Predictions for 2017

January 01, 2017

2017 Overview:

1. There will be big societal changes this year, so hardworking and honest people will benefit the most in this year. Due to Jupiter, people who lead their lives spiritually (regardless of their religion) will get a chance to succeed.

2. Jupiter will increase its affects on Virgo, so people who respect their elders, teachers, guru and  want to succeed based on their intelligence, will get more strength from Jupiter.

3. Saturn will move into Jupiter on the 26th of January and will again add to the strength of Jupiter, hence to the above mentioned people. Although there might be some difficulties for some, Saturn will be on the side of those who are truthful, honest, and base themselves on their intelligence.

4. Rahu and Ketu will move from Leo to Cancer on the 18th of August. So people who love others, are farmers, who study a lot, are honest and with truthfulness would like to find their place in society will benefit from Rahu and Ketu. They may make such people reach higher positions in society.

Predictions for the year per Moon sign


April, May, and November can bring some losses of finances, but in general 2017 will bring more wealth to you. There are also more expenditures for you this year, so be careful about how you choose to spend your money despite their being an increase in the inflow of money. Apart from May, June, July and September, other months will bring you more respect. People related to religion, writing, media, education, and care will get good respect. The ones related to politics or in a government job need to be careful this year. Also, many of you will get married or increase your family size. February, April, May, June, September, October, November - these months are not good when it comes to your love life. Be very careful in your personal relationships this year.
Remedies: If you have any problems, then start praying to Hanuman everyy and donate some sweets or savory dishes made of chickpea flour to poor children after sunset on Tuesdays after first offering it to Hanuman.


Economically, the year is good for you except for April, June, and September. In these months, you may end up spending a lot of money, your money may get stuck somewhere, so be extremely careful while investing. The year will give you opportunity to save money though. You may also spend some money in improving your living standard. You may meet new people and will also increase the time you spend with people from your past. There are also chances of you getting some special award. In terms of relationships too, it is a good year, just be careful during July to September. Other months are fine in terms of relationships.


This year is a standard year in terms of finances - it's not weak. January, April, June, August, September and November are going to be tough months for you when it comes to your reputation amongst your friends and your in-laws. Additionally, your relationships with your neighbors and guru might weaken. The months of January, February, May, June, August, September, October and November are the months that indicate signs of increasing your family size, settling down, a change in place, or of you buying property. Altogether, you just need to be careful about personal relationships.
Remedies: Do the chant of "Om gan gantaaye namaha" regularly and donate green moong dal on any Wednesday of the month (as much as you can).


It's a good year for finances, except for January, February. April, May, July, August (1st 2 weeks), and December will bring in money that you will not be able to save. Try to decrease your expenditures during these months. You may develop some disease so be careful about your health. During these months, you also need to be careful about your reputation. January, April, October, and December require extra attention - mind your language and be humble in your behavior. You might also suffer a blow to your social status - this is especially applicable to people in politics or in some public activities. Your family may relocate to another place, it could even be another country.
Remedies: Donate walnuts and almonds on Sundays. Get rid of your laziness this year.


It's a good year for you. You may save a lot of money due to the positive effects of Jupiter and Saturn. Your time to save money will start from February. Just be careful that you do not plan to spend your money for no reason. January, April, July, November and December may be the months when you can spend money on either something auspicious or due to some illness. Any decisions taken in haste can cause you probelms. Your wrong language can cause you problems in the months of February, April, May, June, August and November. 
Remedies: give some lentils to leprosy patients on any Saturday in a copper vessel. Do the Ganpati Atharvasheesha paath once a month. Do a rudra abhishek once in the year - ideally on your birthday. If you have extra stress during the months of April, June, August or November then pray to Ganesha or Shiva or care for your guru during these months.


2017 can cause some financial problems until September despite you being in a good job/getting a promotion. April, July, August, and October are the months when you may suffer losses in wealth and/or property. In regards to your reputation, you need to be careful throughout the year especially until September. Your enemies can cause you problems.
Remedies: wear the root of "vidhara" around your neck or donate bananas on Thursdays.


This is going to be a better time for you in terms of your health and work, however, there might be some losses in your reputation in society. If you have done anything wrong in 2013, 2015 or 2016, then that will come back to haunt you. There might be some more issues in personal relationships. There will also be more emotional disturbances despite you trying to maintain the relationships well. However, as your health and work will be good, you will be able to manage things easily. You will be able to save money this year thanks to Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu (after August). You will be able to repay a lot of your debt this year, which will improve your reputation. February, May, July and November will be the months that will cause you stress from family and friends.
Remedies: plant peepal and bargad trees; offer water to the Sun as soon as you wake up.


This is not a great year in terms of finances, so don't make big plans to invest. Don't take loans as you will only be able to repay it very slowly. Don't buy anything new this year, but you can invest in property with a loan. There might be problems due to your use of language in the months of January, February, March, May, July, August, and November, which might bring souring of relationships. April, July, August, October, and November may lower the love from your children or life partner.
Remedies: take a small earthen pot and put 5 fruits, jaggery, and some ghee/mustard oil and bury it in some deserted place. Do this for 5 Tuesdays.


This is good year in terms of finance, so buy property from the money you earn this year. You can buy some gold and silver this year, which will prove fruitful in the future. You may also get a promotion in your work/job this year.
Remedies: care for cows, guru, and your place of worship as much as possible and donate some footwear on any Saturday of the month.


2017 is a good year for you. You will repay your debt and will also be able to save more money. February, April, June and October are somewhat bad months for you. Apart from these, the rest of year will bring you success and an increase in reputation. There are signs of you making more friends and also past friends will join you which will give you good enthusiasm, motivation and possibly increase in wealth. Your work will  be praised this year. You may even get some award. There might be some problem in the family due to some external person.
Remedies: pray to Shiva on both triyodashi days every month.


February, April, June, July, September, and October are the months when you can suffer some financial losses so be careful about your deicisions. You will get good respect from family and also society February onwards. You may even get some award. Saturn and Rahu can disturb you when it comes to your relationship with your father, grandfather, and uncles.
Remedies: get advice from your guru or your teachers if you experience any problems. Additionally, give jaggery to cows to get rid of any problems you may experience.


This is a good year for finances. The months from June to December are good months when it comes to increasing your savings. This is also the period when you can start a new venture, which will prove fruitful. So, you will lay some good foundations this year. Except for the months of January, February, July and August, the year is good. Your relationships will improve despite some quarrels with younger siblings.
Remedies: Do the chant "Om brim brahspataye namaha" in the mornings and "Om narayan namo namah" any time of the day to get rid of any problems.


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