Predictions for 2016

January 21, 2016


- 2016 can prove to be a very successful year for students. People who are doing some job can expect success in the months of April, June, August, and September. Due to the "dhaiya" phase of Saturn, there will be some difficulties and losses too, but people who are honest and hardworking will not be negatively affected. The situation will already start getting better for you from May and will continue until September. Within this time frame, you may get some auspicious work done or go on some fruitful journeys. You may even start some kind of new work - the magnitude of the new work will depend on your birth chart, but the new work you start will be beneficial.

Remedies: Be very careful when spending money; worship Lord Hanuman the whole year; on any Tuesday wear a black thread on your right hand - ideally tied by your teacher/guru or someone elderly.


- There are signs of troubles with your life partner and parents in the year 2016. You should be careful about your health (head, eyes, and stomach) from February to August. Nothing major will happen, just be careful. From August to October, you may have to travel due to social or religious work. There are also positive indications of some success in educational or social work. You will have to work very hard until April and may have even have to part ways with some people. Additionally, your health will not be that great and you may have some problems in the home until April. The time from April to August is normal, however, the time from August to December will be very progressive for you.

Remedies: plant some fruit trees; take part in religious events.


- The time from June to December is special for anyone who works for someone else or runs their own business. Any attempts done during this period will give very positive results. There may be small controversies and tensions in the home front, which you can overcome by being patient. Be careful about your head, shoulders, stomach, and legs throughout the year. In general, this year is going to be full of a lot success and financial gains despite the many controversies you may be involved in. You will get an opportunity to live and work in your desired place. Any stalled work will move forward. There may be some property related gains too. Although economically, this year is normal, you will have a tendency to spend a lot of your money incluindg from your savings. You may have to get a loan to start/continue your work, which will not be in your favor so try to avoid that. Any work done from loaned money will cause the work to not be fruitful and may be a blow to your reputation as you will not be able to repay the loan. Despite everything, this year is good for you.

Remedies: If possible, donate a cow or goat on any Wednesday. If you can't donate either one, at least donate the feed for a cow or a goat.


- It looks like you will spend good quality time with your family. There might 2 - 3 journeys this year. A new family member may join you this year. In terms of health, it's not a good year for you, so be careful about your head, throat, heart, back, and legs. Anyone who has any blood related disease should be especially careful. People who are in jobs, will be surrounded by all kinds of controversies and hassles. Despite this there are indications of a new job or even a new job overseas; this might be at any time from June to November. However give a lot of thought to giving your resignation or agreeing to a new job, otherwise, you may have to repent your decision. Although things won't be easy, you will have financial gains, which you will end up spending/investing. Just make sure you don't waste your money on speculation, lottery, or anything like this as you may get into debt. Also, don't invest into something unless the returns are guaranteed.

Remedies: worship Laxmi-Vishnu all year long and care for the elderly.


- Students will get good results in 2016. There are signs of possibly meeting a good teacher or guru. However, there might be obstacles in studies due to one's love interests. For people in jobs or looking for jobs, there will be success. There are also signs of travels in 2016, which will be fruitful. There will be some struggles and controversies. There might be additional problems due to relationships and one's own mistakes will cause some problems. This situation is only until March. The months from April onwards will be beneficial, but you will need to keep a pleasant behavior and positive frame of mind. 

Remedies: worship Hanuman all year long; give water to the Sun, and care for dogs.


- This is a very good year for you, which will bring about many nice changes. People who are in jobs will see improvements in their situation along with financial gains. You may also change your place of living, but it will bring happiness and other benefits. It's a good year for businessmen - they can start a  new partnership, a new industry, some stuck projects can move forward, etc. Additionally, relationships will prove very beneficial. You can expect many changes after March, but don't start anything new before March. Don't lend money to anyone to avoid losses. Students will get good results of their hard work. In terms of health, it's not going to be a good year for you.

Remedies: arrange for grains and water for birds; read any religious texts


- There is going to be a change from January to March, but it will not bring much gains. The change that will come in the period between June and December is the one you should wait for, so don't invest in anything until June. You need remember that you must speak in a balanced way to juniors, laborers, or servants to avoid any problems. Business will not bring any special gains until June. In terms of health, take care of your head, eyes, back, and heels. People who have any heart problems, need to maintain their strict diet. This is going to be regular year for you as there won't be much luck coming your way. Your wrong decisions will cause you some problems including some harm to your wealth and reputation. Although Jupiter will help you, it will be after the 10th of August - giving you a good job, wealth, and other gains. This year Guru-Chandal yog will disturb you from 9th January to the 10th of August, which will cause your relationships to either sour with your elders, teachers, your seniors at work or guru or these people will undergo some problems that will in turn affect you negatively.

Remedies: Worship Durga everyday; care for cows, guru, your place of worship until May; start worshipping Hanuman from June.


- There will be struggles and some problems due to the effects of Saade-saati phase of Saturn, however, things will turn beneficial after June. Still, be very careful throughout the year. Any small mistake can cause you problems in regards to your career, family life, and health. For students, the year requires you to be disciplined and work hard in order to get success. July, October, and December will be good months for students. People who are in jobs will have problems due to their seniors, juniors, boss, and colleagues. However, the biggest problems will be caused by your own anger. Suppress your anger at least until July. For businesspeople, the year is not good in general, but there can be benefits if remedies are done. Do not invest in anything until August. Consult with elders before investing anywhere. You will get encouragement and help from family members that will motivate you and keep you going when you feel down. You may get into a new relationship. However, there might be stress in your family due to friends. If you don't take care of your diet, then your head, heart, and stomach can cause you problems.

Remedies: Worshp Hanuman.


- People who are involved in social and political work, or people who are in governments jobs will see benefits. It's going to be a good year for students too, who will work towards their future plans.This year the family life of people with this Moon sign, will not be so good as there can be problems with your father. In terms of health, you need to care for your eyes and stomach. Eat well to maintain good health. The time until March is good, but the time after that will get worse. Rahu will start affecting your sign and hence there might be some problems due to that. Your own behavior and your body can cause your problems - for instance, your anger, lying habit, gossiping, criticizing others..etc can cause you problems.

Remedies: Go on religious travels; donate some oil before sunrise on Saturdays; improve your behavior.


- In terms of relationships, the months of October and December are going to be hard. You will need to watch what you say and not do anything that may harm your reputation. Some auspicious work may get completed in the months of June, October, Novemeber, and December. To avoid obstacles in auspicious work, donate some walnuts and almonds every now and then; and offer a coconut to your ishta. In terms of money, there might be financial strains in the first week of July, first week of August and the month of December - spend less in these months. You are prone to illnesses this year, which will cause a lot of expenditure, to avoid illnesses do the gayatri hawan. August and November are weak months for health. You can get many accomplishments this year - from getting a new job to even a promotion.

Remedies: donate medicines to the ill on Saturdays.


- To avoid illnesses, donate some copper utensils to leprosy patients on Wednesdays as there are big chances of you getting ill this year, which can affect your fate. There might be souring of personal relationships due to your speech in the months of June, August and November. There might be a lot of hard work involved to care for your family. There are also signs of quarrels with your family members, in which case do the Paath of Ganpati Atharvasheesh. The months of June, August, and November will be quite stressful, in which case go to your guru or to Ganesha or Shiva.

Remedies: worship Shiva-Parvati every Friday and donate sugar to poor pre-pubescent girls after the worship.


- There are signs of more expenditures than income, so be careful with where you spend your money. You may decide to invest your money in the share market, new line of business, partnership or into extending your existing business. However, consult others before you invest to avoid any losses. This year, you'll have to be very patient in your relationships, as your own ego and anger can cause you a lot of harm to your finances and reputation. Be very careful in the months of July, August, and October as there can be major losses in these months including to your status.

Remedies: care for cows, guru, your religious place of worship (temple,church,mosque...); wear a pomegranate's root in an orange thread around your neck on any Thursday and keep wearing it throughout the year.


astrologer - 1 month ago 
I virtually respect the insights and predictions shared on this website. It's fantastic to see such unique forecasts for the 12 months of 2016. Thank you for supplying precious astrological instruction to your readers!

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