Why Do You Forget Things?

August 19, 2012

Concentration is the most important thing in life. Let alone big achievements, you can't even get small achievements if you don't have concentration. You can't even run your office, business, or family without concentration.

We can bring about our hidden powers through concentration.

When someone's concentration is low that person starts to become increasingly negative and slowly that person breaks down and is unable to do anything.

The more focused you are at work, the better you'll be able to do your work.


  • Sometimes you may forget where you put something.

  • Sometimes you put sugar instead of salt and vice versa.

  • Sometimes you don't feel like working or don't enjoy any work.

  • Sometimes even when you know that the work you need to is very important and your future or family or profession relies on it, you still don't feel like doing anything.

  • You don't feel like meeting anybody.

  • Even the work you used to do very well till now, you can no longer do.

  • Some work, you don't ever feel like doing.

  • You can't speak that well, sing well, or dance well.

  • You keep thinking about something.

  • You wish upon some miracle to happen because you think you can no longer work with the concentration required.

All of these slowly lead to depression.

You'll start becoming ill with different illnesses.

A negative person will not only cause his own downfall, but also the downfall of others. He'll look for faults in others and blame them for even his own faults. Such people create scheme in offices.

Overtime, such people are known by people around them as being schemers or gossipmongers and then they are not trusted or are given any importance. When this happens, the person thinks how it came that he's lost his importance in the office. This causes the person frustration and stops his progress.

So what causes you to lose concentration:

  • If your body is weak, then you may lose concentration.

  • If you have any blood disorder, liver problem, respiratory problem then too you lose your concetration.

  • Under the influence of medicine, you lose concentration. Always work towards being illness-free.

  • Lack of interest also causes a problem with concentration.

  • People who are bored as they've been doing the job for a while also lose focus and then lose their reputation as they don't do their job with the same concentration as they used to.

  • Weakness of the brain is one of the more serious reasons for losing concentration

  • Negativity - negative people can't concentrate.

What causes negativity and how to get rid of it?

Saturn (shani) and Moon cause negativity and eventually lead to depression or some other brain disorder.

Ketu's bad effect also causes negativity. This planet causes confusion or person wants to appear confused to get others' sympathies. If Ketu is good, you can become a psychic, but if it's bad, it leads to many mental disorders.

  • It causes you to lose interest in any work. You won't feel like going to the office.

  • You won't feel like studying or talking to someone who may be of help.

  • It can cause OCD, ADHD and other disorders.

  • It causes low will power.

  • Causes immense emotions.

  • Causes egos and problems with em

  • Causes suspiciousness, illusions and fear in the head.

  • Causes sleep deficiency.

  • Causes you to go away from your Guru.

  • Causes you to waste time for no reason.


  • If you get angry or do bad work, it causes Ketu to do even more harm.

  • Wear a chain made of 50% silver and 50% gold. Wear it on a Saturday.

  • Do a tikka of Kesar every day.

  • Get a pet dog.

  • Never cook under the stairs.

  • Stop hanging out with bad friends.

  • Donate Mooli on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

  • Don't use bad words.

  • Have good relations with your in-laws.

  • Have your in-laws gift you a blanket, bed or mattress.

  • Don't wear black or gray clothes.

  • Om Kem Ketuvye Namah

If negativing is caused by Rahu, then such a person starts to become very clever and cheats others. Then he gets cheated himself. This person will go to temple only to get popularity or get benefits from God. Around 58 years of age, they have no one left in the world who can stand by them. You need to attract others through love not through scheming.

If cause is Sun, it causes enormous ego. You'll start to scold others in your imagination or come up with schemes in your imagination. You'll start to throw tantrums at even small things and will want to portray yourself as a superior being. You won't be able to do much, which results in loss of reputation. Such person always thinks he's right and that others are stupid.

  • Read Aditya Hridya Stotra. Pay respects to father with crossed hands (touch his feet) in the morning. Stay with knowledgeable people at all times. Wear a silver ring in the ring finger on Sunday morning.

  • Do Ramayana Paath.

  • This causes wealth loss and reputation loss.

  • Such a person is left alone one day.

If it's caused by Moon, it causes the person to live in an imaginary world. They lose their brain power. Such people talk emotionally and don't want to do any work. A time comes when such a person is unable to think much. On the hand, if the brain line is small, then Moon is weak. You'll need to work hard on your concentration.

  • If there's a dot, or your brain line is divided into many parts, then too your Moon is weak.

  • If your hand is bigger than your fingers, then also your Moon is weak and will keep you in an imaginary world.


  • Meditation is a good remedy for Moon and Sun problems.

  • Women who mediate get a good child.

  • For concentration, pay respects to guru and isht. Sit for at least 15 minutes and keep repeating OM.

  • Drink cow's milk, since it's light and won't cause much digestion problem.

  • Eat Brahmi. If possible follow this by drinking cow's milk.

  • Reduce your sugar content if you have less concentration.

  • Drink coconut water for sure.

  • Try to never feel thirst.

  • Teeka of Jatamaasi, Brahmi, Kesar in cow's milk also greatly helps.

Mars also causes problems by making the body weak.

  • Sit in padamasana,, pranayam, tada-aasan.

  • Learn Vaaman kriya and do it.

  • Take supplements.

  • Eat guava, anar, and oranges.

  • Take Anantmool root (cover it with red thread) and put in around your neck in a red thread.

  • For 9 days take red chillies and "utaar" them over you and donate. Start the donation on a Tuesday.

  • If Mangal is very weak, offer anar to Hanuman on Tuesdays.

Mercury causes really bad effects too.

  • It your little finger is weak, crooked, or is very pointy at the top, or is very flat and fat, then these are signs of a very weak Mercury causing problems in concentration.

  • Or if the nail of the little finger is turning purple, then it's a sign of a possible illness that may cause problems with your thinking power.


  • Eat Aamla and Baheda.

  • Eat pure Gud.

  • Donate honey on Wednesday.

  • Always lick honey before going to bed.

  • Mercury causes anxiety and a lot of thoughts going in and out of our brains, so meditate.

  • Breathe deeply if you become angry and frustrated.

  • Om Budh Budhaay Namah


Siva - 4 years ago 
Thank you astro-vani. This article is very helpful
Anand - 4 years ago 
Thanks for the information. Please let me know the methods for pleasing planet ketu, and to overcome bad effects of planet ketu.
Hemant - 3 years ago 
Thanks for writing this Informative article.

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