How to Get Rid of Laziness & Too Much Sleepiness

December 28, 2013

Children should sleep for about 9 hours, adults should sleep for about 7 hours, and youngsters should sleep for at least 6 hours, the elderly need a little more sleep. However, many people often feel very sleepy and lazy all day long despite getting enough sleep at night.

A bad Moon and Jupiter cause one to be lazy and make one sleep more.

Weakness - low hemoglobin, disturbed thyroid, metabolic disorders, having too much kapha in the body, too much gas in the body,  also make one more sleepy.

A bad Shani/Saturn causes one to be lazy - even if they don't sleep much - they may read, or keep themselves busy with something or the other.

A bad Moon makes one sleep a lot - one may even fall asleep in the car while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.  

One needs to do remedies for Moon and Jupiter as these make one sleepy.

Here are some more tips to overcome your sleepiness:

Try to get up early in the morning.

Stand/be in the Sun for as long as you can during the day.

Don't drink water while eating food. 

Don't sleep in a place where the water has leaked into the walls. 

Put some methi seeds in a copper vessel at night and drink it in the morning after straining it - don't eat the seeds. 

Eat coconut and drink coconut water.

Stop eating fried foods, eat roasted foods or slightly raw foods instead.

Stop sleeping immediately after eating as it converts the food into fat and causes gas and uneasiness.

To make yourself alert, rub your hands together quickly.

Apply some ghee/coconut/mustard/ or eucalyptus oil to the soles of your feet before sleeping - this will slowly get rid of your laziness and make you more active.

If you have an aim in life that you are focused on, then it will make sure that you don't become lazy.

If you are very lazy, then try to eat more amla.

Put 5 spoons of wheat in a glass of water at night. Drink this water after straining it in the morning. This will give you an energy boost and make you more active.

Do accupressure of the mount of Venus on your palms - this will make you active and reduce your tiredness.


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