How do astrological remedies work

What is the secret behind the astrological remedies? Why, how and when do those remedies effect us? Are there any remedies that we should continue doing based on our Moon signs? Do we think that we'll never face hard times? If life is good, will it remain the same always? Will there be no bad changes to our nice life - ever? And if there are changes happening that will bring about some unwanted circumstances and we are unaware of them, what should we do? This article will try to answer these questions.

  • Often we hear of ways to heal/maintain our bodies based on our body constitution. In the same way, there are many types of astrological remedies that we can do based on our Moon signs to make sure that we don't fall prey to bad times. Remedies taken in a timely manner can sometimes stop any problems from occurring or bring us out of the bad times with less efforts. If you have the desire to come out, then the remedies will surely help.
  • God has allowed you to write your own fate if you try.
  • We are all influenced by the radiation given off by planets.
  • Balanced radiation effects on our aura makes us healthy and fortunate. The bad effects of those radiations make us unhealthy and unfortunate. A lower dose of radiation from these planets or even too much radiation from them causes disbalances in our mind. Hence our mind itself is the cause of our bad fortunes.  Our mind influences/makes us take bad decisions and do bad things on purpose for which we get punished through bad fortune. Planets' radiations effect our thought process by influencing the energies around us which results in good/bad effets by us and for us.
  • The radiation effects our health too, so it's important that you also do remedy for the planet along with the medicine. When we do the remedies for the planet, then the radiation that enters us becomes more balanced which gives us positive effects. Just as the mind is responsible for our bad fortunes, doing remedies to our mind will also cause a positive effect on the planets' radiation effecting us. The remedies for the mind also help in succeeding in your career/work.

For example, if your Shani/Saturn is negative, then stop talking bad about others and start thinking that you wil get success regardless of any problems - Saturn will not do anything bad to you or even if it does then the effects will be reduced.

  • Another example, if Venus and Jupiter are giving bad results then they cause problems in our household or the love from children. If you have kids, then they may be ill or you may not get to enjoy their company. It may bring you sweets, but you may not be able to eat it due to diabetes; or you may get wealthy but will not be able to enjoy it. Jupiter may also bring a time when you'll be lonely and alone. Remedy: say heart-felt sorry to that woman whom you have harmed and you know whom you have caused harm. Feed green grass to 100 cows once. Take responsibility to educate a child who is of the opposite sex than you - it should be an anonymous donation. You can also donate anonymously to a school or temple. The person whom you may have deceived - whether by breaking her heart or causing monetary or repute loss, even if it was due to a helpless situation, surely help that person.
  • If you have a habit of complaining, doubting others, criticizing, or doing unnecessary competition, then it causes bad effects from Rahu and Shani. It causes us to be in a state of jealousnes and being stressed despite being wealthy. Be happy to keep Rahu and Shani in check. These habits prove even more helpful during the effects of Saade-saati or under Rahu/Shani's period in our life.

When should remedies be done:

1. Your Moon sign and your main planet (mukhya graha) should always be kept strong and positive.

2. In bad times

3. In normal times

Types of remedies:

1. Sadhana/bhakti/meditation is the best remedy, but it's not easy and it needs to be learnt step-by-step over a long period of time.

2. Change in behavior and how you live.

3. Donate food.

4. Gifting and doing donations

5. Medicinal plants

6. Metals

7. Precious stones

8. Colors

9. Taking a bath

10. Relationships - ex. if the 7th house is responsible for a good fate, then you will not start succeeding in life until you find a partner/get married

Let's look at the basic remedies for each Moon sign. These need to be done regularly, just like you may need to maintain a certain diet for some illness. These remedies will help even when all else fails:


Always be kind to women, care for her in any form (mother, sister, wife, friend...). Don't get angry or be involved in scheming against others. You should try and always be a student - keep learning throughout life. If your work is related to property, police, oil, or some other influential position, then always help poor laborers and take care of your place of worship. Time to time, you should donate jaggery, money, medicine, or red clothes. You should take a lot of sleep - at least 6 to 8hours. Don't eat too much of rich food, drink a lot of water. You will achieve your goals if you have patience or your goal will not be reachable. Make use of copper in any form during the day. Your colors are red and yellow. Try to avoid black.


If you start facing some very negative circumstances, then start worshipping "Bhairov" by saying "om bhairave namaha" and worship "maa kaali" - offer red flowers to both the gods and do  Maa Kaali's "aarti". Whenever you are stuck in some difficulty, start doing Bhairov's mantra from "Krsihna paksh partipadaa". You need to develop a flexibility in your thought process. You will need to be spiritual, but you may have difficulty if you become too spiritual at a young age. On the other hand, you mustn't be too materialistic either. You should be balanced. Don't think too much about the future. Make sure you rest enough and get enough sleep. Suitable colors are green, pink, and white. Stay away from red and instead donate it. Metal is silver. Always try to please Shani/Saturn and Shukra/Venus. Make sure you never do anything to cause bad effects from Jupiter. Don't disrespect your teachers, do something for your teachers, place of worship. Doing so will ensure you get success.


Keep 11 sea shells in your place of worship and worship it - put tilak on it. Always have a guru so they can correctly channelize your excess energy, which if it overflows may cause loss to repute or work. Drink a lot of water. Good colors for you are: yellow, blue, and green. Avoid black and red. Make use of copper in any form everyday.


Whenever you feel down/disturbed mood, then make rice pudding (chawal ki kheer) and feed to poor young girls (children). You should do it at least on Mondays and if you do it everyday for a year, then that would be great. When you feel like you're going through a problematic phase, eat some yoghurt with sugar or eat "khoya" with yoghurt if these suit you. Do Shivji's puja/japa - "namaha shivay". Never be lazy and don't be too emotional. Worship your mother. White, red, and yellow are good colors for you. Avoid blue and green. Make use of Silver. Keep doing things to strengthen the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Do remedies for Mercury - don't speak bitter, don't lie, don't speak too fast, don't promise something you can't fulfill.


Never have too much anger or too much ambition - be balanced. Being ambitious in everything will cause the Sun to give bad results. Do something for society. Start sleeping on a hard bed - not on fluffy/soft surfaces. If you have too many difficulties, cut copper into 4 equal-weight and size pieces - keep one with you and bury the remaining into the ground. If your Sun is making you too egoistic/angry/ambitious then find a good Guru and stop saying lies and being angry. Wear saffron, orange, green. Stay away from black and blue colors. Use copper in some form in the day. Do remedies to make Mars stronger and keep Venus and Jupiter calm and happy. This will ensure your success.


Donate Moong dal every Wednesday. Donate pearls (if you can), milk, yoghurt and rice pudding. Stay away from greed and being too busy. Take care of your food and you won't get sick easily. Do chant of "om shanti". Yellow, white, and green are favorable colors for you. Stay away from red, black, and blue. Use copper in any form each day. Do remedies to make Venus and Jupiter stronger and make Mars calm.


Always keep crystal/sfatik with you and also donate it sometimes. Keep 11 sea-shells in your place of worship (temple at home). Stay away from love at a young age - it can work as a curse for you. Don't be overly emotional. The more disciplined you are, the more you will succeed. Orange, pink, white, and red. Green and yellow aren't good for you. Use silver in your day. Do remedies to make Sun and Shani/Saturn stronger and make Moon, Mars, and Jupiter calm. Keep trying to learn throughout life. Don't be lethargic or you may not be healthy or have a good household.


Crush and mix oats with milk and sugar; turn into small balls and feed to fish for 43 days. This is a special remedy that can be done by you to get out of some bad situation. Another remedy: either take 2 silver chains or cut silver pieces into 2 small pieces and have you and your mom wear them or you and your child wear them. Never go to a temple if your thoughts aren't pure or Jupiter will badly effect your reputation. Don't taunt any one. Always take advice from your guru, care for mother, and worship God. Cream, red, and orange are favorable to you. Blue and green will cause you loss - use them only seldom. Make use of copper. Keep Moon and Jupiter strong and keep Shani and Venus calm.


Do worship God Satyanarayana on purnamaasi. Take some chana+gud and donate as prasad. Eat rice only with saffron. Don't criticize others and don't be egoistic. White, orange, yellow and light blue are good for you. Red, black, and purple colors should be very limited. Gold is your lucky metal. Do remedies to make Sun and Mars stronger and make Shani and Venus calmer.


Giving a bath to a cow is your special remedy. Take a piece of iron and fill it up with iron; put a piece of iron in it; place some black salt next to it and worship it with "om sham shanischaraya namaha". If your skin or child are going through problems, then put black salt in your cooked vegetables and donate them. On Saturdays, stay away from things that cause Shani to go bad like: alcohol, tobacco, dirty clothes, feeling of taking revenge, laziness and help the poor instead. Use black and blue. Limit usage of yellow and cream. Use iron each day. Do remedies to make Moon, Mercury, and Venus stronger. Make Sun, Jupiter, and Mars calmer.


Feed jawar to cows. Take care of the elderly and if possible, donate medicines to the elderly. Be social. Be a good human and be disciplined. Stay away from cold things. You need to study and meditate to improve your planets. Yellow and white are good colors for you. Limit usage of orange, green, and blue. Use iron during everyday. Make Mercury stronger and keep Venus calm. Moon and Mars should also be calm.


Do sandalwood tilak in trying times or everyday. Also do tilak of saffron during trying times. Mood swings will cause bad effects on you. Have a balanced food. Meet  everyone with happiness. You need to be under the umbrella of a guru and God. Red, yellow, and orange are favorable for you. Green and white aren't that good for you. Gold metal is lucky for you. Moon and Mars should always be strong; Venus and Mercury need to be kept calm.

For people who'd like to study astrology on their own, we'd like to recommend this e-book written by Shri P. V. R. Narasimha Rao ji whom we respect very much for his insights into vedic astrology as well as spirituality. 


I want to know present situation of planets its good and bad effects upon me and remedies to make them favourable.time 5.15 early inthe morning date 13 manandraghar state chattishghar.some body send negative radiations and nake my planets weak and make my physical body ill.what should i do.
by Aruna Sharma - 6 years ago - 04/10/2018, 13:19
Parmatma is Nyayakary, Sat Chit and Ananda. One is suffering or enjoying due to his karma. The remedy can only lessen the suffering.
by Dr.S.C. Kursija - 5 years ago - 08/03/2018, 10:11
My sun sign is leo and moon sign one I have keep to keep my mars stronger and Jupiter Venus calmer but opposite in virgo...Are these signs of Sun or Moon and how to make mars calmer or stronger and also Venus and jupiter
by Tripta Dewan - 5 years ago - 08/22/2018, 13:00
Dear sir, Name:L.S.Meenakshi DOB:22-11-1993 Time of birth: 8:58 pm Place of birth: Tirunelveli, tamilnadu,India I want to ask about, Will i become an cma,? I can't concentrate on my studies.but i want to study and so confused, unstable , cant meditate and I feel like I want to die ..i have a baby also.please help me and suggest me whom should I pray?? Please reply
by Meenakshi  L.S - 4 years ago - 09/26/2019, 02:43
Meenakshi ... all good no need to get over thinking just be relax and wenever you be upset r getting confused just take some sweets and worship gurus.... you have bright future ahead ... just be devoted stop being negative. any doubts...
by Swaastha RJ - 4 years ago - 09/29/2019, 10:27
by Astro Vani - 4 years ago - 09/30/2019, 08:11
Guruji, Request for simultaneous remedy for improving Jupiter, Mercury and Moon for Dhanu Lagna cum Kumbh Rashi native Thankyou
by Rrajesh A Kothari - 3 years ago - 08/26/2020, 01:47

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