How to Make Saturn/Shani Favorable

October 01, 2013

Today's topic is going to be for people who are going through the Saade-saati or Dahiya period of Saturn/Shani.

The saade-saati period is now upon these Moon signs: (2nd level has started - Tamr pad - 3rd phase) Virgo, (descending phase) Libra, and Scorpio (saade-saati has just started - it will last about 6 years)

The dahiya period is upon: (kantak dahiya) Cancer and Pisces

Below are the predictions for each Moon sign as per Astro Uncle - Pawan Sinha:

Aries: Be careful of illnesses and problems in your married life; you may get some worrisome news from your in-laws; be careful of constipation; there may be gains for people who are employed

Taurus: You may also be disturbed by some illness; people who have a weak liver need to eat a balanced diet and pure diet; you may get married or your married life will improve; students will get a chance to complete their education but you may have to go through some economic problems especially after January; people who are in jobs need to be a little careful; there may be improvements in your reputation which will give you confidence to overcome problems

Gemini: Health weaknesses will go away; take care of your parents; your work situation will improve

Cancer: You need to be very courageous and positive thinking as only these attributes will help you in the "kantak dahiya" phase that your sign is going through; you have to work hard to be successful; you must not be lazy or depressive as these will decrease your reputation, success, and wealth. There may be gains, but you may get some mental problems as well; you will increase your dependence on medicine; you need to be careful towards your lungs and nervous system; you also need to be especially alert in regards to blood disorders from the 16th of October to 16th of November. There may be problems due to your life partner. You may be able to work towards getting your own home after October the 2nd. You may not be that lucky during this phase, so you need to continue to work hard and also increase your prayers and meditaiton time. There may also be a negative impact on your social status as your friends may taunt you. You may not get enough love from family members. If possible, try not to drive or when you do be very careful while driving. Also, this phase of Shani is negative for any pets in your home so be careful.

Leo: This will be a good period for you as it will get rid of your illnesses. It will remove obstacles in marriage. You need to be careful in your relations with your father or your father's health or your father may go through some tough times, so try do some of the remedies mentioned below.

Virgo: The Saade-saati's tamr pad - 3rd phase has started on Virgo which will bring about positive results although there might be some disturbance from 16th Oct to 16th Nov. so be careful of your wealth; if Shani is positive in your birthchart or if you have no moles on the middle finger or mount of Shani or if there are some lines on the mount and fingers then be careful; you will get gains related to earth, property, and politics; be careful about your nervous system and get medical advice if you suffer from pain in the body ; be careful about your throat and the area behind the neck; after a lot of hardwork you can save your relationships; your fate will start improving after the 17th of November; your reputation in society will also improve despite a tough time in the past.

Libra: The Rajat pad's 2nd phase is currently running on this sign, whose effects may cause quarrels with friends and stress in the family; work-wise you will need to work very hard; be careful while driving; be also careful about your eyes and head; you will have to work hard to keep a peaceful family life; you will have to work hard to get married to the love of your life; your children will be fine; people who are in the entertainment, media, or film industry will have gains; your social reputation will improve before the 14th of October; it's a good period for you starting from the 17th of October.

Scorpio: It's a time of hard work wherein you will not get proportional gains as you may expect from the hard work you put in; your expenses will increase and you may have to deal with some illnesses; be careful about your nervous system - so be careful of your head and mind; women who want to are pregnant or looking to get pregnanat need to be careful; there may be some hardships in your love life and/or your marriage; your fate is getting weak so be careful when taking decisions; the coming 2.5 years - until April 2015 may bring about a change in your work and a change in place; be careful about your reputation and also be careful when driving and about your friends - so they are not ignored or they may start saying negative things about you.

Saggitarius: It's a good period for your family and a new member may join your family; be very careful when investing as it is a tough time for people who are in business; don't initiate any change at your workplace; your relations with your friends will continue to be not so friendly.

Capricorn: Be very careful about your stomach; wealth may increase and you may get a promotion; you may start a new business, but there may be danger to your reputation from October to January.

Aquarius: problems in the family will decrease; relations with friends will improve; your work will not stop due to lack of money - it's a favorable time for you; be careful when starting a new job or work.

Pisces: The Loh-pad Dahiya phase has started, which means you have to work hard and will need to be careful of enemies for at least a year; if you are also under the phase of Shani then you should do some remedies otherwise you will be constantly worried and will have to suffer many problems; you may get into some great disagreement with your family members; there may be illnesses related to the head or eyes; professionally - it's a mixed phase; people who are employed will benefit from changing their place of residence

Remedies to Improve Shani's Effects on You:

  • Wear an iron ring, which is not a full circle in your left or right hand's middle finger
  • Offer at least a spoon of oil to the Sun, while chanting "om kokolkaay namaha svaha" - make sure it doesn't touch your feet when it drops. This should be done everyday or at least on Saturdays.
  • Don't take food which is made with oil on Saturdays.
  • Wear a bichhu-ghaas root in a black thread in your neck
  • Do regular paath of "om sham shanischaraay namaha" with the help of a rudraaksh bead - before sunrise or after sunset
  • Give donations of food to the blind which will not only help with Saturn, but also allay the bad effects of the Sun
  • Help people with leprosy
  • If you feel anxious or suffer from any problems, do Hanumaan Chalisa paath
  • Light 4-mukhi deepak/candle under a Peepal tree
  • Plant a peepal tree on a Saturday
  • Do regular chant of "om pram preem prom sah shanischaraay namaha"
  • Do sundarkaand paath every Tuesday and worhip Hanuman to negate any bad effects of Shani.


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