Wrong Body Language + Bad Habits = Bad Luck

February 09, 2014

One's habits are a good indicator of one's future as these habits are a result of one's thought process which is governed by the various planets. As per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha, one needs to understand these signals and stop these habits as soon as possible to avoid the bad effects - especially children.

People who tap their feet or move their feet in some form or the other while sitting:
  • this shows a very bad Rahu which will bring about many problems after the age of 48. These will be serious problems, which may affect your health, wealth, or fate.
  • this also shows that Mercury and Venus are also giving bad effects.
  • people who especially tap their feet at a very high pace usually have some kind of internal frustration caused by Rahu, Mercury, and Venus.
  • this habit also shows impatience and inability to be calm
  • these people's minds are very fast - always calculating and imagining. These people's minds are usually not in the same place as their bodies, which creates an impatience in the individuals.
  • this also shows that some of the things these people are thinking may not be good.
  • usually, women will not have this habit as they're able to better control their thoughts
  • this symptom can also be seen in people who have a strong work ethic - it's not the most common reason, so the above need to be discounted before deducing the reason.   
  • this habit has a very bad effect on the memory and they start to have 
  • the person's ability to focus becomes weak and they're not able to plan for the future and make the right decision
  • this also shows problems to one's stomach
  • the person gets very angry and irritable easily
  • this habit also shows that one is not comfortable where one is seated
  • if the individual also likes to get intoxicated, then it shows a possibility of a very grave illness in the future.
People who have a habit of being intoxicated:
  • it shows a bad Saturn/Shani
  • the only planet that can control Shani is Jupiter and if Jupiter is also weak, then the individual will become addicted to the substance.
  • the person becomes an absolute addict if the person also has a bad Rahu - if the palm has a sort of ditch in the palm.
  • if the person's Moon is weak, then such a person needs to get intoxicated before he can even speak to someone or do any kind of work.
  • one's willpower becomes very weak before one starts to get intoxicated. As the willpower is weak, when one thinks of giving up the substance he's not able to as the underlying cause of the willpower being weak has become even weaker due to substance abuse.
  • if Moon is weak, such people's legs and hands don't work properly as Moon is weak. It also affects one's speech too.
  • One's liver also gets affected and one starts to lose his appetite.
  • Such people start fighting and quarrelling with their family members.
  • These individuals are not able to make good use of their income and in fact end up losing their property and possessions due to Jupiter becoming very weak.
  • If this happens during the Saade-saati phase, then one is not able to continue with his work.

Learn how to get rid of your addiction here

The habit of being dirty:
  • Not everyone has the ability to be dirty
  • Whenever one's Shani is negative, then one will have the tendency to be unclean.
  • Whenever Jupiter is negative, one will keep his home and office disorganized, despite being clean themselves. The effects will be the same if Venus is negative. One will not have the desire to keep things clean around him and will not take any interest in cleaning up.
  • When Rahu is negative, the house will not be perfect - there may be water leaking into the walls causing mold, paint may be coming off the walls, some water may be over-flowing or getting wasted in some way, some utensils may be broken, or if there are children around they may have spillt something in the home which is left uncleaned. Basically, a negative Rahu also causes uncleanliness.
  • if both Rahu and Shani are negative, then the person has a tendency to keep garbage around him - in the car, around his office, in the person's bag, a lot of garbage around the home, broken electornic items, broken bikes, etc... Whichever kundali has Moon and Shani yog, and Moon is negative, such people always dig their ears and nose.
  • whenever Shani is negative, then one will not like to take a shower and wear dirty clothes and shoes.

Effects: Such people's family can never really be calm. Their luck decreases by time and they don't get the good effects of their fate. Every work will have some obstacles. One will not get the love of others or their love decreases. One continuously has problems with one's stomach, legs, eyes, and head. One becomes lazy. They are not able to do their work on time. One becomes irritable and there will be a lot of struggle in life. The person fights with his/her spouse a lot. 


  • do a chandan/sandalwood tilak - on your forehead, belly-button, and throat
  • make an effort to see the sunrise after washing your face in the morning
  • don't wear black and gray clothes
  • light the evening candle in your home
  • don't keep broken electronic items in your home
  • light chandan or guggul smell all of your home
  • make it a point to take a shower everyday
  • exercise everyday and keep your body fit
  • walk with your back straight
  • gift something made of silver to your mother - at least once or twice a year
  • never speak in a loud voice
  • make sure you clean at least some part of your home
  • give your servants/maids some black colored sweets, oil, or some black lentils
Habit of using abusive language:
  • This shows a negative Mercury.
  • People whose kundali is effected by Rahu will usually not respect anyone. Such a person will always have to struggle a lot, most of his decisions will prove wrong, will not be calm, is not going to be wealthy, and will not have a good body. They will not be able to sleep well either. They have problems related to stomach, throat, and head. They may not have any children or not be able to enjoy the company of their children.
  • As a remedy, start meditating on yourself.
  • Wear a silver ring in your thumb.
  • For your information: people who start going into a deep meditative state while focusing on themselves are usually able to forecast/foresee their future on their own.
Going to Sleep at Wrong Hours:
  • Some people disrupt their sleep pattern on purpose.
  • People with bad Shani, work till late in the night or don't go to sleep till late in the night. They keep awake till around 3am and keep sleeping until 11 or noon in the morning. If it's due to one's job, then it's not the same issue.
  • The bad effects of Shani will never let one see the rising Sun and the bad effects of Shani can not be overcome without the help of the Sun. It's a vicious circle.
  • Such people will be more interested in machines - mobiles, computers, etc..than in their family or people.
  • Such individuals don't get success until after the age of 36.
  • Such people's livers get damaged due to too much Pitta/acidity.
  • The individual have some spots on the face or some sort of pigmentation.
  • They may have a lot of pain in their legs/feet.
  • Venus and Moon also cause irregular sleep patterns, wherby it makes them sleepy during the day. They are not able to work between 2 and 6pm. Their bodies start paining - mostly in the area of the hip, stomach, and thighs. Such people can become seriously sad, may have some hormonal disbalance, and can also make one insecure. As remedies: start working at the place you site, start eating grapes. Grind together saunth, peepal, vach, and sendha salt together and place in some light piece of cloth through which you can smell this mixture several times a day. If you have a sense of insecurity, start drinking a cup of saunf water 3-4 times a day.


Jagdish Singh - 4 years ago 
I have gone through the topic of planets effects and remedies,I liked very much but there is confusion in my mind ,if the venus I 9th house with 0 degree,what effects of venus on the body and its remedies. Thanks.

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