Bhumisuto Budhaschay, Guruschay Shukra Shani Rahu Ketuvayh kurvantu sarve mam suprabhatam.

If one can not do anything without going through major hurdles, then try doing it keeping in mind the correct muhurat time as doing so gets rid of the possible negative effects of the planets. If you aren't able to do so, then just ask Ganpati and your isht dev to help you in the task before beginning it.

We're in the process of adding to our list of mantra videos so you can hear the correct pronunciation of the mantras we mention on the site.


very easy to understand and to the point remedies.very unlikely to other these seem to be quite logical
by Monika jain - 6 years ago - 03/26/2018, 09:28
If planet Mercury and Jupiter is weak, what to do ? Also has Mangal dost, please advice
by Renu Sree - 6 years ago - 04/24/2018, 09:47
Very useful and I guess one has to place fate for anything to work. I did not understand when in your site one of the articles said how to find Ishta Devata. But I tried aquaring my Lagna/Navamsa but they do not give like our Western Astrology the actual degrees. Therefore, how can I find my Ishta Devata?
by Hope Shore - 5 years ago - 11/07/2018, 14:14
Very useful thanks
by Chanchal Chanchal - 5 years ago - 12/14/2018, 16:10
Thanks for providing some useful tips I have mars rahu together in 7th house could you give some effective remedies
by Mahesh Talreja - 5 years ago - 02/26/2019, 22:42
aridra star simha lagna secod position kuja and rahu placed. 6th position jupiter stood 8th position satrun and ketu stood 10 th lord sun and mercury stood 11th position moon and venus stood. now satarun dasa and satrun atarbukti and ketu sukshma bukthi holding. Durin the perid severe nerotic problem has come what is the remedy pl. suggest. date is 7.6.1997. 11.20. a.m. at rajamahendrivaram at Andhrapradesh. expecting your kind suggestion. with regards, ramakrishna
by ramakrishna krishna - 4 years ago - 07/07/2019, 03:08
I love someone but He does not understand and respect my feelings ,i keep begging Him to meet me and talk to him but he does not reciprocate
by Nazia Zafar - 4 years ago - 07/26/2019, 04:10
Are you active on Twitter?
by Shifali Kumari - 4 years ago - 08/03/2019, 14:09
Problems with jethani abusing us a lot ... Any remedies plz
by Laxmi Zilla - 4 years ago - 08/20/2019, 00:45
Awesome Post!!! Thanks for sharing such a post. I really like this Post. Keep sharing
by Advika Ayyangar - 4 years ago - 10/04/2019, 07:11
nyz thank u
by lolitha pai - 4 years ago - 10/21/2019, 19:59
Respected sir My name is bhavesh born on 17:05:1976 Dhanu rashi I m facing shani n majorly rahu in my kundli. I cannot take decision and very lazy.Having ear nose throat problem regularly n psoriasis. Kindly suggest remedy pls. Regards
by Bhavesh  Gala - 4 years ago - 12/28/2019, 01:57
Thanks for all this info.
by Soumya Adhikari - 4 years ago - 01/24/2020, 13:16
please which remedy should to cure madness neurons psychosis problems. finally I want to know my destiny my future how I can be rich blessed in life thanks
by josiah onwuka - 3 years ago - 08/01/2020, 19:33
Hi Team, I need some consultant about the problem me facing can you assist me on it.
by yogesh J - 2 years ago - 05/18/2021, 09:40

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