Your mind line and your thought process - including parenting tips for parents

October 14, 2013

One's thought process is the basis of how one lives his life. It is also one's thoughts that determine one's closeness to spirituality as well as changing a negative thought/experience into a positive one.

Many times, parents are unable to understand the thought process of their children which causes wrong parenting issues, so the below can be a good guide for parents who want to understand and guide their children better. 

Types of mind lines and the thought process of the individual:

1. If the mind line is horizontal and goes across the whole palm to the other side in a straight manner- such people think a lot, they are energetic, they think of themselves as perfect human beings, which causes them a problem of being over-confident 

- this overconfidence makes one confused and makes one fail

So, although such a line gives a great deal of brain power, if the person is not humble it can cause the person to become negative.

2. If the mind line slants upwards at the end, such people are very logical and they will not do anything that is not based upon logic. Such people are sharp and should never be lazy as it decreases their sharpness and makes them negative.

3. If the mind line slopes a little downwards towards to the mount of Moon, then it shows a very balanced individual. They will be good writers and good students. Such people achieve a lot in life with relatively less hard-work due to their balanced behavior. 

4. If the mind line is short, but slopes downwards, then the individual requires a lot of guidance.

5. If the mind line is short, but slopes upwards, then such individuals can become greedy quickly despite being good people, such individuals need to be very ethical to ensure they are positive.

6. If mind line slopes towards the lower area of the mount of Moon, such individuals are very emotional and need to focus on some form of art (painting, drawing...), the artistic activity will help them balance their emotions and make them positive.

General remedy:

Doing pranayam and then meditating and leaving things to God is one of the ways to make your thoughts positive. Taking care of a cow, listening to your mentor/guru, and taking part in activities related to your religion will help one become positive.


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