Shani/Saturn's Move Into Scorpio Until 2017

November 03, 2014

Aries:  Shani's "dahiya" phase starts on this sign. The effects will be good of this phase, but only after some obstacles. Don't worry too much about the hindrances and get on with your work. People who are strong-willed, care for others, and have a positive outlook in life will see gains despite feeling some mental agony. Your health may give some odd kinds of problems as you may have to rely on medicine for some time. Be careful about your lungs, nervous system, and any blood disorder. There may be problems from your life partner or in you getting a good partner. Any efforts made at building your home will be positive. Be careful about your parents' health until October 2017. Also be careful when you talk to your elder siblings so you don't end up quarrelling with them. On the professional front, work hard as although there may be many problems, new opportunities will also open up. People who earn money from education or through the intellectual use of their brain will see gains by working hard with enthusiasm. Your social status may decrease. Your extended family may not love you as much as they; friends may taunt you. Drive your vehicle very carefully if you can not avoid it - especially during from 3am to 7am. Also take care of your pets' health to avoid any problems to them.

Taurus: Your health issues will go away. There are signs of increase in family size. Be especially attentive about the health of your parents. Your married life will be good. Professionally, it will be a better time for you. There are chances of you getting an award or seeing yourself in the papers.

Gemini: Some sort of illnesses may trouble you. Anyone looking to beget a child will need to do remedies in this regard, despite Shani being helpful to this sign. People with a weak liver will need to eat a balanced and easily digestible diet. Anything related to marriage will get completed. Students will get a chance to complete their studies, but they may have to go through some economic troubles. There may not be so much gain professionally. If you are in debt, then that debt will continue. Do not think about leaving your job all of a sudden to start business. Your social status will improve.

Cancer: Many of your problems of the last few years will decrease. Your illnesses will go away. Any obstacles in getting your family settled will be overcome. Be careful about your father's health and your relationship with him. There will be mixed results in terms of wealth until October 2015, but your work will not stop. Business partners will help you in continuing with your work. Your social status will improve. It's not a going to be a favorable period for anyone related to politics so be careful. However, there are signs of sudden wealth in the work you do, so work hard.

Leo: This Moon sign will also start the "dahiya" phase, which means they have to do a lot of hard work. You will feel a lot of anxiety and stress, along with being afraid of enemies. You may have opposing views on matters than your family members, so think carefully before you speak to avoid any unnecessary quarrels. You may have illness related to the head or eyes or stomach and the region from the stomach to your thighs. Husbands and wives need to be very careful in their relationship with their spouses. Anyone who is in a romantic relationship should not get married before doing some remedies. One good thing is that all Leos will get good support from their extended family members. Professionally it will be a period of mixed results. You will need to work hard. Businessmen will get several opportunities to increase their wealth in the coming 3 years, so they should use those opportunities wisely. People who are in jobs may see their place of residence change, which will be a good change.

Virgo: It is going to be a very special time for you. Be careful about your health - kidney, acidity, heart, and headaches. There will be more unity in your home. Quarrels from the past will clear up. A new person may join the family too. It's a hard time for professional growth, just be careful in your investments. People who are in jobs should be very careful for the next 3 years; they should try not to get into some misunderstandings with their colleagues.

Libra: Be careful about your nervous system. You may experience some increased stress even though the level of stress may not increase. Your head and body may have increased aches and pains, so be careful. Be alert about your throat and neck too. You can  overcome problems in the home only after a lot of efforts, otherwise there will be a lot of tension in your marital life or your in-laws and your parent's place. People who are in love may get married despite some hurdles. Overall, there are signs of success in the coming 3 years which will give new direction to your life.

Scorpio: Don't eat food that causes acid to increase in the body. Take care of your heart and breathing. You will need to work hard in maintaining cordial relations with your spouse by thinking before you speak. You will need to become spiritual to convert your love into marriage. You may get gains/joy from your child. Professionally, these are going to be good years for you. Decisions taken by you will bring good results. Any work that was left in limbo can get completed. You may even get some good partners in your business. People related to the film, art, or media or want to get into these will see progress. Your social status will increase.

Sagittarius: This sign will start the "saade-saati" period, which means they will have to work hard and make do with not so much in gains. Your expenditure will increase and you may even have to face a few illnesses. Your mind will feel weak. which will make you feel weak too. Be careful about your nervous system too. Women who want to get pregnant in the coming 3 years will need to especially care for their health by eating well and being happy.

Capricorn: Problems with your family members will go away. Any misunderstandings with friends will also clear up. You will gain in the share market, so go ahead with your investments. Anyone doing business with foreign places will see very good results of their hard work. Your work will not stop due to low finances.

Aquarius: Be careful about your stomach and also your relationship with your children. There are signs of increase in your family size, wealth increase; promotion at work, transfer to a nice place because of your work or studies, new line of work, gains from the stock market .

Pisces: Be careful about illnesses related to the eyes. There may be obstacles when traveling abroad. You may be somewhat anxious in your marital life and your relationship with your in-laws. You may get married. There may be obstacles in your studies. You will have  work hard to get any success, but you surely will succeed if you work hard enough. You will not have any problems from maids/servants. Be careful about constipation. People who are in jobs can see some success.

Finally, remember that Shani/Saturn never does anything wrong to anyone who is just, cares for others, takes part in spiritual activity, and works hard.

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