Friends - how to be more friendly

September 08, 2013

People whose Moon, Jupiter, or Venus are weak, are disinterested in other people. This does not mean that there's something wrong with them, but just that they aren't in the habit to socialize.

If the person or child is dull, is afraid to talk to go amongst people, does not talk to people by maintaining eye contact, fumbles, looks down while talking, then the problem needs medical advice as the person is afraid to make friends due to lack of confidence or other mental problems.

Some talented or beautiful people/kids don't approach others for friendship as they expect others to come to them. This is a problem of Ego. As a remedy, drink milk with turmeric to remedy Jupiter.

People who are depressed also don't make friends - due to shock or low self confidence. As remedy, take the root of the "khirni" tree and let it soak in water in a silver glass, drink this in the morning and start eating apples (with the peel) - to get rid of dullness in you. This will help you get out of your shock, your negative vibartions will slowly start going away, and you will be more happy. You can also wear a "chitti" stone (6-7 ratti) in silver or in a white thread around your neck to improve depressive tendencies.

People/kids are sometimes afraid to talk to a person of the opposite sex. This is due to Venus and Mars if all other societal reasons can be counted out. Females with strong Mars and Males with strong Venus will never have close friendship with people of the opposite sex. If they do get into friendships, then it will probably be for life - in the form of marriage.

If Ketu effects Mars, then that female will be afraid of males or feel inferiors. If Venus is in Ketu nakshatra, then males will be afraid of females despite all efforts to talk to females and sit with them. If this is the case, wear  Turquoise/Feroza stone, offer food to dogs, and walk fast on green grass. This will improve your confidence after some time.

Some people/kids feel inferior to ever make friends. Never drink out of glass vessels, they should drink out of steel or silver glasses. Donate coconut to Ma Saraswati on some Thursdays, sweets made of gram flour (besan) or gud/jaggery to poor kids. Take some "gunja" or black ratti seeds - about 8 to 10 and put them in a black cloth and wear them in the neck on any Thursday - this will bring about positive changes and energies in the person.


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