Venus, Shani, & Rahu's Effects on You

September 02, 2013

From the 6th of September, Venus is moving in  to Libra, it will stay in this sign until the 4th of October.

In general, this change will effect people's health, married life, love life, marriage and also investments. People in the financial sector or people who want to invest in the banking sector need to be very careful.

Effects on each Moon sign and some remedies: 

Aries: People who've had problems with their shoulder, heart, blood pressure, and kidney, should continue with their diets and take medical advice if you notice any problems. You need to go on walks for sure, and if the walk can be on grass (without shoes), it's ideal. Donate urad dal. Be careful that a friend does not cause quarrels in the your home. It's a normal time for businesspeople, but people who're related to the religion, or media, can expect a favorable time. Your enemies will be weaker. People who are spiritual and are connected to their isht/God, can expect some sudden financial gains. You may get great benefits if you have your parents go visit a holy place (tirth sthan).

Remedy: donate almonds to the temple everyday until the 3rd of October or at least do this on Sundays; donate a black cow if you can - you should especially do it if a family member's health is very weak; if you face a grave problem related to your reputation or money issues, you can have a goat in the Western side of the home 

Taurus: It will be a mixed period for you. You can expect gains in health, business, family, and reputation, but after that there might be a lot of problems. Take your decisions after much deliberation until the 3rd of October. You need to very careful when you speak as you may something inappropriate that may have a negative effect on you or your family. You also need to be careful when you mingle socially or with family members. If within this time, you deal with customers, then be cordial to them and if you work in an office, make sure you are cordial with your colleagues. This is a good time to do any new work. Take care of a cow if possible.

Remedy: doante a cow or take care of a cow; bury a small glass bottle full of oil in a place where water is stopped (even a small hole in the ground) - this can be done just once; donate yoghurt to the temple on Mondays and Fridays until the 3rd of October.

Gemini:  It's a favorable time for you. You have to eat easily digestible food; don't eat cold foods - especially at night, eat your food at least 3 hours before you sleep. Family-wise - the period will be the same as it has been, but one family member may not be too happy with you. It's a good time for businesspeople. People in financial sector need to be careful. People who've been waiting for a promotion need to keep their efforts going as there are signs of a promotion in the next 30 days. 

Remedy: Have your wife donate something; devote time to your household; bury a blue flower in some secluded area after sunset - do this at least 11 times. 

Cancer: You need to be careful about your stomach and back. Your body's immune system can weaken, so drink Tulsi + Ginger tea to boost the immune system. There are signs of a not so peaceful home/family life. It's an ordinary time for people who are in business. People who are employees need to be careful. 

Remedy: Make small packets of 7 types of flour and donate them; take someone's advice before doing any kind of work; if you're getting married, take some silver from your in-laws; if you're a man, then do "kanya-daan" - especially if your money is stuck somewhere or some big work has gotten stuck in the middle.

Leo: Peple who have had problems with heart, lungs, and kidney should drink out of a copper vessel until the 3rd of October. Take your medicines on time and stick to your diets. It's a good time for the family. People who are in business or are employees will get more work opportunities. Students need to work hard as the work done now will give benefits after January. People who want to take a loan should do so only after proper planning otherwise they may not be able to pay back the loan. 

Remedy: Take "masoor" dal, saunf, honey, and besan regularly to increase energy levels in your. If someone is harming your reputation, then first apply yoghurt on yourself before taking a bath.

Virgo: People who have had problems with the throat, teeth, hair, or eyes, should take dietary precautions. People who have problems with heart should learn and do some yoga. Control your mood swings as it may cause problems with friends and family. Pay attention to the health of your mother and grandmother on your mother's side. There are signs of success in business and job only after a lot of struggles. You can start a new work, but consult someone before you take a decision as you may end up taking wrong decisions. Drink water from a copper vessel in the morning and offer a silver object to your mother on any day if you experience any problems. 

Remedy: Take care of your wife or if you're not married then offer white flowers to Laxmi or Saraswati Maa. Take care of the wife of your mother's sister. This will prevent any upcoming problems in your home or economic problems. 

Libra: You need to be very careful. Don't take any wrong decision or it may cause a problem for your whole life. Headache and stomach are likely. A lot of anger can cause you harm. Don't lift too much weight. Massage the soles of your feet with mustard oil or eucalyptus oil. In regards to your family, there are chances of some obstacles in your love or married life. Don't take any decisions without the guidance of elders as you may be the target of some conspiracy. You may have some great achievements and increase in your reputation in your workplace prior to 4th of October. 

Remedy: Don't take anything alcoholic or intoxicating substances; throw a few pieces of small chickpeas (chana) and turmeric in some well or some old ditch on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays. Re-marry your wife or husband after changing your name if you experience any big problems in your married life. Do not let a third person interfere with your household or your work.  

Scorpio: People who suffer from problems related to eyes, blood, stomach, and uterus need to be careful about these issues. You should also try to not get angry as you'll get easily agitated. Stay away from bright yellow and red colors. People who are employed should be careful regarding their work and do their work with dedication.

Remedy: Take care of a cow or have a cow in your home. Donate sugar and Ghee to a temple.

Saggitarius: It's a favorable period for you, but you'll need to struggle a lot. People who have problem with stomach and eyes need to be careful and should take medical advice if needed. It's not a good time for relationships in the family especially tensions between brother and sister.

Remedy: Donate milk, rice, desi khaand and gud to the temple. Feed birds. Keep a silver ball in your pocket. 

Capricorn: It's a good time in regards to health. You have to be alert in regards to family and relationships. Be careful about relations with mother and your life partner. People who want to do partnerships should wait a while. People who are looking for jobs or are in jobs can see benefits. People wanting to do business in the stocks markets should be careful as there can be loss. Don't invest too much of your money anywhere. It's a good period in regards to your reputation and respect, you may get some award or some nice compliments.

Remedy: Take care of your mother and father and take their blessings in the mornings. Take care of a red cow - this is benefically for you home/married life. Throw blue flowers in some dirty water. Don't let your spouse wear blue and black clothes to avoid problems with the spouse.

Aquarius: People who get troubled from cold and fever should be careful. There can be quarrels with your spouse. You may also get into small trifles with your children. Travels are indicated and work related to travel will prove fruitful. Be careful about your mother's health. Your luck is not so strong until October the 4th so be careful when you take decisions.

Remedy: Throw blue flowers in dirty water; keep good relations with your mother, brother and sister. Mix gud in flour dough and feed it to a black cow. 

Pisces:  It's not a good time for health and there may be problems in married life due to the health. Pregnant women should eat selectively. People who have diabetes or who are stressed should keep on their diets and take remedies. Don't invest hurriedly. There may also be disturbances in the family and married life. Elders and children of the health need special attention to their health. There may be some work related benefits. You may also problems related to your property.

Remedy: Bury silver in the foundation of your home; bury a few pieces of silver in a Neem tree's roots - especially if you're having problems with your investments or your money is stuck somewhere; take care of a red cow - especially if some health related problem is growing or if the elders of the family are not in good health.


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