Have a Successful Day With These Tips

August 14, 2018

Many people get irritated due to them running late or perhaps the traffic on the road causes them to become annoyed, which all contribute to increasing the negativity in the individual and thereby causing obstacles in one's plans for the day.

When stepping out of the house, it's important to keep one's mind calm. If the mind is not calm, then whatever work one is meant to be leaving for may get negatively affected. 

To kee yoursefl focused and involved in your work, it's important to be cheerful and have a positive outlook when leaving your home and on the way to your destination. 

Who's to Blame For a Bad Day?

An individual's Moon being weak, causes disturbance in them achieving their goals for the day. For instance, the day that the Moon is weak or negative then generally the planned work / meeting will get postponed to some other day. And even if the meeting happens, then the meeting doesn't result in much happiness and instead causes stress afterwards. On top of everything, if one plans an interview and it happens to fall on a day of  when one's Moon is weak / negative, then it can cause one to do very badly in the interview despite being very knowledgeable.

The weak Moon especially comes into play when one has to go attend to some auspicious work (like marriage planning, new house purchase, etc..). When going on such errands, then it's important to avoid Rahu kaal, Gulik kaal, and Yamgand kaal.

So, how to fix your Moon?

  • The best option to improve the Moon lies with one's mother. Ask your mother to bless you before you leave for the day or ask someone whom you adore as a mother and have them give you their blessings.
  • Have your mother or someone who is like a mother to you give you a silver necklace.
  • If you're going to a place where you think there might be a possible quarrel or fight or where you have to ask for money, then certainly don't leave the house during Rahu kaal, Gulik kaal, and Yamgand kaal and additionally keep a few dhatura seeds with you. The seeds will help you keep your confidence and resolve your issues calmly.
  • If you're very nervous while leaving the house, then make sure you drink some water and have some fennel seeds with some jaggery. Do not drive when you're nervous.
  • If you have "abhimantrit" supari or elacihi, then eat those before you go for your work.
  • If your lagnesh, Moon, or your Jupiter is weak, then too you may not be able to get your work completed. To prevent this, make sure you clean your nose before you leave your house. Have some jaggery and fennel seeds along with paying respects to your guru and your parents.


Kaarthik - 4 years ago 
Please tell any remedy for dreaded full moon,mars and Saturn combination in 8th house for Pisces lagna

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