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Archive for May 2011

May 14, 2011

Kitchen Vaastu & Other Remedies From Kitchen

A house's kitchen can be considered as a source of energy, which provides energy to the whole house.

An ill-equipped kitchen can cause a lot of problems to us, it can not only be on our energy, but also our illness, fights, and quarrels.

In our houses, our place of worship, the kitchen, study room, & the meditation room; in the body, our stomach and thoughts - the more pure all of these are, the more the evil planets will not effect you.

The houses which have a lot of anxiety, stress and quarrels, you'll find they have bad vaastu.

Just like stomach runs the body, the same way the kitchen runs our lives. The same effect our brain has on our body, similarly, the place of worship/meditation runs our house and life.

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