December 20, 2013

There is a high chance that you may be at risk of diabetes if one or both of your parents have diabetes.

Food habits and stress both can cause diabetes even when there is no history of diabetes in the family.

If someone in the family tree has or used to have diabetes, then you need to get yourself checked out for this disease in you before you think of conceiving. In case you are found to be at risk, then get yourself in perfect health, before conception.


Wear a crystal bead in your neck.

Don't eat any salt or sugar on Fridays.

Do mantra of "aing hring kling chamundaaye vichhe" regularly along with taking medicine.

=> do these remedies for 9 months and get the child's kundali made at birth and check it for any signs of diabetes.

Alternatively, you can check the palm of the child:

- check the Venus mount - if there are too many signs on it or the mount is too plump;
- on the Moon mount, if there's a spot or if there are too many lines on the upper Mars then it may show inclination towards diabetes in the child. Get the kundali checked and also have the child take any medicines the doctors may prescribe for the child.

Other remedies: 

- learn to be spiritual or meditate so anxiety does not take hold

- make sure you burn guggal and jatamaasi in the home

- make sure you aren't deficient in calcium and water

- take enough exercise

- make food using coconut oil

- don't put sugar in milk or tea

- eat jamun or jamun seed's powder

- eat amla

- eat vegetables that aren't over-cooked

- go to bed early so you can see the sunrise after you wake up in the morning

- do manduk asana and shirsh-asana along with exercising

- make sure you are not lazy 

- eat food at regular intervals and make sure you go don't sleep immediately after eating and instead go for an hour's walk after eating food.


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