Special healing powers in mothers

January 23, 2014

Mothers have a special healing power by which they can help their children improve their brain power and even overcome illnesses faster.

To provide healing to a child's brain you can try either one or both of these 2 techniques:

1. The first one will help the child become stress free and calm. It will increase his brain power.

2. The second healing technique will help improve his memory and cause him less irritation when dealing with small issues.

These can be done when the child is asleep, but they can work better when the child is just lying with his eyes closed. However, since most children are incapable of calmly lying there, wait for the child to fall asleep. 

1st technique:

Once the child is asleep, sit next to him on something that is a non-conductor (wood or mattress or antyhing else that is not metal). Do not sit on the floor either. 

Sit with your palms facing upwards and start chanting "Om" in your head and start focusing on your palm. You will know you're doing this correctly when you start feeling some sensations in your palm.

Then place your palms on the crown of the child. Do this for at least 5 minutes while chanting "om" or the mantra of your isht.

Make sure you do this everyday, you should notice the child's behavior change gradually in a couple of  months. Among the changes you can expect are: the child's sleep will become more sound and his anger will start to go down. 

Remember, you need to do this with proper focus and concentration and when you are in a relaxed state, otherwise, you may end up transferring negative energy to the child which can have unwanted effects.

The other technique to improve the brain power in a child is:

The mother can massage the soles of the child's feet, which can make the child's brain sharper. You need to be patient when doing this and not expect miracles. For instance, if the child is at 50%, don't expect him to go up to 100% in a few days. The changes will occur and they will be gradual, but the amount of change you may notice is not guaranteed.

To heal a sick child: 

If a child is ill, then wash your hands with salted warm water and hold them above the belly button and heart while chanting "om" or the mantra of your isht. The more focused you are, the better this will work.


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