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Find Your Main Planet/Mukhya Graha

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The main planet is the only planet that should be worshipped or strengthened whenever there is any problem in one's life.

Here's a way to check this through the birth chart.

Check the number in the first house of your kundali/birth chart.

See the ruler of that sign to find the main planet/mukhya graha.

In the example below, the first house has a 2 in it, hence, Venus is the main planet/mukhya graha of this person.

Learn more about your personality based on your main planet/mukhya graha by clicking here.

Below is a list of the rulers of each house: 

  1. FIRST HOUSE (ARIES is the natural ruler.) - MARS
  2. SECOND HOUSE ( TAURUS is the natural ruler.) - VENUS
  3. THIRD HOUSE ( GEMINI is the natural ruler.) - MERCURY
  4. FOURTH HOUSE ( CANCER is the natural ruler.) - MOON
  5. FIFTH HOUSE ( LEO is the natural ruler.) - SUN
  6. SIXTH HOUSE ( VIRGO is the natural ruler.) - MERCURY
  7. SEVENTH HOUSE ( LIBRA is the natural ruler.) - VENUS
  8. EIGHTH HOUSE ( SCORPIO is the natural ruler.) - MARS
  9. NINTH HOUSE ( SAGITTARIUS is the natural ruler. ) - JUPITER
  10. TENTH HOUSE ( CAPRICORN is the natural ruler.) - SATURN
  11. ELEVENTH HOUSE ( AQUARIUS is the natural ruler.) - SATURN
  12. TWELFTH HOUSE ( PISCES is the natural ruler.) - JUPITER 


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