Move From Astrology to Spirituality

June 07, 2019

An interest in astrology or the occult should be understood as a signal for one's inherent need to progress spiritually in life. Many people will ask questions like:
Will I be successful in life? Will I have a house, a family, children, and so on?

It is even MORE important to ask oneself "Am I progressing spiritually?" or "How can I gain something in this life that will be PERMANENT even after the death of the body?" These questions should be asked while one is still young and does not have mind's burdens or learned reflexes to deal with. However, the desire to delve into spirituality can come at any age.

It is this desire for spritiual progress that has left the writer no longer interested in pursuing astrology, but rather an intense need to improve in what is commonly called "spiritual advancement".

This quest has answered all questions that were left as puzzles in the mind and that could not be quenched by any amount of knowledge from astrology or any other science that can be refrenced to help one with "life".

The writer is still in "work-in-progress" mode, but has been using different Gurus in her journey. This journey has encompassed not only books written by great minds of the past, but also videos of speeches notably by Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Papaji, and others. However, the biggest advancement the writer has seen is from the words of "Ramana Maharshi" and "Nisargadatta Maharaj".

Here is a link to the PDF version of the book "I AM THAT" by Nisargadatta Maharaj for anyone looking for answers on how to continue their life in a more "awake" existence.

If you have any questions or a desire to share your views on this topic, please comment below.


Nalini - 4 years ago 
How can I contact you on your email
astrologer - 4 years ago 
Excellent Article @Astro Vani.
Astrologer - 3 years ago 
Thanks for the article.
master - 5 months ago 
I've really begun plunging into soothsaying, and your blog is a critical asset. I regard the meaning of data you give.

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