Patches on the Skin

December 10, 2015

You may have seen or know of people who have some kind of discoloration on their skin. This may sometimes look like a birthmark, yet, it is something that the person did not have at birth. 

The discoloration can be best described as some patches on the skin. 

These patches can be big, small, dark, of blueish hue, or even light red. 

One may think that they got the discoloration due to too much sun or having used some harfmful skin cream, but the reason is astrological. Anytime, such a patch appears it foretells a lot about one's life, so it's necessary to be wary and take some precautions when such patches start to appear. They can come at any time in one's life and indicate a period of worsened luck in life among other things. 

Are these patches good to have? 


What is the ideal skin according to astrology?

Skin that is smooth or even a littly rosy and has no patches is considered the best as it shows an individual who is lucky.

What is the cause of patches on the skin?

The reason for this are Shani and Rahu. When these planets influence Jupiter or Moon, it causes a rise to such symptoms which make the skin patchy looking - it can be in the form of making the skin so dry in a particular area that it seems like a section of the skin is of a different color or it can cause some irritation on the skin which results in them having a patchy skin. Or there can just be some discoloration, which stands out.

Here are some common placements and meanings of the patches on different areas of the body:

On the forehead: this shows bad luck in life ; one may be working so hard that the body and mind are unable to handle the stress.

Under the eyes: shows depression; feeling low; loneliness; being unmarried; having issues in married life; fights with family members. 

On the laugh line: if this is before marriage, such a person will have a hard time in getting married; if this happens after marriage, one's married life may not be ideal - there may some stress or problems as long as the patch remains. This also shows that there is some bad luck in one's life which has passed on to the individual due to one's parents.  One will have to work hard and have some amount of struggles in life. Also, it shows that one will be prone to irritations that can cause a lot of tension in the home or cause one to be away from one's family or friends.

Around the front part of the neck - hormonal issues may come up - especially thyroid related; so it's necessary to get one's hormones checked every now and then. If one maintains a good diet, then this will quickly go away.

Behind the neck - shows someone who is impulsive in taking decisions, which causes one to undergo some problem in life. 

Upper part - shows lack of emotional support in life
Middle part - will make one do some mistake for which they will repent throughout life.
Lower part - such people feel fearful, stressed and insecurity towards life and their future.

Stomach: shows liver related issues in general and in women it shows that there may be uterus related problems. It would be necessary to take precautions and maintain a diet that combats such issues.

Thighs: make one very ambitious, yet they are not hardworking and feel depressed due to feeling unaccomplished.

Under the knee - shows a life in which one has struggled a lot in life; also the person is usually stressed; invididual may be indecisive - for instance, there may be some confusion on whether one should be righteous or now; shows potential thyroid issues as well, so one should get that checked too.


Asis Kumar - 5 years ago 
Also post some remedies for patches in different parts of the body. For example, I have itchy patches below the knee which goes off and again reappears after some time. What are the astrological remedies for that. Thank you.
Aanam - 5 years ago 
IF it is on nose?
hirendra - 4 years ago 
what's the cause for psoriasis according to horoscope
Deepa - 3 years ago 
Pigmentations On nose ?!!
Ichitha - 2 years ago 
What does dark patch on nose and cheeks indicate

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