Predictions for 2018

January 01, 2018

2018 Predictions for the year per Moon sign


This is a good year for financial matters but not in terms of personal relationships. March onwards, you can see money coming in, but you must increase your attempts to change things from the beginning of January. There may be a change in residence, which will happen after a troublesome transition. In terms of relationships - personal or professional, be very careful. This year will bring in some new opportunities, but be careful of blood-related problems like blood pressure, hormonal issues, heart-related issues, back issues and stomach problems. 
Remedies: Donate cooked food on Saturdays and do the remedies for Sun every day - like give water to the Sun, read Aaditya Hridya Stotram or do the Gayatri Yag, which will help you with your confidence.


2017's problems whether they be personal, property, or work-related issues, all will get resolved this year. It will be a good year for your professional development, especially after February. June, July, and August may bring you some promotion, respect, or success. Wealth situation is good. Relationships may cause you to worry this year. Also, the health of your family members may cause you to worry a few times this year during the months of February, March, June, August, November, and December. This year is a good year to renovate, buy new land or property. You may also see a big positive change in life after March. You may also travel a lot after February, which will bring you a lot of happiness. Be careful of your lower limbs and groin area's health this year. 
Remedies: Remember your isht/God as soon as you wake up. Put both feet on the floor after getting out of bed. Do some prayers to your isht dev. Donate some kheer on Fridays.


This year is going to be very favorable to you despite some problems. There might be people - family or friends may try to bring you down. Be careful about relationships this year. Do not believe anyone this whole year as someone may try to deceive you this year. You may do some investments this year, but make sure you take some good advice. If you're trying to get into a new relationship of any kind this year, be aware and do not trust anyone very quickly. You family and wealth may increase. There will be some changes after July which will be very beneficial to you.
Remedies: Take part in satsang. Care for girl-children under 8 years of age or care for your aunt (father's sister).  Be careful about your back, shoulders, eyes and teeth this year.


Be careful of enemies this year who might be out to hurt your reputation. Your luck is favorable this year, which will help you sail through. January, February, March, and April will make you enthusiastic, then May, June, and July will be weak, after that August till October will be good, November will be slightly weaker and then finally December will be very good. During the weak times, do not take any big decisions, move your residence, get married, invest money or get into quarrels. In terms of health, you might experience all kinds of problems in your body. If you intend to get pregnant, be extra careful. Make sure you don't lack vitamin D, calcium, iron and don't get stressed. People who are always busy or generally stressed should be careful about their blood pressure and try to be happy as much as possible.  
Remedies: Keep trying to meditate and watch the rising sun every day.


It will generally be a good year for you, but due to your excess confidence, you may take a wrong decision. Try to stay humble and reign in your ego. Your over-confidence may make you seem arrogant that can cause unexpected issues. Otherwise March to July and September to November is a good period. Your family members will definitely help you out, but just make sure you keep things well with them. Control your speech. Your previous health issues may rise up again so keep a check on what you eat. You may go on 3 different travels this year that you will enjoy. July, August, and September may cause some financial or relationship problems.
Remedies: Pray to lord Shiva during sunrise. Wear a rudraksha bead.


Students will get success this year provided they do enough efforts. This year may cause you some anxiety, suspicious feelings, along with saying wrong things at the wrong time, so be careful of your speech. You may do a change in residence this year which will be very fruitful despite some initial troubles. Your aunts and uncles may be a cause of some financial gains this year. You may also travel abroad this year. It's not a good year for your stomach though. January, March, April, June, July, August, November, and December are good months for you. Try to get rid of your ego this year and stay humble.

Remedies: care for cows on Wednesdays, do Abhishek while chanting, and do Rudra-abhishek on your birthday.


2018 will be a very good year in terms of career and wealth. However, your reputation and job may be at risk this year. So, be careful of your temper and speech this year. If you play with someone else's reputation, then the other person may do the same - especially people who consider themselves as straightforward and truthful. Be careful about your heart, back and neck. Your elders' health may cause you to worry during February, March, June-August, October-December. However, be even more careful about your relationships so they do not weaken. On the other hand, you may get to travel for fun. You may see some changes at your job. If you were planning to settle somewhere far, then you may get some help in that this year too. Overall, it's a good year, just be careful about a few things. You may meet some good people who will bring you happiness. 
 Remedies: make some kheer on Sundays and donate it nicely to the poor and pray to your ish/God every morning or after 8pm.


There are 3 main points. Firstly, success is right in front of you as long as you try. February, April, May, June, August, November, and December are the months when you can get some special happiness or promotion. You may also go on some long journey this year due to Saturn being good to you. There might be a change in residence. It's not a good year for the elders in your home, but the youngsters will be fine. Otherwise, remaining relationships will be fine. Your money situation will improve after March. This year will be better than 2016 and 2017. Just face any challenges without it dwindling your confidence. Be careful about your health though.
Remedies: wear the ahswagandha root around your neck; give water to the Sun along with the Om Ghrini Suryay Namaha mantra; care for the elderly on Thursdays.


This year brings some difficulties this year. Lack of money may cause some blockages in your work. Your anger may cause your near ones to be unhappy with you. Many people may try to deceive you this year in regards to money. Don't take decisions alone. Seek advice of someone else. January, March, April, June, July, December are going to be good months for you. Health may be a hindrance in doing anything, so be careful. If you were married in or after 2014, then there might be some problems in your married life or to your spouse. 
Remedies: care for or help people with eye issues on Saturdays, offer red flowers to your isht/God every day along with a few minutes of meditation. 


It's a good year, but there are some issues in moving ahead. January to April is a period of going backward. June to September you may move forward and then again October to December you may move backward. Most of the problems may be related to wealth, health, and your driving, so be careful. You might get success in competitive exams. There might be issues at your home and you may get into more quarrels.
Remedies: do the mantra om han hanumate namah before sleeping.


There might be some financial problems. After March, your partners may deceive you - so be careful with your business dealings. Your elders' health may disturb you. Any efforts done during February, March, August, September and October will bring in good results.
Remedies: give 5 grains of urad lentils each day and then when you have enough, donate them to the poor. Wear a silver chain given by your mother on any Monday.


2018 may bring some troubles for you as you won't trust others. You will also feel that you aren't able to do as good a work as you'd like to, especially until April. After that, things will improve, especially from June to December. Do hard work with dedication to get good results.  
Remedies: keep elders happy; respect the elderly, donate some flour to the elderly on every Poornamaasi.


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