How to bring clarity in your speech

September 03, 2013

It's a very hard to bring about clarity in speech.

If it's just the voice, then Mercury is the basic planet that should be improved.

Without the help of Moon, one cannot influence others despite having a strong Mercury.

If your Jupiter is exceptional, then despite a bad voice, your words will leave a good impression on the other person.

A few of things that are needed for a perfect speech:

1. Speaking clearly - Mercury

2. To able to control one's anger despite quarrelling or debating with someone - Moon

3. To be able to talk seriously on your given choice of subject.- Jupiter



- whenever Moon is weak, you will speak without thinking and your emotions won't connect with what you're saying and it won't seem like you're speaking from the heart, you will heckle yourself, and your personality may develop an inferiority complex.

- you will get into debates or quarrels, but if your Moon is strong then you won't be able to control your anger in such debates. As non-family members may not be able to stand your anger, it will cause other to become extremely against you. If you aren't able to express yourself clearly and you end up fighting with others while speaking, then bury a bit of silver in the foundation of your home.

- donate some food wrapped in a green cloth to girl children who are less than 8 years of age. This should be done for 43 days. Despite this, you have to concentrate on improving your speech.

- Do "ujjayi" pranayam everyday

- Do anulom-vilom; this creates a great amount of positive energy in you, which allows a great connection between your mind, body, and brain.


- whenever Jupiter is weak, your speech will not be smooth, you may use a language that may not be appreciated by the other person, you may speak on a subject that had nothing to do with the issue at hand - or something that was needed to be said and which then caused some problem to escalate; you may also have some itchiness in your throat and you're unable to say what you need to say in the correct way. As a remedy for this, take a piece of "kachoor" and suck on it like a toffee. 

- do gargles with tea water and "sendha" salt.

- don't eat cold or bitter things at night

- if you end up eating some rich food, make sure you have some tea or hot water after that

- drink out of a brass vessel or keep 5 brass utensils in your kitchen.

If your stomach is not correct or if you have too much phlegm, then you will have a hard time finding the right words to say, you may start to fumble, you may also have problems twisting your tongue (inability to say words that require turning the tongue).

Keep your stomach clear for which you can do:

- kapaalbhaati.

- stand in front of the Sun for sometime

- drink some warm water with honey before going to bed

- suck on a bit of turmeric at night

Other Recommendations:

  • Sometimes, being tired causes problems with speech.
  • Always try not to speak too fast, but speak by stressing on each word.
  • If you have too much Pitta in your body, it causes ulcers on the tongue which again causes problems in your speech.

Chanting of the Mercury mantra can also be a good way to help you improve your Mercury. Sit in meditation stance with your back erect and start by listening and pronouncing the mantra correctly like in the video below: 


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