Your Finances and Health in 2014

January 01, 2014

Overall, this year does not bode well for people who get angry as 2014 may increase anxiety, egos, and anger in people in general which is never a good thing in relationships and other spheres of life. Healthwise, people can expect problems related to stomach and urine; there will also be increased headaches and fever issues in people. Learn below what this year has in store for you as per your Moon sign:


General: There may be a bit of hard work needed until April. The time from April to August will be favorable to you. After that, you may experience some hurdles which you will overcome and achieve success. Make sure you continue to do hard work though.
Finances: Your wealth situation may be weak this year. Make sure you make your investments after careful deliberation. There may also be hurldes in your job. Be careful in April, June, August, September, November, and December. Money matters may even have an effect on your reputation so be extra alert during these months.
Health: Be very careful about your stomach, legs, and back. Females should be careful about using toilets outside of their homes. 


General: Things will be better for you this year. Especially from February onwards. You may get a big achivement in the months from February to August.
Finances: This is going to be quite a roller-coaster year for you in terms of finances - especially for people who are in their own business. Be alert at your workplace - regardlless of your type of employement.  Be careful regarding any investments too as it may be a cause of worry in the future. Be aware and be patient throughout the year.
Health: You will need to be careful about liver and hormone related problems. Eat non-spicy, simple food at the right time. 


General: You will be asked to do a lot of hard-work and you will be able to achieve a lot because of this as well as your mind. Make sure you especially work hard in March, June, August, and September to achieve success.
Finances: Your situation will improve and business related issues will improve after the 20th of March. There are chances of great achievements in October, November, and December.
Health: You may have to face problems until February and then again from June til September. Be careful about your food intake and sleep. Take medical advice when necessary as your health can influence your work and your luck during 2014.


General: This is a good period for you and many of your problems will get resolved by March. It's a mixed year for you, so keep working hard. You may lose a lot while at the same time gaining a lot too.
Finances: Your income will be lower than your expenses, but it is possible that your investments will yield good results if you take good decisions regarding these. The improvements can be seen more after April. Some emotional problems may cause a negative affect on your wealth as well some health reasons. Be in the guidance of a guru and keep worshipping your God/isht as your expenditures will not be due to you but reasons that you can't really influence. 
Health: You need to be careful towards your health until May. There may be issues related to your head, heart, stomach, and skin. After May, things should improve, but even then be careful about your liver. Eat easily digestible foods and if you encounter any problems in your health, then start doing Sundarkaand paath every Tuesday.  


General: This year will bring you successes after gaps of no success. So brace yourself and keep working hard without feeling sorry for yourself.
Finances: Your money situation will improve this year, but be careful if your work involves something to do with the earth. Anyone doing work related to communication/consultancy work or foreign lands can expect gains.
Health: Be careful about your head, throat, eyes, and teeth. If you eat in a balanced manner and stick to good sleep routine, then you can expect your health to improve and even your fat to decrease. If you do encounter any problems, then take a piece of jaggery and encircle it over your head and feed it to a cow on  a Thursday. Do the same with a lemon, but throw it in trash instead of feeding it to the cow on the same day.


General: This is a good year for you and your luck will improve. Any work that had been stuck for a while will move forward so make sure you also keep trying for new projects too in order to reap the most benefits of your changed fate.
Finances: Your money situation looks to be weak until October and you may even need to take a loan due to the lack of funds. You may have to curtail your wishes or new projects due to weakened finances. However, you can expect finances to improve after October. Be careful when dealing with any work related to earth - like agriculture or immovable property. Don't give a loan to anyone as it can cause you losses.
Health: You need to be careful about your health this whole year - especially until March if you have any blood related problems. The time until November is not good in general especially people who have cold, throat, stomach or heart related problems. As a remedy, start chanting "namaha shivay" every morning and wash Shivji's feet with 5-amrit everyday.


General: This is a year of successes, but you may have to give up quite a bit for this. There will be many opportunities for you to to progress this year.
Finances: Time until October is pretty weak as your expenses may increase. You may end up spending in areas where you acutally had no need to spend as people will bring forth their demands to you, which will make you spend on them. Keep praying to Mahalaxmi to help you reduce your spendings. You may get an opportunity in the first 3 months of the year that will improve your financial situation.
Health: You need to be careful for the whole year as Jupiter will not be able to help you much this year. Be careful of what you eat, improve your sleep, and also wear a copper bracelet in your right hand on a Wednesday. If you feel your health is deteriorating, encircle some raw coal over your head and throw it in flowing water. Do this for 43 days.


General: Your success rate will go its peak and then go down, then peak again, and go down again, and so on. So, don't be lazy this year and make decisions with enough consideration and determination.
Finances: Your expenditure may increase due to property or vehicles. If you spend you money in buying property or vehicles, then it's understandable, but if the money is being spent in litigation or any other problems caused by your vehicles or property then your problems can increase. Don't spend your money unnecessarily this year and make sure you save some good portion of your money each month.
Health: In general, your health is fine, but your mind may feel anxious which may have an effect on your bowels, which can be easily cured. 


General: There are many changes in store for you - especially February onwards. It will be a better year than 2013 for you.
Finances: Thisis a good year for you especially after March. Old sources of wealth can cease to exist this year, but new sources will be opening up so there's nothing to worry about. Your work will not experience any hurdles and you can even expect to save money by the end of the year.
Health: It's a good year in regards to your health. Situation will improve after May, but a few problems can come up. You neck, back, and your legs need extra attention. You may also have gas and acidity related problems, but there will be nothing that may cause hurdle in your work.


General: It's a very good year for you so make use of it wisely. Any problems that were causing you to not get promoted at work, or causing a rift between you and your father, or causing harm to your father's financial situation will get resolved. The initial few months may involve a lot of hard work, but these will pass - remember that.
Finances: You may have some hurdles during January and February, but some new projects can come your way too. You can get wealth from an un expected source. There may also be a new change that you may not have imagined. You can get promoted and hence improve your financial situation through this change.
Health: This is a good year for you in regards to your health. Whenver you work with fire or chemicals, be very careful.  If you have any heart or blood pressure problem, then take medical advice and adhere to directions from your doctors. If you regularly get intoxicated, don't sleep at the right time, don't eat properly, then you can expect your health to deteriorate more than usual.


General: You may start some distinguished line of work, you may get promoted, you may get into a good college/university/. You will also enjoy the progress made by your father.
Finances: This is a good time for you. There will be expansion in your business. If you do your work with a new thought process, then you can expect your God to help you throughout the year, so carry on with your work. Make sure you thank your God, if you notice an increase in your wealth this year as it will help you even more.   
Health: This is not a good period for you until June. Things should improve after that. You will be able to fight off many diseases.


General: Any work that had been stuck will get completed. You may make a mistake that will cause you to repent it later often. So, try not to do any wrong. You can get selected in a new place of work. 
Finances: There may be some sudden expenditures that may cause a dent in your wealth. You may also do some fortuitious work this year. There may also be some expenditure on some illnesses - yours or others. As a remedy, donate some turmeric and rice to the poor every Thursday.
Health: Be careful about behavior and brain related problems. Try to cure any problem as soon as possible to stop things becoming worse for you. Be also careful about your stomach, heart, or blood related problems. 


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