Nails - predictors of your health and future

September 06, 2013

If Shani is giving bad effects or if you're going through the Saade-saati or Dahiya phase - you may notice your nails turning purplish. This show struggles in general. 

The ideal nail color is pink, which is indicative of a future with less struggles.

If the color is pink with yellow or white - it shows many struggles in life.

If the nails are becoming weak, then it shows that there's a big weakness in the body of minerals such as calcium or low level of carbohydrates. This weakness can even effect the brain. Especially if the thumb is turning purple and their are lots of lines on it.

People who have a lot of stress, have dirty looking or shiny nails which will turn purplish along and have lines on them. This means you need to get yourself rid of stress as soon as possible otherwise you will suffer health problems throughout life.

If nails turn wavy, then it shows some bad effects on heart and stomach. This also shows that your brain is not able to concentrate much, as you don't think too much about your work before doing it. Wavy nails cause the brain to be unfocused. Such people should pray under the peepal tree and improve their Moon.

If there are many (horizontal) lines on your nails, then make it a habit to sleep after applying mustard oil on your nails as such nails are not a positive sign.

If the lines on the nails are very thick (like speed breakers on your nails), then start eating more fruits and lessen the amount of wheat in your diet.

If the nails are turning purple, there are many horizontal lines on them, the nails seems to be squished in the middle, then it shows upcoming hormonal problems in a couple of months. Start doing accupressure below the thumb (on your hand) and doing "ujjayi" pranayam to avoid such problems.

If nails are becoming brittle, then do pranayam and anulom-vilom and walk at least 3km everyday. Also, start drinking 1 glass of carrot juice/amla juice/or milk everyday. Basically, increase calcium intake. You can instead also start taking some calcium supplements after consulting with your doctor.

If your nails are too red, then stop eating too much of chillies and spices. Also, stop using too much Ghee. Your nails will then slowly start turning pink.

When nails start getting deformed to a shape which resembles a spoon (ditch in the middle of the nail and turning upwards and flat from the sides), it shows a weakness in the body. This can mean you can get some mental disorder and problems with bones and eyes. You should eat jaggery/gud everyday, feed gud to a cow every Thursday, and respect your Guru, as well as take part in cleaning/doing some free work in a temple. In general, you need to do remedies of Jupiter.


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