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Archive for October 2012

October 09, 2012

Benefits of Eating Pomegranate/Anar

Sweet pomegranate/anar, removes your acidity and finishes stomach worms. It's also good for concentration for meditation and students.

People who have sweaty hands and feet should take sweet pomegranate/anar in the morning on an empty stomach.

If you don't feel hungry, take 100gm anar juice and put a spoon of honey and a bit of sendha namak, mix it well and then drink it. It'll prove beneficial for you.

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October 06, 2012

Why Do Things Get Stuck In the Middle

There are many things in life that we start on, but we never complete/finish them in spite of being very intelligent or applying the best of resources.

The main planet (mukhya graha) and Bhagyesh are responsible for this. These planets - if weak - may cause a lot of hurdles or will not let the work materialize. Weakness of the Moon will also cause a lot of barriers.

If many of your planets are weak, or don't give positive results, then you'll be almost at tears to get your work done including marriage.

The above also cause one to change their job or profession, but each yields the same problems.

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