Remedies for Saturn/Shani Changing Speed

July 07, 2013

If you have a lot pain in shoulders, back, headache, low hemoglobin, don't like to work, aren't able to have good relations with neighbors, or have a blocked nose or throat, then this means you're under the bad effects of Shani/Saturn.

Shani changed its speed on 8th July, it's now "Maargi". It will generally cause lots of illnesses, injustice, violence, and loss of reputation to many people.

Whenever a planet starts to come closer to Sun, it's speed increases and it seems as if it's going in the opposite direction - this is called the "vakri" state of a planet.

When a planet starts to go away from the Sun, then the planet gets to its normal speed, it's called "Maargi".

When the speed of a planet changes, it causes good or bad effects depending on its state in your 'kundali'. So, if Shani is good in your chart, it will have good effects on you and vice-versa.

- Take triphala churana at night if you have constipation due to bad shani.

- Never say anything negative about anyone.

- At night, soak wheat grains in water. Mix them with coriander and khus-khus and milk and make it into a chutney. Eat it on Mondays and Sundays only.

- You will have lowered calcium, vitamins and iron if Shani is bad.

- The fate line (Shani line) will disappear from the middle or will become thick

- If the fateline has a star that too is a sign of bad Shani.

- If on your Sun or Shani line or mount you have a black mole, this means that you'll have problem due to Shani's turning Vakri. Also spots on the Moon mount also show that you will suffer in a month or 2 after the spots appear.

- If during this time you take tobacco, then stop taking it as soon as you can - let small harad soak in lemon juice and sendha salt, after 2 days of drying, grind it and put it in a bottle. Suck on this instead of tobacco.

Some remedies to fix the bad effects:

- Potatoes, spinach, carrots, radish and other fruits and vegetables that grow in a bush should be eaten.

Aries - be careful of illnesses, problems in eys, issues in marital life or from spouse's family members, problems with foreign travel, careful of constipation, people who are employees can get benefits, donate blue clothes on Saturdays sometimes, don't eat salt for 5 Saturdays

Taurus - this is a good time for you; you must maintain patience and by November 2014 you can get some great results; there may be issue with family members' health, do sundar-kaand paath on Tuesdays or agla-strotra paath. Donate chola to hanumanji on Tuesdays when you can.

Gemini - Your health issues will get resolved; there are signs of the family growing; you may get married, you may get some rewards, take care of parents; good for work too; give food to the diseased and worship Hanuman

Cancer - You are under a phase of Shani which will give you good results but only after hard-work; you may have some problems in your mentality or they may increase; your dependence on medicine will increase; careful of lungs and blood problems; you'll have to do a lot of hard-work in the coming time - at least until Nov. 2014 as the doors will open only after the hardrwork which can result in good results afterwards; your efforts may not get fully awarded; try avoiding or be careful when driving; you will also need to be careful of animals; take full rest and don't go to bed too late; be spiritual; eat less sweets and donate them on Saturdays; wear a "Bichhughaas" root in your neck. Do "Om sham shanishcharaya Namaha" jap 108 times with a rudraksh necklace.

Leo - Illnesses will go away; be careful about father's health and his relationship with you; partnerships will be beneficial; money-wise there may be ups and downs for a year but you'll keep getting good results; reputation will go down - especially for people in politics; do Ganesha upasana and give food to blind people;

Virgo - this sign is going under the 3rd phase of Saade-saati; it will give  even more good results if your Shani is positive; careful about your nervous system, neck and throat; will be beneficial for property and material things; your love life will move ahead only after some struggles; your body may have more pain; you'll have to work hard to get rid of quarrels; your fate and reputation will generally improve; help people suffering from leprosy on Saturday; do hanuman chalisa when you feel anxious; wear a copper or iron bracelet in your right hand - the bracelet should not be fully round.

Libra - this sign is going through the 2nd phase of saade-saati; it's time of big changes; you may have problems with friends; when Shani goes margi you may have new opportunity for work and higher reputation; there'll be stress in family; you'll need to hard work at your workplace; careful when taking any decisions as Rahu may effect you negatively; you may get injured from some vehicle; there will be some efforts needed to keep a happy marital life; your children will be fine; this is a good time for people in media, entertainment, art or software field, give help to leprosy patients on Saturdays when you can; do hanuman chalisa when you can; wear a copper bracelet; on peepal tree put 4-mukhi candle.

Scorpio - Saadhe saati - will start again, will have to work harder with less result, expenses will increase, will feel low, weakness in nervous system, also illnesses, will feel low in mental power take decisions carefully; in next 2.5 years, you can change work and location; you can be deceived, so be careful; don't wear black or blue clothes at all; stomach problems will increase and will cause headaches due to them; issues in marital/love life; wear an iron ring in the left or right hand on Saturday.

Saggitarius - You need to be careful. Don't take any food that may effect your kidneys and heart. You may have headaches and acidity; a new person may join the family; problems with workplace so donate to the poor; donate oil on Saturdays and don't eat food made in oil on Saturdays

Capricorn - Careful about your stomach and relations with your children; family may increase in size; your wealth may also increase; you may get better promotion; your reputation may be at stake briefly; change in career is possible; Sundays gives oil to Sun during sunrise; you may benefits from stock market; you may change location; wear an iron ring either hand that is not completely round on a Saturday

Aquarius - family issues will get resolved; friend's disagreements with you will also get resolved; there may be benefits from the stock market; people dealing with foreign trade will also benefit; your work will not be hindered due to lack of money; new work or job should be done after much deliberation; stop eating meat and drinking alcohol; take some surma and bury it in a secluded area in the earth on a Saturday; donate tava, chimti, or angithi sometimes on Saturdays, care for monkeys

Pisces - people in this sign need to do a lot of hard word; there will be a fear from enemies; anxiety will increase; family may oppose you; disesases related to head and eys; be careful of problems related to the area from stomach to thighs; spouses need to be careful; lovers need to do remedies in order to get married; there are mixed results in this period; you'll get help from the wider community; there's a lot of hard work needed; you'll get opportunities to earn more; people in jobs will benefit from changing their location; your social status will improve after some struggles; the importance of your advice will increase; put a milk and yoghurt tilak on your forehead everyday; Saturdays - never do oil massage; turn the soil around a peepal tree on Saturdays. This is a good time for students and philosophers.


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