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September 08, 2013

Friends - how to be more friendly

Do you have problems making friends? Do you or anyone you know unable to make friends with people of the opposite sex? Read on to know why and how to get over these problems.
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September 07, 2013

Blood Related Problems

Learn how to recognize and prevent blood problems in you.
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September 06, 2013

Nails - predictors of your health and future

Most people know that nails tell a lot about the general health and condition of your body, but they can also foretell about upcoming hardships or luxuriousness in life.
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September 05, 2013


Some people keep getting hurt due to some accidents they keep getting into. This article deals with some of the reasons remedies that can be done to over come this phase.
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September 04, 2013

Copper - its many astrological uses and benefits

Copper, Iron, Brass, Platinum, Gold, and Silver are all equally important in astrology, but today's article deals with Copper. This metal can can get rid of Vaastu dosha, it can bring about changes in your reputation for the better, it can even help make the home environment more peaceful.
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September 03, 2013

How to bring clarity in your speech

Speech and saying things correctly is extremely important in all aspects of life. This article deals with some of the ways that you can recognize the problems with the planets related to speech and the remedies for each.
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September 02, 2013

Venus, Shani, Rahu's Effects on You

From the 6th of September, Venus is moving in to Libra, it will stay in this sign until the 4th of October. In general, this change will effect people's health, married life, love life, marriage and also investments. People in the financial sector or people who want to invest in the banking sector need to be very careful. Herein, we give the effects on each Moon sign and some remedies for each.
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