Effects of Solar Eclipse on all Astrological Signs

July 13, 2018

A solar eclipse means that the Sun is briefly blocked by the Moon preventing its rays from reaching the Earth. Wherever this eclipse is visible in the world, that's the region that will be most affected physically, but also politically. However, due to globalizaiton, the effects can also be seen elsewhere around the world. So, for instance since the eclipse will be visible in Australia, then it might affect other people elsewhere in the world who may be connected to Australia in some way.

The effects of the eclipse along with the planetary situation today will have an effect on all signs for the next 6 months:

Aries - You need to be very careful in your routine especially due to today's eclipse and due to the Moon eclipse that will occur on the 27th. Drive with full attention and also be vary of your reputation. Pay close attention to the effects your actions might have on your siblings. There is a possibility that they may be impacted negatively or or may feel hurt due to your actions. As a remedy, just chant the Om Han(g) Hanumate Namaha chant. 

Taurus - The effects of the planets will become positive for Taurians. Any problems from the past will generally decrease despite there being some tensions. Keep in mind that you must not give false testimony in any situation and must not take someone's side due to your emotional feeling. You should donate some raw vegetables every now and then to alleviate any possible problems.

Gemini - The money situation is a bit weak for you for the coming few months. There is a possibility of you taking some wrong decisions in haste. Make sure you speak after much deliberation. There are possibilites of vaani-dosh (bad choice of words can lead to trouble). Special attention needs to be paid to relationships as there might be some misunderstandings that can alienate them for a long time or forever. The only remedy for you is to offer water to others.

Cancer - This is a bit of a weak time for you for the next 6 months. Your mind will be disturbed and there may even be some effects on your health in regards to blood pressure issues. There might be some quarrels in the family, so just try to avoid any kind of confrontation with anyone. Remedy for you is to chant Om Dum Durgaaye Namaha.

Leo - People with this Moon sign need to be very careful as there might be obstacles in one's work. Keep doing your work with patience and offer water to the Sun everyday as a remedy.

Virgo - There might be some obstacles or shortcomings in your gains or there might be some issues in your relationships with your loved ones. If you're trying to do any kind of auspicious work, then make sure you do it after much consultation from others rather than a solo decision. As a remedy, take some grains of rice from your mother and place them in a pouch to keep your in your pocket for the next 6 months.

Libra - You might not be so lucky the following 6 months. You may have to care for the health of your parents. Be careful of your language as the wrong choice of words can cause some losses. As a remedy, donate some food every now and then.

Scropio - Although the upcoming period is good for you, there might be some sudden losses. Do not give any money to anyone. Offer water to the Sun, donate some raw vegetables and feed some wholewheat dough to ants.

Saggitarius - This is a bad time in terms of health, especially in regards to your head, eyes, and spine. As a remedy, chant Om Namah Shivay.

Capricorn - Refrain from anger. Be careful while driving. Offer grains to birds and donate sweet chappatis every now and then for 6 months.

Aquarius - In terms of gains, it's a weak time. There might be problems with your siblings. There might be issues with the stomach, so be careful. Offer water to the Sun as a remedy.

Pisces - It's a good time to take decisions. You will get gains and your work will move forward. Take good care of your mother's health. As a remedy, do the chant Om Rudraaya Namaha.


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