How to Make Shani Positive

January 30, 2014

People who are affected by Shani need to start making a few behavioral  changes to avoid the bad effects of Shani. This is especially applicable for people who may be going through the saade-saati, dahiya, or any other phase of Shani. 

How to know about negative effects of Shani: 

If you have been noticing for the past 2.5 years that you have not made much progress - you may be feeling ill, or you keep getting into fights with your friends or relatives, or old relationships are breaking up, if a new relationship has formed and it isn't going well, you have problem in your legs, stomach or back, or your hair is thinning out, you feel like many changes are coming in your life and you're not getting success. 

Behavioral Remedies to Make Shani Positive: 

If you sleep before 11 and wake up before sunrise, then you can overcome many bad effects of Shani. Put both your feet on the ground after waking up and make sure you do take a bath early morning. Then offer water to the Sun and pray to Hanuman and light a chameli oil candle/deepak. 

If your Shani is negative, then you should never show your anger while shouting at someone and never try to multi-task. Both of these can prove negative for you and may result in loss to you.

Try to do your work with a lot of hard work in a focused manner.

Do your work on your own - don't ask someone else to clean your shoes, your car, your room, etc..

The idea is to go against your nature - you may feel lazy in doing things, so try to improve your will power so you can accomplish what you set out to do.


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