Makar Sakranti - Sun Moving Into Capricorn

January 16, 2014

The weakness of the Sun always causes a negative effect on all, which is why it's best if the Sun is strong. For this, the Sun should be in one of these signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus or Gemini. The Sun starts to weaken in Cancer and becomes very weak in Sagittarius.

Currently, Sun will be moving from its weak position in Sagittarius to a very strong position in Capricorn. This means that it will have a positive effect on one's willpower and will make one more capable.

Effects on Each Moon Sign:

Aries: you will be able to study and concentrate well. If you do not have ego issues, then you will be able to move forward with someone's help.

Taurus: Your luck will improve. You will get new ideas with which you will be able to work better, so work hard.

Gemini: You need to careful towards your health. Make sure you careful of what you eat - especially in the coming month. Try not to eat very rich foods and take care of your back and stomach. If you experience any problem, then offer water to the Sun everyday.

Cancer: Be careful about your private life for the coming period. It's a good time for studies. If your eyes are weak, then get them tested. If you experience any problems, then do gayatri yag or offer water to the Sun.

Leo: Your willpower will increase. Your enemies may cause you some anxiety, but they will not be able to do you any harm. Work hard to reap the benefits.

Virgo: Your wealth and education are both improving, but your romantic relations may suffer so be careful. Despite this, it will be beneficial time for you.

Libra: This is a good change for you. It will bring about big changes in your life, which may be regarding relationships, career, or education. If you experience any problems, then start donating jaggery on Tuesdays and Sunday.s

Scorpio: Be a little careful - especially if you like to drive in an undisciplined manner. In case of any problems, do aditya-hridya-stotra paath regularly.

Sagittarius: Work related to money will get completed and any work that had been stuck in the past should also move forward. It's a good period for you, so work hard and you should succeed.

Capricorn: You need to slightly careful about your health for about a month. Don't get angry as your anger may result in someone close to you being miffed with you.  Throw 5 almonds into a flowing water body every Sunday as a remedy for any problem.

Aquarius:This change can make you go on some travel. Be careful about your reputation. Your enemies will quieten down during this period and you will be able to study well. As a remedy, donate some sweets wrapped in a red cloth to the poor as a remedy for any problem.

Pisces: There can be some anxiety in regards to money matters - you may end up spending more or some money that you may have been expecting does not materialize. Don't give any loans to anyone. Wear a red thread in your right hand if you encounter any problems.


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