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March 31, 2013

Venus - its placement in your kundali chart

A positive Venus: will give you a good life with not much struggle; it will make you beautiful and give you grandeur and richness in life; will get you settled from 22 to 24 years of age; will give you a good life in partner; confidence; good body, a desire to live spiritually, you automatically attract good people of the opposite sex (magnetism). You will be artistic, creative, wealthy, and will have a good thoughts.

A good Venus + Ketu are needed to achieve something distinguished in life.

A negative Venus: may make you poor; will not let you get love from your life partner; problems in married life; you may fight with most people, lots of struggles and hard work; may give you illneses like bad skin, diabetes, cough pain in tibia, back pain, patches on cheek and dry skin on cheeks. Other symptoms: dark circles just below the eyes, bent back, lethargic walk, tummy (middle part of stomach) will increase, will excessively love sweets. You may be lecherous and will attract bad kind of people of the opposite sex.

Don't get married if Venus is in retrograde. It may effect the married life especially when someone has mangald dosh. It will also have an effect on your future children.

Shani + Venus are closely related. Shani needs to be strong to make the Venus stronger. If this is the case, such people are interested in films and literature.

If Venus is with Rahu, Mangal/Mars, or Buddh/Mercury,  then you will not have good family life, or never at all, or may get it for a brief period, or in old age; it will give you love many times and many friends but under the influence of Rahu, you will never get honest love or honest friends or you yourself may not be able to love earnestly. 

If Venus is badly effected by Rahu, they your place of residence will have some bad aura/doshas, which will cause some illnesses or a bad family life. It may also cause you problems in your skin and disease in the private parts. Also, you will start quarrelling with your life partner.    


If Venus is flat on the hand, it may indicate that the person's father may have diabetes.

A very plump thumb, lots of crossed out lines on the Venus mount, a mole on the mount also denote a negative Venus.

Effects of Venus as per its placement in your chart:

1st House: you are creative and beautiful, your voice and language are very sweet; it gives you knowledge; you like travelling; you will attract people of the opposite sex. However, you need the positive effects of Jupiter or Ketu to get attracted to good people otherwise people who're greedy or not good will be attracted to you. You should have a balanced behavior throughout life especially if you're a female as people may misunderstand you due to your love and laughter.

2nd house: very wealthy and brave; intelligent and reputed person

3rd house: you're a miser and lazy person; you're artistic and have a good fate

4th house: you have great thoughts and friends; str very content; have a lot of property and vehicles which gradually increase; you have good kids; and are generous

5th house: person will have a high standing, will be religious, will be talented, will remember his past life and it is only because of his good deeds in his past life that he's continued on in this life, however he may not get his desired life partner in this life.

6th house: very intelligent; very creative in their field of work or work of their interest; have problems getting love from their life partner easily; have many friends, but they may get health or some problem to their reputation due to their friends at least once in their life; such person may life away from home and may not have their own property for a long time; they will get all this but after a long time - not when they need it.

7th house: it will give you a good wife if you're a man; your fate will increase after marriage while at the same time your fate won't rise until you get married; person will be much liked; if Venus is weak person may be a spendthrift; they'll spend on luxury items which causes them problems too

8th house: person is ill; person may purposefully cause loss of wealth and repute to others; person is wise; person gets angry for no reason; may go through a lot of struggles due to person of the opposite sex at least once in their work or home life.

9th house: person will be very attractive; they'll have some intriguing magnetism; they'll be very cute even in their old age; will be child-like looking; they'll be religious; will have a good soul mate as life partner; they visit holy places; they have a good fate; they get good position in government job; they're spiritual, they achieve something in life sooner or later

10th house: person is a lover of justice; they are multi-talented and slowly the world finds about their talents/and good qualities; they're very generous

11th house: person will have a love of vehicles and they will have a lot of them too; they're wealthy, they'll have kids/son; they are defintely very intelligent, but they may lose track if Venus is negative

12th house: person is very intelligent and wealthy. If Venus is negative, then they'll become lazy and may suffer from hidden diseasesl If Venus is good, they may get mokhsa due to their inherent knowledge with which they can even change many people's lives. If Venus is negative, person may get into some kind of bad deeds with friends.

Remedies based on placement of Venus in your Kundali chart:

1st house: don't marry at 25 years of age. donate 7 types of wheat on Fridays; decide only upon taking others advice, If male, do kanyadaan; donate a cow at least once, don't take major decisions on your own - don't be head of the family.

2nd house: do work related to soil, farming, or animals. Eat saunf, honey, masoor lentils. Cosmetics or fashion garmetns business will give you good results.

3rd: Take care of wife of mother's brother - it will help you get rid of your laziness; the more you respect your spouse, the better it will be for you.

4th: Don't take anything that will make you high; start writing but never be an agent; don't write like a journalist professionally; throw chana dal and turmeric on fridays in to the well; you can work in police or in the army; marry the same person twice - just change the spouse's name each time.

5th: marry only after consent from your mother and father otherwise you won't be happy; take care of cow; donate sugar or ghee in temple

6th: donate milk, rice, khaand/gud, desi ghee, feed birds, keep a silver ball in your pocket at all time; if a man gift a small hair clip made of gold to your wife; if a woman gift a small gift made of gold to your husband.

7th: take care of parents; take care of a red colored cow; throw blue flowers in some dirty water; never let your wife wear blue clothes; never have your in-laws be partners in your business

8th: never get married before the age of 27; donate a cow when getting married; throw blue flowers in dirty water; make sure your relations with siblings and parents are good from your side; add gud to flour and feed to cows ; donate 'jwar'

9th: bury some silver in the foundation stone of your house; or add some to your apartment's entrance door's floor; bury a silver nail into a neem tree; care for a red colored cow; marry only after 25 years of age; don't be a farmer, don't sell/buy cows as a business;

10th: donate almonds in temple on Fridays and Sunday; donate a black cow in case of problems or at least once in life; donate cotton or do business with cotton; don't make your own house or if you do leave some hole in the west wall or leave it raw; rear a goat in the west or keep some food for a goat in the west which you can donate;

11th: donate a cow when getting married to make married life successful; throw some oil in some static body of water; donate milk; donate yoghurt in a temple

12th: care for a cow or donate a cow and then take care of a cow; have your wife donate things every now and then; be attentive to your family life; after sunset, have the wife bury a blue flower in some secluded area


Wear a silver ring in your thumb or person will have a lot of turmoil from 14 to 24 years of age.

Tie a few (8 to 10) Sarpokha sticks in a white thread and wear them around the neck during sunrise on any Friday.

Don't eat sweets at night and if possible, then put a bit of lemon in milk and drink that 30 minutes before going to sleep.

- You should see the changes on your face and mind within a month or two.

Do Gayatri jap - like in this video: 

Do Jupiter jap.

Eat makhane and sabudaana kheer with green cardamom.

Chew black pepper and 2 leaves of tusli in the morning to get rid of cough caused by bad Venus.

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