Your Illness in Your Hands - literally!

August 12, 2014

The hands can foretell a lot about illnesses in children as well as adults. A few basic signs on your hand can alert you about upcoming health issues.

Index Finger:

If the index finger is very plump at the bottom but the top phalange is thin, then it shows possible problems in breathing and stomach related illnesses. In case of any problems related to these, seek medical advice at the earliest to prevent any bigger issues.

If the knots on the index finger are blackish in color and the nails are getting bad, then it shows that one may become ill due to too much stress or hormonal problems.

Middle Finger:

If the knots are very prominent and the finger is hairy, then one needs to make sure that one avoids mental tiredness. Also, one should eat food that is nutritious - food with lots of vitamins and minerals.

If the nail on this finger is turning pinkish or purplish, then one needs to avoid cold and bitter food items.

If the nail on this finger is smaller in size than the nail on the index finger, then throughout life one needs to take food that is nourishing to the brain. The daily routine, behavior, and diet of such people needs to be such that none of these reduce the brain's energy levels. Doing so will ensure that there will be no need to take medicines for any ailment related to the brain.

If the bottom most phalange seems to be spreading/increasing in size sideways, then it shows that one's weight can become disbalanced after some time - either too much weight or too little weight.

As a remedy for all of the above, start laughing more.

Ring Finger:

A good ring finger denotes good eyesight, good jawline, and a healthy body.

If the ring finger is much smaller than the index finger, then one needs to be careful about increased "pitta" in the body. They should drink more water than usual throughout life and be wary of acidity.

If one sweats a lot on the ring finger or if the finger becomes very slippery to the touch, then it shows that the toilet habits may be disturbed. For instance, going to the toilet immediately after eating food or drinking water.

If the finger is weak, tilted in some direction, and/or there are some ridges on the nails, then one needs to be careful about one's bones, acidity levels, blood, and eyes.

Little Finger:

This finger shows the condition of your stomach, food and wind pipe, skin, and throat (speech).

If the finger is very small; leaning on the ring finger; there are lines on the mount below it; then it will cause problems related to the above. Such people should not or take very limited amounts of bitter foods, including brown mustard seeds (rai) and dried ginger. They should reduce salt in their diet and also drink coriander water.

The Thumb:

The thumb shows the condition of one's back, chest, and brain.

If the thumb is small in proportion to the hand as a whole, then there will be weakness in all of the above mentioned body areas. If this is the case, then it's important to do some form of exercise everyday; eat appropriate food; not get angry; have a proper sleeping posture; and adopt the right way to study.

If the nail on the thumb is small, then it's important that one does not stress out and takes as much rest as possible. Taking part in satsang, listening to elders (those that are intelligent), avoiding stress, and doing things that will reduce anger will greatly help in this condition.

If the nail is roundish and slightly raised like a turtle, then it's important to never take work as a burden. Otherwise, this mentality can cause tiredness in the body and mind. Including food rich in calcium, minerals, and balanced amount of  proteins will prove very beneficial for people with such nails.

On the Palm:

A ditch like formation in the middle of the palm shows possible problems related to the stomach.

The Moon mount is responsible for one's mind, thoughts, relationships, nervousness in an uncomfortable situation, general behavior, other's behavior towards one, eyes, nose, and ears, among other things.

If there is any spot or mole or there are many lines on this mount, or the mount is flat, then it's important that one is cautious towards problems to the mind. One should eat food which provides nutrition to the brain - like almonds and walnuts. Eating too much of fruits and juices is also not a good thing, so take the help of dietician. One should not drink milk at night. Avoid food that is too rich or fried. Eating spinach will help. To keep the blood pressure at healthy levels, it's important to meditate.


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