How to increase your wealth with Shri Yantra?

February 17, 2014

Many people make a lot of money, but despite the money flow not many are able to save their money and end up squandering it. Learn about your own luck in regards to money and how to make use of shri yantra to make you more fortunate.

What can one learn about wealth from a birth chart?

The 2nd, 6th, and 9th bhaav should be good in order to maintain wealth. If any of these is weak, then the money may come in, but the person will not be rich in the true sense. They may have to take loan and would need to repay that every month; they may end up lending money to someone who doesn't repay it; or they end up spending the money to get cured from an illness.

Along with these, it's very important that Jupiter is also strong in one's birth-chart because Mars, Rahu, and Shani may bring in money but the money can be maintained only with the help of Jupiter.

How to know if you will become rich?

On your palm, if a line from your life line goes to the mount of Jupiter, then you can take it as a given that you will have money and you will continue to get money in some form or the other. Along with this, if your fate line is straight and is not broken/wavy/too thick or cut off in any way, then it means that despite the kind of start you may have in life, you will get a lot of money. Or if the Mercury line is quite prominent in the hand, then it also denotes that you will get a lot of money through your communication and your intellectual power. 

If there are too many lines on the palm, then it shows that you will have to work hard to get and maintain money.

If your hands are small and your fingers are long, then that's a good thing. If your hands are long and fingers are small, then it's even better, but the money you gather may go away quickly too.

Shri Yantra

It's important to have money in the time of needs, to make sure of this, you need to use Shri Yantra.

Shri worship in the home brings completeness and good fortune. One gets money through good fortune which is achieved through being talented, which in turn improves your behavior, which then naturally makes you wealthy.

Shri yantra has all the 9 types of energies in it. 

Tripurasundari devi presides over Shri yantra.

There are 9 layers of the shri yantra:
1. First chakra - in red - Shrim - if you do tratak on this, then it starts giving a lot of money; happiness; self-confidence; gets rid of enmity; gets rid of mental issues; helps one get married

2. Second chakra - gets you 'sarva siddhi', which you can achieve all through regular meditation on shri yantra.

3. Third charka - gets rid of illnesses

4. Fourth chakra - gets rid of all doshas

5. Fifth chakra - gets all your work completed

6. Sixth chakra - makes you more fortunate

7. Seventh chakra - gets rid of all negativity from you

8. Eighth chakra - fulfills your wishes

9. Ninth chakra - provides one with "trilok mohan"

How to Worship Shri Yantra?

There are 4 important things one needs to keep in mind when worshipping shri yantra:

1. Meditation is a pre-requisite to energize the yantra. When you meditate, your energy mixes with the energy of the shri yantra and that is when the worship begins.

2. You can only worship it in a home which has good qualitites. If in your home you use alchol, meat, tobacco, foul language, eat a lot of rich food, you fight with others, there's corruption in some form, you criticize others, then you will not be able to worship shri yantra properly and will not benefit from shri yantra's worship.

3. It's important to have " praan pratishtha" done of shri yantra before attempting to worship it; this can be done by you too, but it needs to be done by someone who knows what he's doing.

4. One needs to treat the yantra like God. The yantra must be kept in a yellow cloth at all times. If one intends to go somewhere, the yantra must be kept in a wooden box that has a yellow cloth in it and then keep it in the cloth.

5. The yantra needs to be worshippped specially on a shukla-paksh Wednesday, purnima, holi, and diwali. One needs to make oneself clean at first, greet one's Guru and light a candle, meditate on Shivji and Devi, and then meditate on the mid point of the yantra. After the meditation, one needs to do shri sukt paath. If you can't do this everyday, then it should at least be done on a Wednesday, Friday, and purnima. 

 Keeping the yantra and not worshipping it can bring negative effects, so one should not bring home a shri yantra, if one does not have the time to properly worship it.

One should use a crystal/sfatik shri yantra to get household benefits or in order to get married or beget a child or make the home more peaceful.

For money, a silver shri yantra is beneficial and it's important to chant " om shrim hring shrim mahalaxmaye shrim hring shrim namaha" for 108 times. When you reach 125,000, then the  yantra will become "siddh"  and you start getting miraculous results from this.


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