What, When, and Whom to Donate to?

December 03, 2013

Donation is one of the ways that one can improve the negative effects from planets. Learn the types of donations you can do and the types of donations you should never do for each planet.

Giving donation is a social good and also has astrological significance. Some people give donations to show off their social status, in which case, their donation does not count. On the other hand, some people don't take donations seriously due to which they don't get the benefits of the donations.

Whom to donate to:

It's important that the donation be given to someone poor - not to someone who is capable of providing for himself.

Along with the poor, the donation can be given to a cow, crow, cat, bull, dog, or a camel.

One can also donate to Brahmans - Hindu priests and to young girls who are less than 8 years in age.

One should always do some form of donation to places that provide education.

Donating to the poor who are elderly is another good way to get positive results from your donation.

Other forms of donations are: blood donation, kanyadaan (donation given to girls at their marriage), sharir-daan (body donation), tree donation, shram-daan (volunteer work), bhumi-daan (real estate donation), gyaan-daan (knowledge), fruit donation, medicine donation - these should be donated at some point in one's life and they prove very beneficial to the giver.

Types of donations:

There are different types of donations - you may give some money to some holy place that you visit, which is always positive for the giver. However, there are some donations which need to be given to certain people on a given day/time in a certain way and if these donations are not done correctly, then the giver will not benefit from them.

Many people tend to do some regular donations to keep certain planets in balance, however, they should be careful about the following combinations in their birth chart before doing any regular donations:

If someone's Sun is in Aries or Leo, then one should not donate wheat regularly. Such people should donate the "bel" tree or the "shwetaark" tree or offer these trees to a temple.

If one's Moon is in Taurus or Cancer, then one should not regularly donate milk, silver, rice, pearl, and juicy fruits.

If one's Mars is in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn, then one should not regularly donate sweets, sindoor, earth, and soil.

If one's Mercury is in Gemini or in Virgo, then one should not regularly donate trees, fruits, green clothes, whole moong, or green grass.

If one's Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces, then one should not regularly donate gold, books, besan or sweets made of besan (gram flour).

If one's Venus is in Libra or Pisces, then one should not regularly donate white clothes, sugar, paneer, sweets, batasha or ghee. Also, they should not let the women of their home or the servants who clean their home to go clean in someone else's home as it can cause harm to them.

If one's Capricorn is in Libra, Capricorn, or in Aquarius, then one should not regularly donate alcohol, meat, black clothes, iron, oil, urad dal, or things made of iron. If they do donate these, then the donation will cause losses.

What to donate for each planet and when:

Sun - anytime you experience any problem from the Sun it will cause your relation with your father to change. It will also effect your reputation, increase your debt, cause blood-pressure issues, problem in the eyes. It is important that you do donations for the Sun. Also, it's important to note that children can and should do donations for their parents. Things to donate on Sunday: copper, manik stone, red flowers, red clothes, bel fruit, wheat, and jaggery. This donation can be done by children and the elderly too.

Moon - problems from Moon manifest themselves in the form of the mind being restless, dwindling concentration, and your reputation being dampened. Many opportunities that you had thought were yours will suddenly disappear. Your relatives may start disliking you. What to donate on Monday: rice, silver, pearl, mishri, milk, and white clothes. The donations should be made to some elderly woman, your sister's son, to the friends of the sister's son, or to a cow.

Mars - a weak or negative Mars shows itself in the form of ill health and increase anger. Any real estate you buy will not prove to be beneficial or if you were planning on buying some land, then that planning never turns into reality. Your marriage may not happen or you will face many obstacles in getting married. Your relations with your brother, brother's wife, and your sister's husband start to deteriorate or they start disliking you. If you see these symptoms, then start donations for Mars on Tuesdays. What to donate: masoor dal (whole), sesame seeds, copper, jaggery, red clothes, red sandalwood or red flowers. This donation should be given to a cow or to blue-collared workers who are destitute.

Mercury - if this planet is weak it causes a weakening of the brain, increase in anger, speech turns negative, throat, stomach and hormonal issues increase, debt increases, one suffers in the stock market, concentration dwindles, one is unable to study - especially mathematics. If these symptoms are showing, one should donate the following on Wednesdays: whole green moong dal, green vegetables, sugar, paneer, green clothes, plants and trees, or edible oil. The donation should be made to the people who work at your father's sister's home or to young kids or cows. Also note, that when a negative Mercury effects Venus, then extra-marital affairs can develop. Or for single people, many love-affairs can develop none of which turn into marriage.

Jupiter - problems in education, obstacles in getting married, issues in married life, problems to the child or problems to you from child, stomach issues, problems from your guru or your inability to get a good guru indicate problems from Jupiter. Then you can do donations for Jupiter on a Thursday. What to donate: gram/chana dal, salt, turmeric, jaggery, yellow laddoos, books, gold, pukhraj/yellow sapphire, education, or a cow. The donations can be made to a priest, the elderly, children or to cows. Talking to and being in the guidance of a guru or taking care of a cow will also improve one's Jupiter.

Venus - problems due to women, problems to women, problems to mother, unpeacefulness in the home, or contempt from neighbors. To make Venus positive, donate the following on Fridays: yoghurt, ghee, sugar, pearls, silver, sweets made of milk, sweets that are white in color, or white clothes. If Venus is very negative it shows in the form of one not getting the benefits of a married life, or marriages that break, or the lack of children, or no girl children - in these cases, make sure you do kanyadaan - donation for a girl's wedding. The donations can be made to an elderly woman, the people who work at your in-laws, to the priest, or to cows and crows.

Shani/Saturn - the negative effects of Saturn last for at least 2-3 years, but they come with a fore-warning in the form of pain in the body, sale of the house you live in, increase in debt, problems from employees, or problems with vehicles. To alleviate the bad effects, donate the following on Saturdays: whole urad dal, chappatis, oil, iron, perfume, money, blanket, horse, or any other animal. Helping leprosy patients, destitute blue collared workers, dogs, handicapped, or people who are sad on Saturdays will completely remove the negative effects of Shani provided the help and donations are done with true compassion.

Rahu - if you are the target of taunts and ridicule, have some unexplained illness, problems from employees of the home, increase in debts, then you should do some donations for Rahu on a Saturday. What to donate: mustard, sandalwood, blue sapphire, curry, blanket, blue and black clothes, perfume and help to some poor person or donation to someone who needs it.

Ketu - causes all sorts of mental agonies and mental disturbances, one keeps living in a fantasy world, one's relationships start to break down, someone dear to you goes away from your life, your money starts to disappear all of a sudden. The donations for Ketu should be done on a Saturday night or early Sunday morning. What to donate: sesame seeds, milk (give it to a cat or dog), cat's eye stone, chappatis without ghee, a men's top (kurta), 7types of grain (satnaaja), silver. Give the donations to a cat, dog, or blue-collared workers. Gifting something to a dog is also a good remedy for Ketu.

However, remember that you should not do the donations that were explained before accorrding to the position of the planets in your birth-chart. So, you can do the above donations for a given planet or planets regularly barring the ones that are mentioned previously.


Uma - 5 years ago 
Can pregnant women give donations?
Aparna - 4 years ago 
According to my son's kundly, he needs upaye for Shani and Rahu. I , as his mother, has to do this because he doesn't believe in all this. So will my donations help him ?
Aparna - 4 years ago 
Will the position of the planets in my birth chart affect my donations, done as an upaye of Shani and Rahu for my son, negatively ?
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
yes..u can do parihar or daan in name of ur husband or son.it works
A - 4 years ago 
I gave salt to my teacher's wife will that cause some misfortune in my house like others say?
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
Can I donate soaps to old age home
Sowjanya - 4 years ago 
One of my astrologer told me, donate red clothes on Tuesday. What is means and, whom and where to donate red clothes?
Trace - 3 years ago 
What is the most effective donation when I have got a weak alignment of rahu and ketu
Madhusmita - 2 years ago 
Mine Ketu is manifest but Shani is my lord of all wellness. Should I not donate 0n Saturdays? because even if it will work for Ketu but may work negative was for Shani which will provide me good fortune.

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