Benefits of Lemon

January 21, 2014

Lemon has a diverse range of benefits. If you notice a change in your behavior for the worse all of a sudden despite not wanting to adopt the bad behavior; if you notice yourself falling ill more often, you're not able to study well, you notice some problems in your eyes - lemon is very beneficial for all of these.

A child or someone who easily gets influenced by someone's negative energy - in other words if you think some "totka" is done, then one should take a tomato  and a lemon and juice them together, add a pinch of black salt and black pepper. Give this to the individual to drink- this will make sure that he does not get easily influenced by others' negative energies while also making him stronger. Another thing to do in case of some "totka" or bad influence of negative energies, is to take a lemon and touch it all over your body and then throw it away. Such individuals or children should also keep half a lemon with them.

Drinking lemon juice wtih a bit of salt and sugar makes one more energetic and provides much needed vitamin C - drinking such water should be limited to twice a day.

To reduce fat, add some lemon juice and honey to water which is not warm and drink it.

Peel off a lemon and cut it into small pieces, then swallow the pieces like pills with the help of some lukewarm water - this helps in rapid reduction of fat from the body.

Who should not eat lemon:

People whose Mercury line is broken

If the Mercury finger leans forward and Jupiter finger stick outward too much

=> this is because in these people, lemon causes acidity in the body.

Alos, people whose Moon and Venus are negative, are not able to digest lemon well as it causes more mucus formation in them.


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