When Will Your Fate Take You Higher In Life

August 26, 2012

To get opportunity is a question of fate. You'll show your talent only when you get the opportunity.

In life we get years, in which we get good opportunities, we get our work done or selected in something that helps us succeed in the rest of our lives.

Rise in fate depends on the kundali, but when a good opportunity comes is decided by your astrological sign.

Sometimes, we meet an important person and that person can become and important part of our life. That meeting with the person can bring us some good fortune in the future - maybe even in 10 years.

Aries - Age18 and 28 are important. Feed gud/jaggery to cows. Have a guru.

Taurus - Age 22 and 36. If they try hard in these years, they can get good benefits.

Gemini - Age16, 32, and 36. They need to work hard in these years for good opportunity.

Cancer - Age 17, 21, and 24 - They should be disciplined and practical in these years - not emotional.

Leo - Age 16, 25 and 28 - These years will be beneficial.

Virgo - Age 22, 23, 32 - Be alert during these times.

Libra - Age 12, 18, 22 - Use these for improving your fate.

Scorpio - Age 28, 29, 32 - Improve your mukhya graha

Saggitarius - Age 18, 19, 20 & 27, also after 24 and before 26 ends.

Capricorn - Age 21 to 23; 28, 36 & 37

Aquarius - Age 20, 32, 38. If Sun and Moon are strong then you'll also again from the year 24 to 27.

Pisces - Age 17 and 19, then there'll be a bit of stagnation 28, 32, 38.

During the above mentioned years, you should improve your mukhya graha and bhagya karak graha/isht.


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