Please Your Ancestors on Mauni Amavasya

January 29, 2014

30th of January is Mauni Amavasya day.

This day is very useful for people who are trying to rid themselves of Pitra Dosh.

This is a day to remember all your ancestors, ask them for forgiveness of any mistakes you may have made in the past, promise them that you will carry their name forward and ask them for their blessings.

What to do on Mauni Amavasya?

Make sure you take a shower in the morning - ideally, before sunrise.

Traditionally, one should take a dip early morning in a river, but since it's too winter and not everyone has a river flowing near their home's walking distance, you can do a few alterations in this tradition.

Try not to speak at least until you do your prayer and remember your ancestors and your isht dev during this time. 

Put sesame seed oil on you before taking a bath.

Face the east and mentally welcome the Sun. Do Pitra Gayatri if possible or chant the Gayatri mantra for at least 21 times in your head.

While taking a bath, offer water to the Sun. Then offer the water to your ancestors. Ask them to forgive you for your mistakes and asking them for their blessings to bring about more glory to their names. Offer water to your ancestors while facing the South direction.

After getting ready, one should give food to a cow, crow, and a dog.

Try to give food to leprosy patients or take care of them in some way.

Also donate some food to your temple too.

Then pray to your isht as you normally do. You should not say any word during this whole process until after your prayer to your isht.

Here are the 2 mantras you can do while offering water to your ancestors: 


Rahul - 4 years ago 
Good explanation

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