Kitchen Vaastu & Other Remedies From Kitchen

May 14, 2011

A house's kitchen can be considered as a source of energy, which provides energy to the whole house.

An ill-equipped kitchen can cause a lot of problems to us, it can not only be on our energy, but also our illness, fights, and quarrels.

In our houses, our place of worship, the kitchen, study room, & the meditation room; in the body, our stomach and thoughts - the more pure all of these are, the more the evil planets will not effect you.

The houses which have a lot of anxiety, stress and quarrels, you'll find they have bad vaastu.

Just like stomach runs the body, the same way the kitchen runs our lives. The same effect our brain has on our body, similarly, the place of worship/meditation runs our house and life.

There are many benefits of kitchen for Rahu+Ketu+Shani

Vastu - we make some mistakes in our life that cause us problems in our lives:

You shouldn't enter the kitchen without washing your hands and face at least for the first time you enter the kitchen in the morning. Especially the owners of the house. Otherwise, this will increase the bad effects of Shani+Rahu. If you go to the kitchen without brushing your teeth, washing your face and hands, then it puts a bad effect on their mentality, it causes dullness on their face, they get angry and irritated more. Their life is very casual and that's why they have to struggle a lot in life. The stress never leaves such a house.
We should say "Om Ganpataye Namah" before entering the kitchen at the edge of the kitchen.
Just as you turn the knob on the stove, say your isht's name and then "maa annapurna ki jay"and then say "om agnidevay namah" as you burn the fire. You'll start receiving the results in a timely fashion and you'll recognize the effects on your stomach, mind, and home.
Don't start cooking on a 'basi chulha'. This will cause the house to be not cheerful/happy, the home will not be beautiful, there'll be stress, and everyone will use language in the wrong way.
At night too, we have to be careful. When we turn off the gas, throw milk at it and then turn it off. This will remove Rahu+Shani's bad effect. Especially for Mangal dosh effected people.

Kitchen should be in between the South and East directions. At least put the gas in such a way so that you're facing the South.

If your stove is in the North, West or in between North and West directions then it's very damaging for you.
It will bring about quarrels and illness in the house, which will never end. This causes problems with the stomach and heart.
This also creates an atmosphere which never allow a spiritual or religious atmosphere in your home. It stops spiritual progress. By religious, it's not meant worshipping, but rather, the mind to be spiritually inclined, which is necessary to have the good effects of your actions.
This type of stove, will not allow wealth to accumulate.
The people who eat from such a kitchen are usually ill and if there are any servants, then they will not cooperate but instead will deceive you.
Kids in such a home will usually have a lot anger or depression.

If when cooking, you face East or in between South and East, then it brings good luck to your home.

Take dalchini and make it moise. Once it's a little soft, make a paste of it and put it on your forehead before you rest, or during night time before sleeping - your headache will slowly.

It's not good to have an open kitchen, even though it may be fashionable now. This is especially true for smaller homes. If your house is big, and the kitchen is to the side, then it won't cause too much harm. You can put a thick curtain to close the kitchen.
- You should have the sun's rays come in to the kitchen, but they should leave the kitchen via the exhaust or through cross-ventilation as it causes problems to your Sun. It can cause obesity, bone problems, quarrels, problems between child and father.

If your stove is visible before you enter the kitchen right in front of you, it causes digestion problems in the people of the house. If guests can see the kitchen then it's even worse, it stops progress or brings emptiness in the family. Either you won't have children or if you have children then they'll move/live away from you for studies or any other reasons.

The storage of the stuff in the kitchen is also important. For example, flour should not be kept in the North-East. If you have to, put it in small quantity. Big utensils for flour must be kept in the South. Storage utensils must be kept slightly away from the wall. Also put some turmeric around your storage boxes, as turmeric is a disinfectant too - it keeps red ants away.

Tap water and storage of water must be in the North or the North-East. You should never leave dirty dishes in the kitchen.

For anxiety about future or relationship (caused by Rahu and Jupiter), start drinking Fennel (saunf) water. There are 2 ways to do this: 1. Take 1 glass of water and put a tablespoon of fennel and keep the water boiling until it turns into 1 cup. 2. Take a glass of water and put a tablespoon of fennel. Drink it after 5-6hours.

If the place of washing dishes is visible to all then this is a sign of extreme poverty/impoverishment.
If the house members see it, then it's bad. But if outsiders see it too, then it's even worse.

If the place of washing dishes is visible to someone who's going out the door then this is also very bad. It gives bad results. Causes bad effects of Rahu - you won't be able to take the right decisions or say the right thing to the right person. Whenever you need to go out of the house, go after looking at water or eating yoghurt - it will keep you calm. If you see trash or dirty dishes while leaving the house, then it will bring about failure.

If you see dirty dishes in the morning, then this also gives bad results. Throw the remains of the dishes in the trash and put the dishes in the sink and cover them.

It's best to use bio-degradable trash bags rather than plastic.

Due to lack of time, people are keeping old food in the house. This can cause bad effects too. It causes bad effects of Rahu, Jupiter and Shani. Try not to eat 'basi' or stale food. Also, don't eatstale food unless absolutely necessary.

- It causes bad effects in getting children.
- causes bad effect on kids' brilliance
- effect on brain and house's peace

Don't throw water in the kitchen.

You should always give rest to kitchen.

Water storage should be in North or North-East.

If you take water from a machine, also keep the machine in the North-East or it will cause harm to Sun.

Fridge and other electrical appliances should be kept in South East or South West.

Windows should allow for air to flow east to North to East - it should lead to outside or to the balcony.

There should always be an exhaust fan, ideally above the stove or it should be in North East.

If you can, arrange for seating on the floor in the kitchen (example, on bori with a wooden desk like thing to keep the plate on) in the North or East. It greatly improves bad effects of Rahu. Make sure there is something of copper in the utensils. Never eat in the middle of the kitchen.

Don't use blue, red or yellow colors. Green, pink, white, or bone-white are good colors.

Keep a clock on the Southern or Southern-West wall.

Don't keep God's or ancestors' photos in the kitchen.

Don't keep gas stove next to the door. Don't keep jhootan next to the gas stove (bad for married-life).

Once done with the food, take your plate away or if someone else takes the plate, the plate should go first and then the person.

You should never have alcohol or meat in the kitchen.

An impure house will always cause a serious problem to the stomachs of the owner(s), which will cost a lot of money.

Don't use leather in the kitchen.

Also avoid wearing shoes in the kitchen.

An impure house will never be successful.

You should always have honey in your kitchen for good Jupiter.


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