Astrological and Ayurvedic Tips on Getting Pregnant

August 17, 2018

In most cases, Jupiter causes problems in conception. So, try to fast on Thursdays, worship the banana tree, listen to the vrat-katha of Thursdays and donate yellow items (bananas, yellow lentils).

The other issue can be due to hormonal imbalance in women, which is caused by the Moon and Mars. If this is your case, then start fasting on the full Moon. Offer white flowers to the Moon and donate white things like rice, sugar, milk, etc.

If the problem appears to be in the man, then they should eat tulsi leaves and seeds to increase fertility and chant the mantra "om namo bhagvate vasudevaya" 108 times.

Sometimes, there's no medical cause of why a couple is not getting a child. In this case, get a picture of "balkrishna" and place it in your place of worship / meditation. Every morning the man or the woman (or both) should chant the mantra of santan-gopal with the help of a sandalwood or tulsi bead: Om devaki sut govind vasudev jagpate, dehi mein tanyam tvamaham sharnam gateh. Then pray that you quickly get a child. 


Any food you eat during pregnancy provides an affect on the developing baby.
So, make sure you eat food that provides nutrition and energy to the body.
- avoid all processed food if you can and only eat natural food
- excess of salt and sweet are both very bad during pregnancy. 

Before pregnancy:

- Before becoming pregnant, it's important to not only get physically healthy but also get rid of all of the mental issues like anger, greed, or ego issues. Stop eating very spicy foods and obviously stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

Other general things to do if you're not getting pregnant:

  • If there is slight ditch and lines criss-crossing each other under the Sun / ring finger, then you need to be aware. Also, if the future parents' have had issues with their own father (they lived away from their father for instance), then they need to get a source of drinking water installed in their place of birth.
  • Never try to get pregnant during the day otherwise the child may be weak physically or mentally.
  • Stop eating green chillies
  • Avoid eating and drinking cold things
  • Avoid sour foods and foods that increase fat and gas in the body
  • Start developing love and respect with each other
  • Go for walks - get fit
  • Start eating apples, grapes, or "chiku" fruit regularly
  • Before sleeping, have some ground ajwain
  • Grind a big "harad" and have a small teaspoon with water after food along with having some with your food too.
  • Care for dogs like you're taking care of your children
  • Do accupressure in the middle of your feet with some oil.
  • Do "kapal bhaati" but only until conception.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian foods
  • Care for birds and animals
  • Look after cows, your guru, temples and the elderly
  • Meditate
  • Get rid of your arrogance and laziness


akash - 5 years ago 
thank you for the information, the blog is very nice.

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