Mahadasha - different phases of planets

February 05, 2014

Every planet - including the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu have their own maha-dasha or phase that affects each person at different times.

It is only under the effect of positive planets that one can expect good things to continue for a long time, but the opposite is applicable if a negative planet starts its transit on you. Below are the number of years that each planet's phase lasts in one's horoscope:

Sun - 6 years

Moon - 10 years

Mars - 7 years

Jupiter - 16 years

Shani - 19 years

Mercury - 17

Ketu - 7

Rahu - 18 years

Venus - 20 years

It's easy to pass the good times, but one should know when a bad phase is about to start. This is easily possible through looking at one's palm.

To find the mahadasha, check your kundali/birth chart details - it's usually mentioned in each computerized horoscope.

Let's start with the Sun's mahadasha/phase: 

If on the mount of Sun you have a mole, a spot, a sign of cross, or the mount of Sun is flat, or if the mount has moved towards the Saturn mount then it shows that your mahadasha of Sun will not be easy. You may have to undergo a lot of difficulties, you may experience weakness in the body, you may not get enough love from your father, you may get a blow to your reputation and you may even go through "raj-dand" - some from of punishment from the state. This may also affect one's political life negatively. 

If the mount of Sun has at least one straight line, which is not broken anywhere and the mount is at least slightly raised, then one gets a good Guru and is able to connect with one's isht dev and one starts to improve regularly and gradually. 

To make Sun positive, make sure you give everyone in your family same amount of respect. Make sure you have a Tulsi plant or a Sunflower plant in your home. People who see that their Sun is negative should stop eating salt on Sundays. They should also do adity-hridya-stotra or gayatri mantra regularly. They should also donate some watermelon, which is the 1/10 their weight. So, if someone weighs 70kg, they'd need to donate 7kg of watermelon.

Mahadasha of the Moon: 

If the Moon's mount is slightly raised and the outer area of the palm from the Mercury finger to the bracelet overall has a curve, is not very plump, then it shows a positive Moon. One can go to visit religious places or go on foreign travels, and/or attain raj-yog if one goes through the mahadasha of such a positive Moon. You may achieve a position of a judge or someone who decides during the phase of Moon. Your skin will also start improving. You will get special love/care from your Guru, which pave the way for you to succeed. You will start getting support of women, regardless, if they were your enemies in the past. Your possessions/property will also start to increase in the positive phase of Moon. You will also be able to gain a lot of knowledge during this period. A woman who is your mother's age may enter your life and give you a lot of love and property. Despite the positivity of the Moon, you may notice that you are sick during the Moon's phase in the form of cold, headache, weakness of the eyes, or congestion of the chest . 

If the mount of Moon is flat, the outer area from under the Mercury finger to the bracelet is straight, and a very fine line goes towards the mount of Venus or if the head line falls towards the mount of Moon, then it shows a negative Moon. It may result in your mother's health getting badly affected, your character may get tarnished, your good friends may leave you, your teachers/Guru may also be angry with you, your neighbors will also stop visiting you. You may be allergic to wheat. You may not be able to cure any cold related illness easily. Your mind will become full of negative thoughts. 

As remedies for a negative Moon, donate some white clothes. Never leave the company of intelligent men, even if they may not like being with you. Always be under the guidance of a Guru/mentor - again your Guru will not particularly like you because of the Moon being negative. Do go on travels and plant at least 5 fruit trees in a year. Start eating ashwagandh. Keep a fast on ekadashi. 

Mahadasha of Mars:

If your lower area of Mars (next to the life line) has a few lines coming from it which touch the life-line at the start, then such a person does get property during the Mars phase. If on the upper Mars, there is a line that is vertical then you will surely get a very good property. Such a person gets his soul mate/marries during Mars' phase. If the lower area of Mars is raised and there are no cut lines on this area then, it shows the person will have love from siblings and will be brave and all problems will get resolved.  

If the lower or upper Mars of area is turning black, has spots, there are many lines in the lower area of Mars, then it shows that Mars' phase will not be positive for you. It will increase your anger, you may get into property disputes. Your relationship with everyone in your home will deteriorate and good people will start disliking you. There may also be case of you being hurt in accidents, there may be some accidents involving weapons or fire too, your food may start falling off your hands often, your concentration will weaken, you may have headache or bone pain. Your bed and chairs will also start breaking more than usual and your travels may also have some hurdles. Professional success and your physique both depend on a good Mars. A negative Mars causes a bad effect on the amagdala too, which can result in blood pressure related problems. The frontal lobe and left hemisphere of your brain also gets disturbed which has a bad effect on your memory and concentration.

As remedies, you should do sundar-kaand paath regularly or at least on Tuesdays. You should do rudra-abhishek on your birthday. Donate "moonga" stone on your birthday or on the Tuesday near your birthday. Donate cooked food every Tuesday. Try never to get angry. 

Mahadasha of Mercury:

People whose Mercury finger is straight, crosses the first phalange of the Sun line, and there are one or maximum 2 lines on the mount, then it shows that your Mercury is positive. This means you will be blessed with a sharp brain, you will be wealthy, you may be somewhat greedy, but you do succeed in life. Such a person does get married or has at least one special friend. Mercury also allows one to see one's isht dev and attain "vaak-sidhi". If your Mercury is good then it makes you good at understanding finance and new discoveries. You have thoughts about starting your own business too. 

If your Mercury finger is not straight and bends forward or backward or is crooked, or has too many lines on the mount, then it shows a negative Mercury. You may not have enough wealth, your brain may not have enough power, you may suffer from skin and throat related problems, there may be vani-dosh, you may have to suffer huge losses due to wrong decision-making or being deceived. Your siblings may also leave your side. 

As a remedy, wear a steel or iron ring in this finger - the ring must be fully round with no breaks. Throw a small empty earthen pot in water for 11 Wednesdays. Pay for the piercing of the nose for your wife, father's sister, or your daughter and gift them something made of silver. Worship Ma Durga. Be in the guidance of Guru. Don't criticize others and don't eat sour things.

Mahadasha of Jupiter:

If a line from the life line goes upwards or if the mount of Jupiter is slightly raised or if the Jupiter finger is straight - not bent sideways, then it shows a positive Jupiter. During its phase you can expect some big awards, you can get a good Guru, you may get a very high level job or you may rise very high in your field of work - like a leader, you may become a high level advisor, you may have great success. However, there is a downside - your marital relationships become weak. You may also experience problems with your stomach and weight. Despite everything, Jupiter makes you very knowledgeable and turns you into a leader in one way or the other.

If your mount of Jupiter is flat and there are crosses on it or if the tip of the Jupiter finger is leaning towards the Saturn finger. This is a bad sign. It can even finish your marital life as it causes your relationships to break. You may not be able to study well. You may be the target of blame at your workplace. If there was a raj-yog in your birthchart, then its affects are diminished. Stomach, body pain and throat related disease won't cure easily. You may not get a good Guru - even if the Guru comes and stands in front of you, you may end up disrespecting him or neglecting due to your mindset or ego. You will have a problem getting love from your father. You may get some diseases due to the kind of foods you eat. 

As a remedy, you can donate gram/chana dal, khaand (Indian sugar), "kaansa", yellow sapphire, gold, ghee, yellow cloth, yellow flowers, turmeric, books, horse and yellow fruits. Such people should also do a proper vrat/fast on Thursdays. They should also do rudra-abhishek. You can also wear 5 rudraaksh. Care for a cow and be in the guidance of a Guru.

Mahadasha of Venus:  

If Venus mount has a nice angle, the lines from this area don't go drop in the ditch of Rahu, there are not many crossing lines on the mount, then it shows a positive Venus. Such individuals get love from women - as in women help such an individual to a great extent. A positive Venus will make one live in a home that is in the midst of a lot of greenery or the home will have many plants. A person with positive Venus can establish his own religion and gets great respect. The peson body becomes more beautiful and the person feels like wearing more gold. An extremely good Venus allows one to receive love from animals and birds and they think they can understand the language of these creatures. 

A net on the mount of Venus shows that you may have problems in the reproductive organs. There may also be skin related problems. The homes of such people do get burgled at some point. One has to suffer a lot due to individuals of the opposite sex.

As a remedy, give food to women and do paath of durga-sapt-shati. Read this post for more on Venus.

Mahadasha of Saturn:

If the mount of moon is not too raised or flat. If the life-line goes up to this mount and is divided into 3 parts, then it shows a very positive Saturn. This shows that you will get a lot of wealth and property. Your mind will become very sharp. You may establish your business during Saturn's phase. You can also make many friends in different parts of the world. You also get to own a car during this phase. There may be great enhancements in one's industrial ventures, investments, or any political work. One gets a chance to go abroad and earn a good reputation there.

However, if it is negative, then there may be a lot of instability and you may have to go through many kinds of problems. It may even cause your marital life to be disturbed. It will cause you mood swings and may cause you inflict some losses to yourself. You may love a lot, but at the same time think if you may be loving too much. You may take some intoxicating substances and make some bad friends. Your laziness may cause you to not succeed much. This phase may cause you to change homes, jobs, or businesses. You may not be able to make use of what you studied. You may get some wealth from some new study, but not what you may have studied in the past. It may cause problems to your stomach and nerves. This causes a lot of problems to family members. A negative Saturn may also cause you to become lonely at some point due to your own behavior. You may have gotten rid of the good people in your life and others won't come to help you.

As a remedy, become spiritual in the true sense. Stop being lazy and become more calm. Drink more water. Light a candle by the peepal tree on Sundays. Never do or even think of scheming others. Help the needy, respect the elders and stay away from the color black.

Mahadasha of Rahu:

If there is no ditch in the middle of your palm, then Rahu makes you a very intelligent person. It will make you very technical, provide you success in politics, make you good in weaponry and ancient text. It can even make you a Guru. 

However, if there is a ditch in the palm, then it can give you death-like problems and you'll become afraid getting into accidents. Investments will cause you losses. Your married life will become unstable and will make you cause some loss to yourself. You may start taking intoxicating substances, get into bad company of friends, your nerves and stomach will cause you a lot of discomfort,

As a remedy, throw a tiny bit of Mercury into flowing river. Care for young girls (less than 8 years old) and donate some cloth that can be used to protect cows from the cold.Throw a coconut in flowing water on Saturdays and donate a goat on a Saturday.

Mahadasha of Ketu:

If your mount of Ketu is raised, then it will be very beneficial for you.

If it's negative, then it will cause the same problems as a bad Mars.


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How to make ketu postive
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