Copper - its many astrological uses and benefits

September 04, 2013

Copper, Iron, Brass, Platinum, Gold, and Silver are all equally important in astrology, but today's article deals with Copper. This metal can can get rid of Vaastu dosha, it can bring about changes in your reputation for the better, it can even help make the home environment more peaceful.

If while going out of your home, you go out from the South or East direction, you may be one of those people who brings work home or who has difficulties getting your work done. To rectify this vaastu problem, put anything made of copper on your door - for example, your name plate or door handles can be copper. Whatever you do, do not put a God's picture on your door.

You can get energetic by wearing copper as it easily passes energy to you. It will make you less fearful and will bring about changes in your reputation for the better. It also makes the Mars and Sun stronger.

Copper also helps improve the quality of blood and strengthens a weak liver.

Especially, people who write with the left hand should wear a copper bracelet or a big copper pendant in their neck.

If your Sun is weak , but stomach is fine, then you should drink milk more than the usual quantity as milk has the necessary copper you need. However, milk is hard to digest so it should be drunk by itself without sugar (if you want it sweet, you can put honey). Milk should not be drunk in a copper vessel. If you're using a steel glass, make sure the steel is of good quality - for people who like to drink hot milk in steel glasses.


Sudip - 5 years ago 
What is this article? It actually leaves a lot of questions. Plz elaborate whatever is said here
Varun - 3 years ago 
In which hand should we wear a Copper bracelet- left or right?

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