Hidden Messages In Your Dreams

January 13, 2014

Some types of dreams and their remedies are mentioned below:

1. During exams, one starts getting dreams where one sees himself arriving late for the exam, getting stopped at the door, or some other dream where one is not able to get into the room to take the test.

  • If you keep dreaming about some obstacle in taking the exam, then start doing pranayam regularly which will help you remember more of what you study.
  • Start offering a white flower to the Goddess Saraswati every morning and evening.
  • These remedies will stop such dreams and the bad effects of the dreams will not affect you.

2. If you see yourself falling down from a higher platform - an elevator, a mountain, or stairs - it shows a very tense lifestyle and that you are allowing anxiety into you life. For students, it means that you are unprepared for the exams, which is affecting your confidence. Such dreams also show of big upcoming changes for which you're not ready. So, do efforts to make yourself more ready for changes.

3. If you dream of your books and notebooks being destroyed, then it shows that you are very afraid. Or if you dream of anything that is dear to you being snatched away from you, then start being more aware of things as these things may truly get taken away from you. As a remedy, start offering food to the poor every Tuesday and Saturday; start meditating on your God/isht and remembering this dream in front of your God.

4. If you see yourself being burnt by fire in your dreams, then start donating mustard oil, 5 pieces of sweets, and 5 fruits to the poor for 5 Tuesdays. This dream does not mean that you will get burnt, but instead it shows that you are not ready to face some obstacle. For instance, you give up instead of trying to solve a tough question in an exam.

5. Sometimes dreams reflect our deep anxieties or worries. For instance, if a student is worried about getting bad grades, then a dream may show the student failing as a result of those consistent fears in the student's brain. However, if in general one is not worried and still you see yourself failing at something, then start donating some wheat every Sunday within the first 2 hours after sunrise to avoid any bad effects.

6. People whose dreams turn into reality the next day, need to remain positive in general so they don't get depressed. This ability is a great gift from God, which they should recognize. They should do "surya kriya" after learning it from someone, which will improve their thoughts and remove their prejudices.


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