How to Sound More Likable When Talking

December 30, 2015

Some people speak very fast, some very slow, some speak with confidence, some speak in very bad language, some speak with a stammer, while there are also some whose speech sounds very pleasing. 

Find out what problems you have in your speech and language:

Under the Negative Influence of Mars and Ketu

The symptoms:

  1. Makes one speak lies 
  2. Individual loves to make others fight amongst themselves
  3. They create controversies 
  4. Makes ones life full of many ups and downs
  5. Invidivuals tend to have a bad marital life
  6. Makes one part of some unfortunate incident at least once in one's lifetime
  7. Unable to maintain good relationship with siblings and children
  8. Makes ones old age quite troublesome
  9. Makes one careless/disrespectful towards their family, guru, and place of worship (temple, church,  etc..)
  10. Voice turns hoarse over time
  11. Keep claiming to others how frankly they speak, but their frankness is such that it hurts those around them


  • Change your behavior
  • Do Rudra-abhishek
  • Do chants of Purush-sookt
  • Stay away from criticizing and complaining about others
  • Wear a solid silver ball in the neck
  • Care for cows, temple, and guru so Jupiter can become strong and suppress the negative effects of Mars.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian and/or very rich food.

Under the Negative Influence of Mercury

The symptoms:

  1. Causes illnesses related to the mouth, neck and mind. 
  2. Unable to find the correct words while speaking.
  3. Tendency to stammer or other speech impairments that cause one to speak with lisp for instance.
  4. Hoarseness due to bad thyroid gland.
  5. Sometimes, one's language also becomes very rough.
  6. One has a tendency to criticize others along with lying about things.
  7. One will tend to speak too fast, sometimes others won't even be able to understand the individual due to a very fast speech.
  8. Major hassles at home due to the person's speech


  • Drink kefir milk.
  • Grind coriander seeds, boil them, put some "fitkari" - alum rock in it - use this to rinse the mouth for a few minutes. It will allow the tongue to twist when necessary which will be very helpful for children who aren't able to speak clearly.
  • Try to speak words very clearly out loud.
  • Do anulom-vilom.
  • Meditation will definitely help as well.
  • To stop stammering, work on improving your self-confidence.
  • If a child is unable to speak properly or is able to speak some words clearly, it's necessary for parents to not make fun of the child, but rather work on improving their confidence. For this, one should grind some cumin and sugar and suck on it - this will make one's speech sweet while getting rid of the negative effects of Mars-Ketu, Mercury, or even Saturn (Shani).

Under the Negative Influence of the Sun

The symptoms:

  1. makes one's voice sound very bad
  2. one's behavior is very odd and normally makes one not talk much, but sometimes out of the blue it makes one say some comments that hurts everyone around and possibly turns friends into foes.
  3. one's speech will cause one to undergo major losses in life 
  4. a person's relationships don't last long
  5. one's throat usually pains and one feels some coughing sensation at most times.


  • Meditate while sitting under the Peepal tree.
  • Do Rudra-sookt chants
  • Mix together some Amla, Mishri and Mulethi (liquorice) and take them reguarly everyday.

Under the Negative Influence of the Moon

The symptoms:

  1. Unable to say what is on their mind
  2. Nervousness before speaking
  3. One has a tendency to speak with the help of others - they want others to start the conversation so they can then join in afterwards.
  4. They talk as if they will cry any moment - incluidng men, especially if they are very emotionally connected to someone.
  5. One's thoughts aren't coherent, they speak about one thing one moment and an unrelated thing the next moment.


  • Worship lord Ganesha and Devi regularly.
  • Focus on red flowers or a red dot to improve concentration.
  • Do not eat or drink anything cold.
  • Keep control of your emotions.
  • Take strong decisions in life when the need arises otherwise, you won't be able to do much.


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