Shani & Rahu's Combination

August 08, 2013

Note: The below advice is meant for the whole year (starting in January 2013). Although we're slightly late in this, hopefully, you will get some benefits at least for the remaining part of the year.

If neither your Moon, main planet, nor your planet responsible for your fate are not positive in your birth chart, then the combination of Shani and Rahu may bring about some undesired changes for you.

For any bad times, you usually get indications of bad times to come from your God. It's only in the rarerest of rare cases do things happen all of a sudden. This combination can also cause effect on "Raaj-yog" in your birth chart if you don't understand those symptoms. You may have a great birth chart and powerful planets, but if Shani and Rahu combine and cause the Shani+Rahu dosh, then nothing good will come out of the nice placement of planets in your birth chart - despite your hard-work. During these times, you need to remember whom you have cheated or done bad things to. If you did wrong things knowingly, then for sure you can expect Shani + Rahu to take you to hell (sorry for the strong words).


- you'll feel thirsty/will have a dry mouth more than usual

- you may develop some problems on the skin

- you may have problems in the back

- tiredness

- feeling cold

- fever

- you may have problems related to stomach - too much gas and also constipation

- headaches won't go away easily

- mind will feel weak

- your confidence will get lowered; despite wanting to do a lot, you won't be able to do anything

- your interest in other's things will increase, you may even believe in stealing or covetting other's things

- you will start finding more faults in others

- you won't make friends and slowly even the existing friends will start going away - either because they will deceive you or they will lose their trust in you

- you will not want to accommodate with your life partner; to explain some more - if you ask yourself, you'll say that you love your life partner, but you will start being condescending to them, taunt them, there may even be violent fights. We fail to look at ourselves and recognize our weaknesses and instead cause a lot of disturbance to our life partner

- you may start getting horrible dreams to the extent that you may not even want to fall asleep

- this combination will take you away from prayer and spirituality - especially for people who are in high positions, please use your position for the betterment of others otherwise, this combination of planets will first make you wealthy and then cause you major loss in the home/wealth/or health front. On this note, loss does not always mean money - loss of reputation and family relations is a much bigger loss than monetary loss.

- Even if you get ideas of making money through wrong means, don't do it. You may become a very mean person. You may not get any permanent benefits. You may not get the benefits of living in your own home despite owning your own home.

- You won't get the companionship of the elderly

- You will take wrong decisions due to either being emotionally charged or too much ego; this causes downfall

- You will feel negative about every good person or person who's actually giving good advice 

- It causes problems in marriage.

- Energy, mind, and body start becoming weak.

- Your speech turns egoistic.

- You become more stubborn; even after facing failure

- You cause problems in relations with family members

- Debts increase and loaners start misbehaving with you

- You may get new small and big moles on the palm, neck, or face.

- You start getting into accidents and also feel hurt.

On Your Hand:

- On your fate line, the line goes past the bottom phalange of the middle finger or it will stop in the Rahu area

- The tips of your finger may have black spots

Whole Year Predictions Based on the Influence of Shani & Rahu:

Aries: This combination is bad for you. Be careful about your neck and shoulders. People who are to get married may face problems. You will face many struggles, so keep working with patience.

Taurus: Enemies will increase. Due to your bad speech, even some friends may behave like enemies. You won't meet old friends much and will believe new friends more. There may be problems with stomach. You may have to do a lot of running around. Debt-reduction will also be problematic. Foreign related work will get completed.

Gemini: Be careful of your health in July & August. Specially be careful about your stomach, throat, and teeth. You will have to do hard work and may get some unexpected gains. You may have problems from friends or your partner. You may have some problem from government work. There's also a possibility of damage to reputation.

Cancer: Keep your anger in check. Your negativity may increase so try to remain positive. There will be some small problems. Get married soon as love relationships may have some problems. You will have success in your job. Your foreign related work will be successful. Getting education can also cause you problems.

Leo: Be careful about your stomach, blood pressure, and ears. Be careful about relations with your father and father's health. Give enough thoughts to the idea of changing jobs.

Virgo: People who have problems with heart, stress or blood pressure need to maintain their diet. There may be more problems due to your thoughts being clouded - especially from July to December. There may be struggles in your job. Whether you are in a job or self-employed, you should do some remedies to keep your wealth.

Libra: You need to be careful about yourself. Your mind and body may develop some illness. The illnesses may be caused by impurity of the blood or some virus or there may be problem in your bones. You will need to make sure your family does not get involved in any controversies. There are signs of a change in location too. Don't make any big investment. There are problems expected from the wife's family - maintain good relations with them if you are married. All together, you are getting energy from Rahu and Shani so you will get success.

Scorpio: There may be problems related to your health - head, toilet related, chest, and memory problems. Don't take any decision too quickly until 15th August otherwise your problems will increase greatly.

Saggitarius: Your health may be a cuase of some problems. There may be increased quarrels in family. You need to keep your mind calm, keep a check of what you say and do some remedies. Be especially careful of enemies. Don't give loans to anyone. To escape from problems with your reputation, be more focused at your work.

Capricorn: be disciplined otherwise you may have an increase in problems. There may be problems in your relations with your father. Don't even think about spending immovable property or money from your savings account or you'll have to undergo some loss. Don't give loans to anyone and keep your wishes limited and try not to take any loan either. There may be loss of repute in your friends' circle due to your love relationship.People who deal in social work should be especially more careful.

Aquarius: be more careful of illnesses: stomach, back, eyes, and legs can be effected. You will take good decision which will bring about wealth increase. There may be change in job/work. You may get benefits through some cooperation with someone. All together, your situation should improve so do some remedies to make the situation even better..

Pisces: you may have pain in your body or weakness in your bones; there may also be an increase in issues related to blood. Your head and mind can also be effected. Your anger will cause problems in your family. Partnerships, love relations, and married life need special attention. Be careful if you're trying to create any new relations. You may not be able to take big decisions in your job/work. If you are involved in public dealing, then because of this combination of the planets you need to be even more careful.


Aries: wear a silver chain in your neck, keep saffron in your navel

Taurus: throw a small quantity of lead (seesa in Hindi) on one Saturday of the month (do for 12 months); take care of girl children to get good results from Jupiter, Shani, Rahu, Sun, and stops bad effects from Mars.

Gemini: throw a coconut one Saturday of the month.

Cancer: Donate kitchen items for 5 Tuesdays - utensils or spices. Stop being around bad friends

Leo: Everyday offer water to Sun everyday and on Sundays offer 1.25 liter oil on Saturdays (5x)

Virgo: 5 Sundays - do gayatri yag and donate white clothes to father 2 to 4 times a year after the yag

Libra: donate blood; if there are any problems in love relationship or in your home, donate books to poor children; keep studying; keep your mind towards enjoyment so you are happy.

Scorpio: keep donating a blanket every now and then on Saturdays

Saggitarius: Do your work with focus and wear a gold ring in your index finger.

Capricorn: take care of your sister and female children (not just your own)

Aquarius: do sundarkaand paath on at least one Tuesday of the month

Pisces: do mahamritunjaa paath on any Monday; donate black and blue clothes (this is for all who've been effected badly by this planetary combination)

If you pray to Hanuman, then you won't have any problems from Shani+Rahu.


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