How to get rid of addictions?

November 17, 2013

Addicts not only cause problems to themselves, but also to their family and friends. This habit may start with social drinking or innocent experimentation, but soon develops into an illness which is hard to cure.

Reasons and signs on people who can get easily addicted:
  • People whose will power is weak.
  • People who have too much Vaat
  • People whose Moon is weak or Saturn is negative - such people become anxious quickly and they start taking some intoxicating substance like a cigarette or alcohol to get rid of their anxiety.
  • A weak Saturn - the mount can be either very raised on the palm or it can be too squished.
  • The Saturn finger/middle finger which is very straight and bends backwards - if the child does not control himself, then he can become addicted.
  • If the Venus moon is very pronounced and the angle is sloping downwards
  • The middle part of the palm - called Rahu's area has a ditch in it
  • If the texture of the skin is dry and the thumb is going downwards,
  • If the child is running away from his duties or work
  • If the child is becoming more and more angry towards the family members
  • If the jaw and lower part of the cheeks is plump and is shiny

Note, as per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha, people who drink alcohol or take intoxicating substances have a negative Shani and Rahu which stops their progress or doesn't bring about stability in their lives. The progeny of such people is also affected and the children are born with some kind of illness or hindrance. Perhaps saying these things to the addict may help them understand and make their will power strong to resist the urge.

  • The first thing to do is to change one's company - change your present friends and environment, go for long walks in the woods; start hanging out with people who are creative, knowledgeable, and most importantly positive.
  • Take "nidrakar vati" - ayurvedic medicine after consulting with an ayurvedic doctor to help you sleep.
  • You may also ask the ayurvedic doctor about "Drakshasava" and " Piplasav", which may prove helpful in getting rid of your addiction
  • Start taking triphala mixed with water and kept overnight
  • Try to eat food that does not cause too much gas in the body.
  • Wear a copper ring in the middle finger or the thumb - this should be worn for at least 6 hours a day.
  • Make a mixture of roasted cumin, saunf, and mishri - take it any time you feel like taking some intoxicating substance.
  • Take the Punerva root and tie it in a yellow thread, then wear it on a Thursday. Wearing this root will slowly help you get rid of your habit to take intoxicating substances.
  • Wear firoza/feroza stone or turquoise of 7-8 ratti in a silver ring in your middle finger on a Saturday. Wearing this will help you increase your will-power with which you will be able to overcome your addiction.
  • Drink juice of grapes - wine is not grape juice!
  • Drink ginger juice.
  • Take as much lemon juice as you can during the day - try not to add any sugar in it. You can even mix the lemon juice with the ginger juice and drink it every time you have the urge to drink alcohol.
  • Take 40 pieces of cloves and stick them in an apple, keep the apple in the fridge for 3 days after which you can take the cloves out of it and throw away the apple. Have the child start eating the cloves everyday. This will reduce the tendency to get intoxicated, but it will take time.
  • Start drinking cumin water - boil cumin seeds in a glass of water until the water reduces to about a cup, then have the child sip the water like tea. This will reduce the hangover and will stop the bad effects of the alcohol.
  • Always keep some "ajwain" with you and start eating it when you feel like having some intoxicating substance - especially for people with kapha problems (too much mucus production) in whom taking gutka/chewing tobacco can turn cancerous
  • Keep doing the mantra for Shani - "om sham shanishcharaya namaha"
  • People who want to give up chewing tobacco: put some oil in a plate and look at your reflection that is formed on the oil, start meditating on this for at least 5 minutes and then donate this oil. This can be done everyday, but should especially be done on a Saturday. Doing this will remove the negative energy from you and will help increase one's will power. Clean your teeth with "fitkari" - it will create a feeling of repulsion towards tobacco. Also, start eating green cardamom many times a day and keep a bit of turmeric root in your mouth. Turmeric will be a bit bitter, but it will make your stronger and improve your mouth and throat's health.
  • To stop one's habit of smoking cigaretttes - one needs to improve one's Rahu and Shani.This combination also causes gas, constipation and anxiety. Start eating "harad", but also increase your water intake as harad reduces moisture in the stomach. If you have a habit of keeping cigarette in your mouth, then keep the cigarette in your mouth - don't light it while chewing on harad. This habit will slowly go away as you realize that there's no sense in keeping the cigarette in your mouth.
  • People who have anxiety should massage their thumbs as much as possible.

Increasing one's will power is also necessary in trying to get rid of addiction. For this, the following remedies are suggested - some of which can be done by parents:

  •  Put your picture in front of you and focus on your forehead and keep saying - stop drinking/stop smoking/whatever other addiction you have.
  •  The parents of such a person can also help by taking a coconut and encircling it over their child and then throwing it out. This should be done for at least 43 days. If it doesn't work, then start doing it again for 43 days.
  •  For parents: keep a few lemons next to the pillow of the child to prevent him from getting addicted to alcohol. If the child is addicted, then encircle a lemon over the child and throw it away. Do this for 43 days. This will remove negativity and make the child more positive.
  •  For parents: when the child has gone to sleep, put his palm on yours while repeating your isht's name.
  •  For parents: ask the child to do some pranayam after which either the child's mentor/guru or his parents should place their right palm on the child's brahma chakra (on top of the head). The parents should meditate for at least 30 minutes before doing so in order to pass on their energy to the child.
  •  Keeping a crystal ball or pyramid next to the pillow of the child will also prove helpful in improving his thought process


Nav - 2 years ago 
thank you so much for help I will do these remedies for my child god bless you

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