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November 17, 2013

How to get rid of addictions?

Addiction to anything can be a cause of worry to the friends and family of the addict. When that addiction happens to be tobacco or alcohol - the problems are amplified. Learn some tips and remedies to pinpoint addiction tendencies and to potentially rid one of addictions if it's a little late for prevention as per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha
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September 10, 2012

How To Stop Addiction

Whoever's Shani/Rahu/Moon is giving bad effect, they feel like being high so they can escape their reality and forget their pains/problems.

This can be due to depression or because of habit.

Don't keep awake till late night, wear nice clothing, and stay away from bad company.

If your Sun is in bad state in your kundli, wear a 5-6ratti Manik in a copper ring in your ring finger (any hand) or your neck on Sunday.

Do Gayatri mantra while watching sunrise. Make sure you have sugar in one hand and rice in the other. This will improve your self-confidence.

If you're used to eating tobacco or feel like having it, take 250gm ajwain and cover it with the juice of 10 lemons. Add some black pepper, black salt, jaifal, dalchini powder (100gm). Mix it up and keep it in the sun to dry. Blend it and keep it in a glass bottle. Take this mixture whenever you feel like having tobacco.

When you feel weak, mentally and physically after giving up your addiction. Take yoghurt and milk regularly. Take lemon water (nimbu paani). Shower a few times a day with warm water. Do take the health tonics/syrups prescribed to you.

Do eat half cooked vegetables.

Take corn and use a pestel to smash it into small pieces. Put them into a glass of milk. Cook it so the milk is now ¾ of what it was. Add some honey to it and then eat it. This will strengthen your brain and body.

Do mantra "hare ram hare ram, ram-ram hare hare, hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare" - it develops your confidence and will make you peaceful.

Here's the gayatri mantra for those of you who have trouble concentrating and remembering the words: 

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